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Terra ([personal profile] penguinfaery) wrote2013-04-03 02:48 pm

Things I am excited for.

 Next month is Starfest.

I'm cosplaying Fionna (Adventure Time), Urusla (the Little Mermaid), and Burlesque Hulk (For the Dance, it just happened). I'm also getting to meet a good online friend of mine for the first time. And we are going to sit down and hash out working with Generations of Art.

Which is another thing I am super excited for. Because there is a strong possibility we will be making a living making costumes and selling them at cons which is incredibly exciting. GoA is where we got the gorgeous corsets for our wedding, as well as various costumes corsets we have worn.

So that is very exciting.

And then is Denver Comic Con which I have been making tons of Mucha style geek prints for. And is also very exciting. 

Annnnd last but way not least, my aunt from Australia is coming to So Cal this summer. And since that doesn't happen often I rearranged plans to go out there. At first I was sorta bummed because I have been to So Cal dozens of times. Then I talked to Be and Sarah (And eventually my mom and Molly and maybe Ki) and we decided to all go. And go to Disneyland. And camp. At least one night on this stretch of beach right here.

So yeah. Excited.