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What I did today:

Played velociraptor.


Sarah and Ju are trying to figure out how to pick a bottle cap with no thumbs.
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$16 AN HOUR!!!

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Me: I hate grammar, it's stupid.

And...if you have not met Ju, she's...kinda loud. Like...a train wreck is kinda loud. And we were outside, coming in from the car.


She is also breathing down my neck so she can continue to explain all this.

What she doesn't know is that I generally know all this, I just like making her explain with awkward examples.
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AJ looks like Katie from Paranormal Activity. Not in "HOMG your features are just like her" way but in that way where people can similar, and you know, factually, their facial features don't really match up, but when you look at them you're like "Well, hell. Yep."

Anyway, we were kicking around going to see a movie last night, because I lost my wallet (Itr's found I just can't get it till monday So clubbing was out. And that conversation about her looking like Katie had come up twice.

And Paranormal Activity 2 came up as an option.

And we are costume badasses.

One pair of boxers and a tank top covered in various red liquids later, we have a perfect Katie.

We went to the late night showing, and at the end had her run out to the front and stand their, vacantly, where you couldn't get out unless you passed her.

If you have seen that movie, think of the ending. Then think of opening the door to that.

Result were as hilariously awesome as expected.

And A-1 steak sauce will now always be Micha juice to me.
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You know why I don't own this yet?



My life will not be complete until I own this.

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This mornings dream of fighting were wolves with Bobby Singer was particularly awesome.

Yesterday mornings dream of fighting Jonas Brothers Well, a Jonas brother with Bobby Singer was particularly awesome in an entirely different way.

Although this morning we were like "Oh no, it went into the house it might get Grandma....damn."
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This is me and my friend [ profile] lefthooktohead who I meet this weekend~! And I meet [ profile] sammywhatammy who is super sweet and has the most infectious laugh.

I'm exhausted and sore (I have kankles atm. That's how swollen my ankles are.) and it was awesome and there was a fire drill involving a mass exodus of geeks and Russian tourist wanted picks in my Lottie costume, annnnnd it was a lot of fun.

Little Karibo was pretty effing awesome. He called Toni, and signed the billion things we asked him to sign to get Autographs for everyone (Kiona, Toni, Bev, my cousin Sammy, and every piece of clothing Sarah owns XD)

And I wanna sleep for the next 3 days straight.
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We're wandering around last night at like...3 am looking for free alcoholaq party not full of the kind of sleezy guys who think cons=free range. Every room party we had went to Smelled like feetwe got...mobbed by like...10 drunk men as soon as we walked in.

And Syd was like "I think I heard there was a party on the 11th floor."

So we wander up to the 11th floor, and party. So we're wandering the halls in our belly dancer/gypsy costumes, and this pretty woman comes running up to us with a bottle of vodka pretty much bigger then her and is like "OH MY GOD THIS IS PERFECT STAND RIGHT THERE!~"

And she turned to the pair of doors, knocks on them at the same time. And in unison, the doors open and Garret Wang and Christopher Judge</a? were standing there. The girl was pretty much just like "Look! I found you pretties!" And they were amused, and Garrett Wang took our pictures and video taped us. And we were all just like :O And. It. Was. AWESOME. More con later.
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Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 11 | A photo of you taken recentlyPhotobucket

I got to see my Toni Toni ♥

And and and

In front of the Deathnote manga at B+N, someone had left an apple. It was awesome.

Also, the X-men manga is a pure example of why comic fans hate manga. X-men=/=reverse Harem anime. Kurt=/=Reno (Although I love them both). Magneto is so not a bishy.

I want the dark tower like whoa. I can get all 4 volumes, hardcover for like...$60 on Amazon. DO WANT. Bert had girl hair.

