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(more info coming soon)
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Serious talks about boob surgery. TMI )

Also, I have an art journal. [community profile] artmadillo. It isn't pretty cause I'm still computerless, but I'm gonna go upload stuff there.
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I love oil painting.

I did this in less time then it took us to watch and episode of Glee.


One more that size and my final is done \o/
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Current work in progress. Need to color the robes (They're going to stay mainly white) and line the whole thing. Mucha style, based on his stars & moon series.

This an a small realism piece and a whole processfolio for the two due Friday.
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I saw this once, in middle school.

It had effect my art, and me, thoroughly, ever since.

It is amazing. You should watch it.
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My phone shattered today when I got out of the car for lunch. I'm am pretty sure I would not have glass on the front of it if it were not all taped together with the screen protector.


Glad it is insured.

Some pic spam, for good measure: New Kitten, Sailor Moon cosplay, and art )
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Information on Helion, our son to be webcomic:

The comic will be posted at
Riley's blog is at

I'll try to figure out RSS feeds for both.

And character designs:
Riley, Sammy/Helion, Ezra, Sol, Ruby, and wicked step mom )
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Sailor Moon Steampunk.

This was so intensive but I love it.
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Genderbent Dean/Michael | SPN. Still not sold on the BG.
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My work this semester. Shamefully, all of it. I need to be a bit more prolific. But quality over quantity? )

Also, we have a hotel in DC and will soon have one in NYC. We will be traveling by I-70. We are down with making meeting arrangements with anyone.
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Art and Pin-Up Freddy Krueger costume. Yep. That's what I said. )

And there is some really cool/happy/good news I will be posting about soon ♥

idle hands

Mar. 26th, 2011 05:41 pm
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What the quotes are for.
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SO these are my first two scripts. Any feedback would be nice. Each section break is a new page, each line break a new word bubble. This is 2 of four.

Also, should the titles be song lyrics of geek things? The whole project is a geek title *Points at icon* Posted with current titles. Don't worry about technical things, they will be proof read.

“But it also breeds creation” )

“Now let us drink the stars” )
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For better or for worse.

Shit is going down. Last finals are Thursday.

I currently have like...10% of my art done. Which is 10 fully inked, colored, and lettered 10x15 coming book pages (The lettering'll be easy though I just got cut up papers in the right size, Bev is printing the script out for me probably as we speak, and then I just got Xylene tranfer it to the pieces, which takes like 2 seconds)

And none of my Yoga papers.

But I have from now till 11 tonight, and from 4:45 till finish tomorrow, and maybe a little time Thursday morning, but I have to be there at noon to put up all my art.

Also, good job amazon:

I want to take that class.

.../gets off plurk and does homework.

I wrote the first line of this post, and reread it, and forgot wtf I was talking about...
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I haven't used DA embed for a bit, let's see how this works.

Some more art )
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It's 5:30 am.

We just finished watching 11 episodes of Lost.

We're almost done though \o/

And I got art done. And leisure art done. Well, leisure doodles. Not leisure art till commissions are done.

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