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So I went for my dreams, and in the process have taken a pretty big hit to my bank account, because who knew dreaming of being an artist didn't make you rich.

Because of this, I am working to get more commissions to help cover the bills, and to help advertise my commissions I figured hey how about a contest!

So here is Terra's big commission contest!

For every 100 reblogs this post gets, I will randomly choose one of Studio Fae X's follower to give one of the commission listed below free of charge!

I'm going to start with the smallest from the list below and move up, and when I reach the highest level, start back at the bottom again. If this gets a ridiculously high amount of reblogs, I may increase the amount of notes needed for a new prize to be given out.

To win you MUST reblog, and you MUST be follow Studio Fae X. Winners will be chosen from our followers, not from the notes on this post.

You can reblog as much as you want, with reason.

You can trade up/down. If you won a bust but really wants a Mucha, you can apply the value of the bust to a Mucha, and only pay the difference.

On to the commissions!

Bust- $25
Full or 3/4 character- $35
Much style full character- $45

Flat colors- +$10
Full colors- +$20

Additional commission options such as Dreamwidth style icons, character sheets, extra characters, and my rules and guidelines can be found here!
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[personal profile] mythicgeek 2013-06-27 03:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Make sure that I'm made aware of this post when it goes live. I will signal boost the hell out of it.

And also, I need to commission you, once I figure out my job situation!