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Jul. 13th, 2011 11:10 pm
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Oh, the ocean rolls us away )

I know this is two in one day. I don't foresee a lot of computer time tomorrow with HARRY FUCKIN' POTTER DOUBLE SHOWING. *cough*

But if I do well, then..I broke the rules.
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7 Deadly Sins Meme

Day 6|Gluttony: 7 Guilty Pleasures

⚫ Elimination reality shows. Particularly ones about reforming crazy females.
⚫ Yearly twinkie.
⚫ Celebrity gossip magazines.
⚫ Coke.
⚫ www.cracked.com

Day 7|Lust: 7LoveSecrets
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awesome meme
This might be my favorite meme in the history of memes, and I stole it from the lovely [info]daoi. You should do it, too! I love the questions and the result is awesome.

a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker.

Beauty that I can't abuse )

Disclaimer: Absolutely none of these fabulous pictures were taken by me.

The last picture was suppose to be a really cute cow. It has nothing to do with the questions. )
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7 Deadly Sins Meme

Day 4|Sloth: 7 Things You Neglect To Do

⚫ Homework.
⚫ Cleaning.
⚫ Working out.
⚫ Getting my car fixed.
⚫ Packing.
⚫ scanning shit.
⚫ Anything I don't want to do, pretty much.

Day 5|Greed: 7WorldlyMaterialDesires
Day 6|Gluttony: 7GuiltyPleasures
Day 7|Lust: 7LoveSecrets

...i will also be going through and reply to comments soon. ILU guys.
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7 Deadly Sins Meme

Day 3|Wrath: 7 Things That Piss You Off

⚫ People who don't own up to their flaws. Everyone has them. Own up to them.
⚫ People who lock themselves in a bubble and only see things their way. Even if you are right, looking out side the way you think can help you understand why the other side thinks that way, and explain to them why you're right. And rarely is anyone 100% right.
⚫ People who don't appreciate what they have. I am by NO means saying to look a gift horse in the mouth, but if Daddy buys you a new car, don't bitch that it the wrong color.
⚫ People who mock shit from uninformed positions. They look dumb, and it's usually funnier if you mock it from an informed position.
⚫ Entitled fanbrats.
⚫ Also, fanbrats who apply the above things that bug me to fandom.
⚫ Gonna go with film majors as well.

Day 4|Sloth: 7ThingsYouNeglectToDo
Day 5|Greed: 7WorldlyMaterialDesires
Day 6|Gluttony: 7GuiltyPleasures
Day 7|Lust: 7LoveSecrets
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7 Deadly Sins Meme

Day 2|Envy: 7 Things You Lack & Covet
⚫ Money. Lots of money.
⚫ Bitching computer skills. Specially computer coloring skills.
⚫ A bangin' body.
⚫ Being able to chill the fuck out when I need to.
⚫ More drive then I have. I need a lot of it for what I do.
⚫ Fame.
⚫ Other various skills I don't posses. Sewing, 3-d art, singing, etc.

Day 3|Wrath: 7ThingsThatPissYouOff
Day 4|Sloth: 7ThingsYouNeglectToDo
Day 5|Greed: 7WorldlyMaterialDesires
Day 6|Gluttony: 7GuiltyPleasures
Day 7|Lust: 7LoveSecrets
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7 Deadly Sins Meme

Day 1|Pride: 7 Great Things About Yourself
⚫ I'm fucking awesome.
⚫ I have a pretty face. Specially eyes.
⚫ I'm creative. Art, writing, all that.
⚫ I'm a good public speaker
⚫ I have a strong work ethic for things I am passionate about, and a more then acceptable one for things I don't care about. If it has to be done I do it.
⚫ I can make people laugh.
⚫ I have a good brain. I'm not freaking Sherlock Holmes, but I know shit. A lot of it. I figured things out fast.

