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I really need to get a new set of icons going on here. These ones are random and painful like...2006.

I'm not sure what best to post, so I'm gonna just...start with a basic intro post. And feel free to ask questions! I love talking about my self!

So my name is Terra Necessary. I live with my wife Be and roommie/bff Sarah, and the three of us make up the Atomic Pixies. We have been selling art in some form or another at cons since around like...2005? Awhile. Right now we focus on art nouveau style prints, and working on getting our comic going. We live in a suburb outside of Denver with a lot of cats and a lone dog. I'm originally from the Mojave in southern California, but have live in Colorado the majority of my life.

I work with kiddos a lot and love it! Through Pop Culture Classroom/Denver Comic Con I do reach out to teach kids things like literacy and basic math skills through helping them create comics and board games. I also work in Family Preservation, making sure kids get to visit their parents and/or siblings while in the system.

Fandom wise right now my life has been consumed by Yuri!!! On Ice because fuck 2016 all I want it gay ice skaters. I also really loved Westworld, and am still sorta in my return to weeb stage of life with rereads of a bunch of Clamp serise and a greatly slowed Naruto rewatch. And I've been working hard on upping my coming reading, especially more fringe stuff (So, a lot of Image) and enjoying that (Pretty Deadly has my heart right now.) I've also been trying to read romance novels so I can write romance novels (probably for Kindle) I have had issues finding something good.

Right now I am working on a bunch of art for Colorado Anime Fest (We have 2 steven universe pieces, FMA< an Akatsuki, and a YOI one planned) and THEN I am trying to get like 35 drag queens drawn, plus a handful more of prints for Ru Paul's Drag Con in April I AM SO EXCITED. It has been way too long since I have been in So Cal, and I am staying with our bffs in LA, and seeing two other bffs at the con. One I rarely get to see and one I haven't seen since she left denver. I'm just...really excited.

My life goal right now is to try to start getting money and debt under control, and get moved to the west coast. Probably around Chico or Redding, or somewhere in that 5 corridor. I have a good support system of friends in No Cal, and then more friends and family all up and down the coast. But my wife is chronically ill, and we need disability to come in before I think we can do more than just tread water. Still, I'm really happy that treading water is getting to be a comfortable normal.

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