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So I keep wanting to keep up my journal, and I keep thinking about it, so here it goes!

A brief over view of the year since my last post...six months ago. Uh.

I have started a tattoo apprenticeship, and I am loving it. It is the first thing in a long time that is like YES THIS. I mean comics are like that, but I can't survive off of them. And I'm good at it, I have all my gear and a really awesome, laid back teacher (my friend Amanda's cousin), and everything is just going really well with it. Amanda is also learning to pierce, and we are talking about, with some of the other girls, opening up a pin-up themes tattoo parlor, where all the employees have pin-up personas (Bunny the Atomic Girl here) that is just very open and friendly to everyone. 

And we can sell comics and art prints in the front and it'll be amazing. But it's also some years off. Still, the idea of working at a job I really love, doing art, and being able to live off it...yeah I'm pretty excited.

Speaking of art, Fae X has been quiet. Quietly planning. Because of the wedding, and Sarah's health, we sorta put it on the back burner, because we didn't really wanna half ass shit. But we are getting back into the swing of things. We are reformatting Forteanaville, just into a different publishing style (Because buying a chapter for $5 just didn't seem to be working) We are going to release it in novellas, and possibly but the chapters up for free/cheap on Amazon for digital download. And Helion is kicking back into steam as well,

In addition, we are slowly developing a new series about post apocalyptic liquidators (for those not feeling linky, people who went in and cleaned up nuclear radiation, particularly after Chernobyl) in the future, after a war with an alien race. It's cool, trust me. But won't see the light of day for a few years.

Just in general, I have become like a walking encyclopedia on radiation. It's...sorta weird. But awesome? IDK.

I'm almost done with school. Hopefully next semester. Knock on wood. It's I got nothin. 

Still into hunger games. Now also into Adventure time. Probably also into a few other things again. Also Supernatural got good again, so into that. I was really worried there.

The trend of toxic people being gone in wonderful ways continued. Got rid of one nasty thorn in my side, that I hadn't realized I had gotten use to the toxic nature of. I really, see those motivational things all the time that are let...don't let people be around you who don't deserve it and man, I cannot expound that wisdom enough. I use to cling to people no matter how bad the relationship was because I was so scared of being alone and the grief it caused....blows my mind.

And I am almost at 2 years of living with Sarah and my wife, and everything is wonderful.


Oh yeah.



We got married on 10/19 in Central Park, and it was gorgeous. And then we had an awesome reception. And I love being married to Be, she is the love of my life. Here are some pictures:

(my favorite)

All of the above are from my bridesmaid (and oldest friend) Holli G.

And us at our reception!
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[personal profile] mythicgeek 2013-02-22 03:29 pm (UTC)(link)
SUCH an awesome update. What a busy and amazing six months it's been!! The pictures are STUNNING and I love them. I'm so glad you're going to be a tattoo artist!! Eeeee!! Maybe one day I'll fulfill an amazing dream of you tattooing me with something [personal profile] yabamena has designed. *___________*

Also. Your corsets. Your amazing gorgeous corsets where did you get them??

Lastly I sometimes wonder how you're not living in NYC (prohibitive costs aside, obviously). You seem like SUCH a perfect fit here. I find that a lot of people with the spirit of New Yorkers are born elsewhere and I just want to gather you all up and bring you here forever.

AND!! ADVENTURE TIME!! AND THANK GOD SPN got good again. I was worried too.
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[personal profile] mythicgeek 2013-02-25 02:14 pm (UTC)(link)
That is so awesome.

I have a mighty need for one of those. I'm going to have to start setting aside some monies and thinking what exactly I want!

Oh well there are definitely plenty of places outside of the city to be and still be close enough to get into NYC whenever you want. Lower Westchester has same small and quiet neighborhoods closer to the city than Poughkeepsie that have the same kind of feel to them, and there are other state schools in those areas that may work (not sure what you'd be studying so I can't say for sure but SUNY Purchase is a good example). If you even do think to move to this state and want some other options as well, let me know! Though Poughkeepise is nice - I was just there last week to see Eddie Izzard. It's about an hour and a half or so from me.


omg I'm so glad I'm not the only one that thought of Serenity when I saw that dress! The fact that her hat has bunny ears kind of just made it even better! As for SPN yeah I was really close to quitting. I just didn't enjoy it nor know wtf they were doing or where they were going and then suddenly BAM they turned it around. Maybe they had a new/different writer on board for a bit.
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[personal profile] mythicgeek 2013-02-26 07:40 pm (UTC)(link)
That is an EXCELLENT idea actually! It'd be more versatile. And I love waist cinchers!

There's a MFA in Visual Arts at Purchase but that also was a very quick search. There may be more/other options!

Well you would rock as Serenity or Fionna so there! Oooh ok. Yeeah that probably is what did it then!
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[personal profile] mythicgeek 2013-02-27 03:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh then yes. Yes I want. Because I loved those.

I hear ya. And maybe I will make it out to Denver sometime! I have to expand my traveling plans. I want to go places, dammit!

Awww! I only ever had one anime costume and it was Princess Anthy from Utena, but dammit did I make a GOOD one. Obviously I'm not that size anymore so I can't wear it buuuut ONE DAY I will do more cosplay, when I decide on whom. Maybe Yoruichi.