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And our Hunger Games game is open!

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(I am crossposting this to LJ. But that link might not work. For reference it is on dreamwidth.)


and I just can't hide it.
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So we went from kicking around ideas for a Hunger Games rp to having a massive plurk favorite and replurked many times (Last I check, 321 comments, 22 likes and 48 replurks, which if you don't know plurk is...fairly a lot) full of strangers wanting to play, and waiting for any updates. Like bursting with excitement wanting to play. Like a mod accidentally posted the reserves page before we were ready, it was up for like...30 seconds, and we got reserves.

The game mechanics are complicated at first, but I have a lot of hope that they will work very well, and make steps for getting rid of a lot of things (like too much cliquey-ness)

I'm really nervous but really excited. Me and my good friend Hats doves in first, and now we have a handful of very awesome mods and helper mods.

I'll link it here when were ready. We wanna open up reserves next weekend, capped at 50 for tributes.

I can't wait to see what happens.

Holy shit I haven't modded in so long.
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Things I have done the last week:

1) Read The Hunger Games.
2) Read Catching Fire.
3) Read Mockingjay.
4) Cried.
5) Ship the HELL out of Katniss/Peeta
6)....cried a little bit more.

And that's been my week, how about you guys?
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So I have been down and out with bronchitis+an ear infection the last week and a half or so. Missed 3 days of class and 4 days of work. Today they gave me an Nebulizer treatment and an inhaler because my cough has once again settled into stay.


And my computer return is still being "processed" so who knows when I'll get it. AND my phone is once again spazzing out. If you type in it in facebook, plurka, the browser or text messaging, half the time it freezes up and exits out of the program.

So I have been cut off from the internet. And sorta the world. I hate going back to school after a week+

Some thoughts on RP. )
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Serious talks about boob surgery. TMI )

Also, I have an art journal. [community profile] artmadillo. It isn't pretty cause I'm still computerless, but I'm gonna go upload stuff there.
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Cross posting this from my weight loss community 

So, I dunno how you guys feel about them but I like at home work out DVDs. If I'm going to flop around like a fish I'd rather do it at home where no one can see. And I tend towards the dancing ones. 
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So with dreamwidth I am trying to post more. So have some wedding spam/talk.

Guys, wedding's are fucking expensive )
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I had a wonderful Holiday!

Christmas Eve me, Be, Mom and Ki went to see The Muppets again (that movie makes me so very happy) and than went to Village Inn for dinner cause it was the only place open at 9 pm on Christmas Eve XD Me and Be figured out how to Cosplay Miss Piggy and Kermit, which will be awesome (And Sarah is going to go for the entire Manamana skit),

We all cried and felt like better humans afterwards, which I think is what The Muppet movie is for.

Then Christmas, the above plus Sarah and my dad had my special Christmas breakfast, and then opened presents. I got some awesome and unexpected things, and all my presents seemed to go over well, so it was pretty awesome, low drama and just good times and family. I was with or talked to most of my loved ones, and Be was so cute with her new Captain America hoodie. Then we went over to her parents which was...better than expected. In part cause I curled up on Ki and slept.

It was a good mellow holiday. Made me happy.

Some more serious stuff. )

Also, I am at dreamwidth as penguinfaery, and am going to make effort to use both.
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For Christmas I am offering y'all doodles. Please comment here with something (A character, and object, a couple) you would like, and a link to a reference picture (Even if you think I know it).

It might take me a bit to get to them since life is sorta crazy right now.

Happy Holidays!
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Damn you Haven Christmas special.

Of all the Stephen King book, that one?

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I love oil painting.

I did this in less time then it took us to watch and episode of Glee.


One more that size and my final is done \o/
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So, I'm wanting to order a custom skirt for the wedding, and I have no idea where to start. I found some acceptable things on etsy, but I want something sorta specific, and don't know a place where I could list it, and have people bid, or something?

Pretty much, we are getting custom corsets from Lisa for our wedding. And I want a huge, ridiculous skirt to go under it like this or this or this. Just something huge and over the top.

And I also need t in two piece, preferably, so that I can have it shorter when were traipsing around central park, and then bump it up to 11 for the reception.

And I'd much rather custom commission it, and support a small business, but I am not sure where to start.
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1. Terra
2. Te
3. Penguinfaery
4. Thor
5. Kyle
6. I'm just makin' shit up now.

1. Jeans
2. A sunflower in my hair
3. A blue t-shirt that is all cut up with a pretty mermaid print that says "Life is the seas, love is like an anchor."

1. to feel better.
2. inner peace. That is not cheesy. My brain is all wiggled up right now. OK, maybe it is cheesy but it is also sincere.
3. to magically know how to computer color fantastically in all the ways I want.

1. Watched Lost with mom, be and sarah.
2. Finished my painting.
3. Introduced my mom to The Lonely Island.

1. Be
2. My mom
3. Alice at work when I called in sick

1. Sleep
2. Make myself look awesome
3. Go to the Cellar Door Anthology book release and show my art and party it up

1. Coke
2. Green tea
3. Cranberry juice
4. Sparkling Cider

1. Having ridiculous songs stuck in my head.
2. Art critique
3. My fat cat coming and shedding all over meloving on me.
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Current work in progress. Need to color the robes (They're going to stay mainly white) and line the whole thing. Mucha style, based on his stars & moon series.

This an a small realism piece and a whole processfolio for the two due Friday.
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So there was this tumblr post about how "It's just as hard to be Ken as it is to be Barbie." and as I was sitting there today, watching Immortals and objectifying the shit out of the hot shirtless men in that movies, I was also turning that thought over in my head.

Because it's true. It is no more realistic to expected men to all look like Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans then it is to expected woman to all look like Angelina Jolie and Scarlette Johansson. That is an entirely unrealistic, objectifying and unfair streotype.

However, that's not the stereotype that is the issue.

Because the regular joe guy who thinks he's gonna walk into a bar downtown with his pot belly, acne scars, cowlick, whatever flaws a normal guy has and think he is gonna get Angelina Jolie is regarded just as out of it as I would be if I thought I'd go cruising downtown and picking up Brad Pitt. It is understood that those people are...unobtainable idols.

This issue is, in Hollywood, this is considering a social awkward loser male:


Pretty fair. A little polished up, but it is a TV show. I meet guys like Howard at most conventions.

In Hollywood this is considered a socially awkward loser female:


Nope. As we were discussing last night Sarah is the the closest thing to a Manic Pixie Dream girl that probably exists, and even she crushes the streotype by...having a personality and not holding up the loser males till ~all their dreams come true~ And Sarah is not a loser. Sure, she likes geeky things. She also takes us out and charms her way into free stuff, and can have the hottest guy around eating out of the cup of her hand.

Not loser material. Sorry.I rambled on a bit. )
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My brain has been weird. It is lingering places I don't want to be.

But it's not serious either. I mean things are. But I explained it to a friend as feeling like that moment after you tell a joke that flops in a group of friends. are awkward, and a little touchy...but you also know in 5 minutes it'll be forgotten.

Except I've felt like that for a week.

I have a bunch of things going on. And like...none of them are out of hand, but they are hanging over me. And I just have this gross like...creeping feeling up my spine that I'm awkward. And my brain keeps going to the worst, most complainy place.

But I'm also like...not upset. Except when I upset myself but that doesn't really count. I just I am bothering people.

And some possibly triggery stuff )

I dunno (see?). I just wanted to get out my feelings somewhere before my head started leaking. Turning off comments just cause this was mainly rambly rambles.

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