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Terra ([personal profile] penguinfaery) wrote2012-09-09 12:21 am

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-Goldfish mermaids (Sci-fi con)
-Forteanaville-(Noname, Reverdy, Aoife, Vamp, Nathan/elias Colonial, regular elias)(Table cons)
-Asari (Sci-fi con)
-Urusla/Vanessa (Sci-fi con)
-The Sandersen sisters (Sci-fi con/halloween)
-Oceanic stewardesses (Sci-fi con)
-Pin Head (be) (Sci-fi con)
-Mario baddies (Sci-fi/anime con)
-Sailor Avengers (Sci-fi con)
-Hogwarts House costumes (Sci-fi con/photoshoot)
-Helion and Sammy (table con/photoshoot)
-sailormoon something idk what dammit. (IDK)
-howl and sophie (IDK)
-cow girls (halloween)
-Prep team (photoshoot)
-Addams family

Will be adding to this as we go. As always.