AND I got like every movie in the world to watch :3


Dec. 23rd, 2009 01:11 am
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[00:44] Huey: word
[00:44] Riley: to ya momma yo
[00:45] Huey: our mom's dead, riley.
[00:46] Riley: Man she just went to tha store yo. Why you always try'na bring a nigga down an' shit?
[00:46] Huey: sorry reality bites in hard.
[00:47] Riley: Nigga... you gay. -huffs-
[00:47] Huey: right.
[00:48] Riley: You is gay! I... I know!
[00:48] Huey: HOW would you know that?
[00:48] Riley: Cause... cause-- Man. I just KNOW!
[00:49] Huey: right.
[00:49] Huey: might be the ONLY thing you know
[00:50] Riley: I know I'm righ-- What's that supposed ta mean? You jsut jelous cause I be pullin all tha bitches with Thugalisious.
[00:50] Huey: yeah he really pulls bitches.
[00:51] Riley: He do! I seen 'em. They all over him an' shit. Allways has bitches callin' him wantin' ta come ova!
[00:51] Huey: Riley, he pays those woman to hang out at his house.
[00:52] Riley: Not uh! Thugalisious aint gotta pay bitches. Bitches pay him
[00:52] Huey: sure they do, that's why they always clock out at the end of the day?
[00:53] Riley: Huey. Shut up. You don't know what your talkin' bout. -mutters- wack ass....
[00:54] Huey: Whatever you say, Riley.

This may be the best impromtu rp ever.

And Manda is a better Riley then she has any right to be.
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I was gonna make this private, but I realized this is sorta like...a pictoral representation of my summer.

EXCEPT Ju did not in fact have any of the AX pics uploaded like she said last night, so it's not complete (And I may be dragging her back up here to print more off tomorrow, cause I really want those for my art project.

How I spent my Summer Vacation by Terra Hanson, Age 23. )
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This is the matrix.

If it were a 20's silent film staring Charlie Chaplin. Well a Carlie Chaplin like guy, as obviously this is new, being the matrix and all

I feel like there are some Matrix centered jokes in there that I'm too tired to get.

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So you wanna know the BEST CONSOLATION to losing a fight?

Getting a private Snow Patrol concert.

KBCO's Sound Check Party didn't have all the winners show up, so they took the first 10 or so people in line, and let us in \o/ private concert, plus a meet and greet.

Me, Bev, and Ju just have sweet ass concert luck.

AND the bassist was grinning at us most of the show, and at the end tossed us his pick. Like...he did not chuck it into the audience, he crouched down and carefully tossed it to us. It was the only thing thrown out during the concert.

They didn't play a lot of new things, which was actually good for me. And everything was just alkhfldsfkh SWEET.

The Plain White T's, the only thing I could think they whole time they were playing was what I said when someone was bitching about "Hey there Delilah" which was "And they still get way more then you ever will." Which is probably true, but I think that they would benefit a lot from being in a different genre. Folksy-indie would fit his voice so much better.

Also, you know what sucks at concerts? Having the screaming bimbo who's drunk before the concert even starts behind you. Seriously, who thinks they're awesome while drunk, as oppose to the person everyone is scooting away from and sniggering at?
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Con was awesome. wise, friends wise, events wise, everything wise. We had sweet ass con mates (Which was sorta a worry as we hadn't meet most of them) and plans for hotel already, plans for costumes already (Gender bent TTGL and Tsubasa/XXXholic. Alex's man Yoko is gonna be frigging sweet) and I now have a backpack with a stiched on butt hole.

Cause you know, I've always needed one of those.

(It's one of those...plush character backpack, btw. Not just like...a butthole on a backpack)

And we made the most money we've ever made \o/

And just.


More coherent post later, gonna go curl up with the other survivors here before getting Ju back to boulder.

And my icon describes WAY more of the con then it really ever should.
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Today was epic, hopefully tonight will be too.

Carl bought me an awesome drink thing, and said he could do the tattoo of Axel's chakram on my shoulder. And when the other apprentice was trying to be snide about me messing up at the front desk, he turned around and was like "She will beat the shit out of you."

Which I wouldn't, but was fun.

And < a href="">Brian gave me a whoooole bunch of software for my mac if I help him with his flashes. :3

Kay, going to get reeeady for the partay~

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