Day 2|Envy: 7ThingsYouLack&Covet
Day 3|Wrath: 7ThingsThatPissYouOff
Day 4|Sloth: 7ThingsYouNeglectToDo
Day 5|Greed: 7WorldlyMaterialDesires
Day 6|Gluttony: 7GuiltyPleasures
Day 7|Lust: 7LoveSecrets
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New years postcards, replies screened.

My New Years meme. All the cool kids are replying. Which is Sarah right now.

lj-cut text="30 facts about me. 1) I fought the law, and the law one.">

1) I am weirdly attached to things I find in second hand purchases. Papers tucked in books, things left in pockets. I had a coat with movies tickets and a photo lens I bought years ago, and I still have both somewhere.

2) I'm afraid of Submarines.

3) And aliens. But I'm also fascinated by those.

4) I believe in Paranormal things. There's too much evidence for some things to NOT be going on.

5) My favorite color is chartreuse, and I'm really particular about what color.

6) I want to go to every state in the continental US at some point.

7) I adore road trips.

8) I'd never want to live there, but I think place like Kansas and Nebraska are beautiful. To visit.

9) Halloween use to be my favorite Holiday. And I still love it a lot. But now I dress up so often it's not like jkdsfhj;dsjksdvjksdgvjdsvgjkdsjdskfjdsjkdsf COSTUMES!!

10) I intentionally write alot sometimes because of this: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/04/alot-is-better-than-you-at-everything.html

11) I also spend way too much time on www.cracked.com

12) Stephen King is not the best author I read, but he is my favorite. I want to be BFFS with him.

13) I made up a race of little alien people that feed off of sound waves. I love them greatly, but I can't figure out anything to work them into because they are dumb. Like them, not the idea. They just sorta lay around absorbing sound waves and dancin.

14) I love having medium on me. Like paint, pastels, charcoal, whatever.

15) If I could have any power, I'd shape shift.

16) I spend a weirdly large amount of time figuring out what celebrities look like other celebrities.

17) And casting things, like books. And get emotionally invested.

18) I am very happy with my understanding of a higher power, and how the world should work.

19) I count people's names to see if they have 19 letters.

20) I love wearing things in my hair.

21) I've actually come to generally love my hair. I hate it as a child. I wanted long, flowing red hair.

22) The movie Lilo and Stich makes me ridiculously happy. Like, if I am in a bad mood, and watch it, I am no longer in a bad mood.

23) My eyes change color. Usually grey, but they can be blueish, greenish, and have a gold spot.

24) I deeply wonder how my life would have gone if I'd gone for science. I love it, most all forms of it. But hate math.

25) I don't regret leaving drama, ever. I'd love to be in a play here and there, but...no.

26) My dad got a bride from Russia at one point. I hated her. But I almost had two Russian step brothers name Misha and Andre.

27) I use to live out in the desert, miles from civilization. I'm glad we moved but there's something I miss, like seeing the stars literally go from horizon to horizon, and the sound of the wind, and watching storm come in from miles away.

28) I adore really weird animals. Currently: Armadillos.

29) Body mods: I have two tattoos, a nose piercing, and gauged ears. Planning more tattoos, but no more piercings, really. Maybe more ears, if the option is like...presented.

30) I snort. And stick out my tongue when I concentrate. And make the faces of what I'm drawing.
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Don't forget the friends cut. If I just added you, or you have replied to that post you are 100% safe.

If I just added you and are like "Who are you?", I'm Terra, and I play De Winchester at Bete Noire, and if you aren't from Bete Noire, we are probably equally confused,

I was really excited for the friend add, and then realized today I missed it...so like...mass added a bunch of people.

A brief introduction that is in no way set to tetris. )
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30 days about you meme that's going to take me roughly a year.

What you ate today )
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30 days about you meme

My first love~! )

House (the show not the character. IDK who said it): All Duran Duran fans are dead
Bev: What?! I love Duran Duran!
Rose: You're clearly a zombie then.
Bev: Oh....OH...I feel it! *goes to bite Ju*
Ju: I will kill you.
Bev: What? I can't help it! I'm hungry like the wolf!
Ju:...this is why Duran Duran fans are all dead.

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