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How are the kids?

No I haven't been updating much and I'm sorry. Lately I have been:

-finishing this semester of school.
-rereading the Hunger Games, playing at [community profile] thegames, nursing a giant crush on Josh Hutcherson, generally being a big Hunger Games fan. I never reread books. Like...ever. I consider it general a waste in a world with so many books I want to read. Sometimes I'll reread parts, rarely I'll reread whole books if it's been years. I totally turned around and reread these suckers as soon as I was done with them.
-loving the avengers, like everyone else.
-doing SHIT TONS of fae x stuff. Denver Comic Con is in a few weeks, and we have #1 of helion and forteanaville done and a sketch book. Plus chibwees soon.
-also helping with 2 of my BFFs Paul and Amanda's wedding, which I am a bridesmaid for.
-reading the new dark tower book, Wind Through the Keyhole. Very good and a good place to start if you wanna try out the Dark Tower but aren't sure about committing to 7 books.
-watching be and sarah plays a lot of mass effect
-being social again and seeing all my lovelies.

So there's that.

[personal profile] lightshineon 2012-05-28 06:09 am (UTC)(link)
Isn't it exciting that you're getting married?! My goodness!

*does a victory dance for you two.*

The Dark Tower is still on my list of series to try.

Good for you in finishing up school and being social again. I will be coming to Denver a few times this summer to get my fill of Obento and The Tattered Cover so I will let you know ahead of time and light rail your way. Unless you want to eat Obento with me, muahah.

It is most excellent that you are getting some art churned out for the Denver con. I think for people like us we feel good when we're creating/producing something. Even if it's shit I am guaranteed to be in a lighter mood if I have at least written something down that day.

Good luck with everything.