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I have been looking at old post.

Guys, I suck at reply to comment. I am so sorry. Especially you, Cloudy.I love them all. I read them all.


My new phone is going to cost me $99 despite having complete insurance coverage. :/ and I would put money on not getting an R2D2 Droid back from them. I'm gonna get a bitchin' case for it I guess this time.

My classes are all pretty awesome. Though I may totally miss the first photoshop assignment due to lack of book.

And, as sad as it makes me that Borders are closing, I also enjoyed raiding their going out of business sale. The one by Park Meadows still had an awesome selection this weekend (Their last, I'm pretty sure). We got:

Blood ties season 1&2 for my mom for X-mas
Die Hard with a Vegenace
White cat by Holly Black
So Yesterday and The Last Day by Scott Westerfeld
Welcome to Bordertown by various authors (Including Neil Gaima)
Instructions by Neil Gaiman
Hellboy: Darkness calls
American Vampire #2
Twinkie chans's crochet goodies for fashion foodeis
Y the last man #2, 3, & 4
The dark Tower: The Long Road Home
Living the Colony Life (For Forteanville research)
and Sarah got a bunch of Avngers comics too \o/
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"The great gray beast February had eaten Harvey Swick alive."

Thief of Always by Clive Barker.

It may not be th ebest I've ever read, but surely the one that has stuck with me.
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A picture of me with black hair and a kiss from gf #2 )


The science of Stephen King-Gresh & Weinberg
A Briefer History of Time-Stephen Hawking
Under the Dome-Stephen King
The Hero With a Thousand Faces-Joseph Campbell
The Uninvited: The True Story of the Union Screaming House-Steven LaChance
Files from the Edge: A Paranormal Investigator's Exploration Into High Strangeness-Philip Imbrogno
Hunting the Skinwalker-Knapp & Kelleher (Which I have been extended borrowing my dad's copy of.

I also just breezed through "I could tell you but then you'd have to be killed by me" which was a really awesome collection of the patches for classified military projects (A lot of times even when the project is a Black project, the patches aren't classified.)

Also I'm really excited to do my Pin-up Girl Freddy Krueger costume. Like super excited. We are all doing Slasher movie pin-up girls for starfest.

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Well, let's see. A RANDOM SAMPLING:

All of the Dark Tower+Duplicates and comic+about 10 other King books
Survival of the Prettiest: The science of beauty
I was a Teenage Fairy
The art of Alphonso Mucha
Manga: Naruto, X, Tsubasa, Paradise Kiss, Card Captor Sakura
Everything You Know is Wrong
Alien Agenda
Art since 1900 Ihatethatfuckingbook
Reinventing Comics
The Oz books (The first run ones are in plastic bags)
Alchemy and Mysticism
American Gods
A Ghost Named Fred It is about a boy named George who gets a BFF of a Ghost named Fred. It makes me happy and wibbles simultaneously.
Harry Potter 1-7
Hunt for the Skinwalker
Dangerous Angels
The Secret Garden
About 30 art books and how to art books.

Plus: A LOT OF DVDS, art supplies, printed out rps and fanfics, costume bits, and a baby turtle.

Named Sheldon.

Is anything there surprising?
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I figure most people on here I probably so private roleplays with but there it is!

Also, Happy Valentines Day all my lovelies! I meant to do art but....have not really be able to do much of anything sans school and prep for Wasabi.

Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 13 | A fictional book

I was gonna do Uglies, which is in fact an AWESOME book, but due to the holiday, I'm going to recommend Francesca Lia Block as a whole. Her books are this...surreal, and beautiful, this sorta of....fantasy with out it being a big deal about it being fantasy. Most are set in LA, but her LA is...beautiful. It like she sees LA through this magical lens...everything she sees is correct, but she just makes it gorgeous. My three favorite, that I recommend you check out:

Dangerous Angels/Necklace of Kisses: This is actually...7 books. Dangerous Angels is 6 novella's that you can buy as separate books as well (Weetzie bat being the first), and it's about this girl Weetzie and her best friend Dirk, who she's in love with. Dirk tells her he's gay, and they set out to find their "Ducks". Weetzie gets a genie lamp to rub, and makes a wish that she'll find her "Secret Agent Lover Man" and Dirk will find his "Duck." The whole book is about this family made with love, that's all patch worked together.

Necklace of Kisses is about the fact that, after 9-11, Secret Agent Love Man is horribly depressed, so Weetzie leaves, to find herself, and their love. She stays at this old Hollywood Hotel, and interacts with all the people there who are all is a Mermaid who's been made miserable by the plastic surgery she dealt with to be human, etc. She gathers all their kisses, and they all heal each other.

I made that sound REALLY sappy, but it's actually really good. And if you know me IRL, I have Dangerous Angels

I was a Teenage Fairy: Is about a girl, Barbie, who's mother has forced her into being a childhood model. She had a best friend who is a small fairy named Mab, and you're never sure if Mab is real, or something she made up to help cope. She and another teenage model, who's dealing with the fact he is in love with his best friend (Who is in turn in love with Barbie) are bother working to pieces themselves together.

