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meet my children

well i stole this from [personal profile] savethelilin and! am trying to ignore work so here you go get to know me some more with a cute meme


1. The meaning behind my URL
like 100 years ago I was making a geocities website for me and Be's OCs and I said "Tell me something good to name this website or I will name it penguinfaery" and she was like "idc" and so I did and then it was just my handle forever

it's never felt terrible enough to be worth the work to change it and I have grown sorta attached to it a part of my identity even if the concept of penguins an faeries is less dear. now I guess I'd be like saltyarmadillo idk.

2. A picture of me
Hello here I am right now:

Here is me and one of my sons

I like Sailor Moon btw

And this is the wife and the bbbbbbbbffffffff

3. Piercings I have
I Have a dermal, which I looooove, guaged ears that are closing because I am a lazy asshole so I am not doing shit with while they shrink down enough, and then a regular sized piercing above it and an industrial WHICH YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER GET I FELT LIKE I GOT SHOT IN THE EAR IT IS 2 YEARS LATER WITH GOOD CARE AND THIS MOTHERFO STILL FLARES UP

4. Piercings I want
I love the idea of having a tattoo/dermal combo (I would love like...a sailor moon brooch or something) but rn no plans.

5. Favorite Band
Frans Ferdinand and Red Hot Chile Peppers. I also really adore St Motel but they're too new to be like favorite favorites. I have a weird combo of really eclectic and then really really normal taste. My playlists are like super hipster and then rob thomas.

6. Biggest turn off(s)
humble braggingwhich I probably also do which is probably why it bugs me so much. being overcritical of others apperances. being rude to people who are sincerely trying.

7. Biggest turn on(s) know those people who just...super engage with you? I am dangerously susceptible to that.

8. Tattoos I have
-I have the Naruto Anbu sign behind my ear,
-the silhouette of Axel's chakrum (sp??? IDK man idk) on my shoulder (Which is the one that gets the most comment, which is "Oh wow are you into kingdom hearts???" and as I am not terribly into kingdom hearts anymore, I am always like WHA THE FUUUUCK are you psychi-oh.")
-Sailor Moon bows on the back of my thighs (which are unfinished D:)
-the Pleiades (Subaru) constellation over my knee, which I did myself
-an armadillo with a paintbrush tail and the lyrics "The point of living is to live" from Stand of the Horizon by Franz Ferdinand
-annnnnnnd a cool ass key I designed and the quote "Go then. There are other worlds than these." Tru story: I was terrified of getting then/than switched in the quote and checked it about 100 times, and 3 months later saw someone being dragged who did and I felt for them so.

9. Tattoos I want
-A crow and california poppies and a joshua tree and a jackalope all over my right calf.
-A tiny black mouse with Be, Sarah and Ki to commemorate the road trip that cemented our friendship. I had this black jelly mouse I put on the dash board (Like that stuff stick hands are made of?) that Ki bought me because I love Sai from Naruto that then...slowly the whole trip....melted....all over the dash board. But the time we got home it was a puddle.
-I wanna turn my left calf into a dark tower/stephen king piece.
-an art nouveau Sailor Moon on my right arm
-A ufo hipster tattoo
-Miss Piggy as Botechelli's venus on my thigh.
-The matching Hunger Games tattoo to the one I put on my wife like 5 years ago from our wedding ceremony.

...I'm gonna stop but I need like $10000 for these rn. I am very into the idea of tattoos as a sorta...scrap book of our lives, which is why as long as I like the design, I am not too worried about fandom tattoos (I got my KH one after I had stopped being super into that fandom. I just really loved the design/idea and it was a big part of my life for a long time.)

10. Gender
Generally female, and I am female pronouns but gender queer and I am still...turning it over in my head and thinking about it a lot more than I talk about it.

11. Age

12. Sexuality

13. Life goal(s)
-Make a living off art
-Live away from people in a happy art cat commune with my family
-Travel the world some.

14. Career
I would like to be making a steady and significant income from art. Right now I am sorta patching together enough to keep us afloat from several jobs.

15. Relationship status
I have been married to my wife, Be, since 2012. We have been together since 2001 so yeah that's pretty much it. ♥ I love her so!

16. Favorite movie
You know right now I don't have a like "Fuck yeah this one!" My answers use to be Across the Universe, Lilo and Stich and Speed Racer and I feel those are all...good enough answers for now. Arrival and Kubo were the last movies that like...impacted me strongly.

17. A fact about my life
I met Gillian Anderson, I was dressed as punk Naruto I told her I loved her and cried and that's the peak of my life. IDK why I bother anymore.

18. Phobia
Submarines and being abducted by aliens. I live in Colorado so I'm usually good on the first one.

The one time I went to San Francisco tho it was 10 at night and I had been driving since 10 that morning (and up since 8) and we were going down fisherman's pier, but since we knew jack shit about the area (and this was in 2009 so phones were ok but just ok with maps and stuff) we ended up like.....blocks from the tourist part and walked down. And so this dark creepy peir and I look over and i stg in the dark between two building was this submarine chilling and I screamed and ran and started crying.

19. Pets
These are my children

This is Wally Olly Goat Capone/Wallace/Wallatrix/Wallamus/Pizza slut

When he was 3 months old on thanksgiving he snuck into the fridge and hid and then ate ALL our left over turkey we opened the fridge and found him laying in the pan. The fridge was much more closely guard after that.

Kamui (top) and Grimma Lynn (Bottom) are our twins.

They are also Wally's younger siblings (All of our cats are feral rescue kittens.) Grimm is our only girl and was originally named Ron Swanson because when we found them they looked....rough. Now she is our little russian fairy cat.

And this is Milo who is Grim,'s grandpa that she loves SO MUCH. He is our oldest and fat and wonderful.

This is Cuthbert Indiana and he hates being an indoor cat a lot and has been teaching himself how to open doors. Fun times.

20. Anything you want to ask?
Do it.

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