Ecstasia Is not an urban fantasy. It is straight up fantasy. It's about a band in a world where you live in this paradise party city, Elysium, but the day you start aging, you have to go live "under" which is full of people waiting to die, drugs, and general misery. The drummer in the band, Rafe, has fallen in love with Lily, who is a drug addict going under to escape her misery. Paul, the lead singer, is in love with him, and trying to save him from going under as well. It's really good, a really, REALLY diffrent take on the story of Orpheus.

A real post later maybe.
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Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 3 | Favorite Book:

Oh lord this one is SO HARD.

Ok hmmm. My favorite childhood book is Thief of Always by Clive Barker. It's about a 10 year old who's bored out of his mind, and gets taken away to the "Holiday House" which is a super awesome place where it's all the best parts of the year in a day (Beautiful spring morning, Summer afternoon, Halloween evening and Chirstmas night) and it's awesome...until he tries to leave. Since this is Clive barker, that's where shit starts getting fucked up.

I /think/ American Gods by Neil Gaiman is my book. It's about that when people came to American, they brought their gods with them...but with in a few generation no one worshiped those Gods. So all those Gods are stranded and generally powerless, and are aiming to rage war against the NEW god (Credit card, Internet, etc)

AND my favorite series is The Dark Tower. I believe it will be my favorite series even after I finish it. Just read it, it's awesome.

ALSO. Re Supernatural and Lost:

Me: You know what the season finale is gonna about 6 months...
Sarah: Hmm?
Me: In Detroit?
Sarah: Sonofabitch.

Between that conversation, and the amount of people who are like...coming out of withdrawal for Lost, i am SO not sorry I'm late for these trains. And sorta sorry I am going to have summer break for Supernatural. But only sorta.
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So I don't think there is anything more awesome in the world then getting to a class you've not been paying attention in and fidning out that in that not paying attention you've missed the memo that you have a test.


I winged it pretty well, all things considered. C to the degree and all that (it's only a Gen Ed, and one of my last ones, so fuuuuuuuuuuck that. I can't wait till next spring when I have NOTHING but art classes. In fact I might put off my last social science for awhile cause I'm so burned out on meaningless classes)

I dunno, I'm seriously hoping that by the time I graduate here, RMCAD goes through with adding a Master's program. It's like...a block from my work (Which is across town but I'll be over there anyway)

I'm weary. I don't really wanna be in class, but I think maybe working with my hands will help. Still, last class period I finished about 75% of my work (And I think we have about 2 more class periods :/) Maybe I'll just do the third piece in class instead of after.

Doing the art project based on Ecstasia, and having heard Ways and Means by Snow Patrol (Which I think was secretly written ABOUT Ecstasia) has made me want to see if I have the patience to reread it. Last time I tried I ended up just skipping around to all the bits I like XD

([ profile] mysticshell have you ever read Francesca Lia Block's stuff? I think you'd really enjoy it)

I'm almost done with The Graveyard Book, and will probably be starting Coraline by the end of the day. And given how short it is...XD

Bah, I have rambled long enough.

Edit: Well shiiiit I didn't think you could get a fine art masters online.


On a more serious note, SCAD offer it to (A masters, not the online). I will have to think heavily on that. I still do regret that I didn't balls up and get a BA in sequential art there.

Still, and online program sounds like it could really work, specially since I'll be doing tattoo then.
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I'm stealing this idea from Galenhiril but I can't font as sexy as her :3

It's a work in progress, I will post it when it's finished, but this is just a start. I'm not doing them nice and Alphabetical like Sarah.


Tokyo Babylon Subaru [♥~ Subaru/Sei ]

X Subaru | Kamui | Seishirou | Fuuma | Karen | Sorata [♥~ Subaru/Kamui/Seishirou/Fuuma, mix at will, Karen/Seichirou]

Naruto Oh Jesus here we go.... These are not really ordered. Iruka | Tsunade | Sai | Kakashi | Jiraiya | Yamato | Orochimaru | Naruto | Itachi | Madara | Zetsu | Haku | Zabuza | Temari | Shikamaru | Naruto | Kisame | Minato | Chouji | Gaara | Rock Lee | Kushina (Thus far) | Shizune | Konohmaru (You know, who I don't like might have been an easier list...) [♥~ Sasuke/Naruto, Kakashi/Iruka, Temari/Shikamaru, Jiraiya/Tsunade(/Orochimaru as an OT3 or as separate pairs depending on the situation), Sai/Yamato, Itachi/Kisame, Haku/Zabuza. Those are what I'd consider OTP's. There's more))

Paradise Kiss Isabella | Arashi | EVERYONE. (Seriously, there isn't a character I dislike as a character) [♥~ George/Isabella, Arashi/Miwako]

Sailor Moon Sailor Moon | Palla Palla | Sailor Starfighter | Tuxedo Mask [♥~ Sailor Moon/Tuxedo Mask, Neptune/Uranus]

Final Fantasy 7 Reno | Rude [♥~ Reno/Rude]

Kingdom Hearts Axel | Namine | Roxas | Demyx [♥~ Axel/Roxas]

Tsubasa Fai | Kurogane | Sakura [♥~ Fai/Kurogane] Note: The likes and ships for every other Clamp fandom carry over where applicable thus far)

XXXholic Yuuko | Watanuki | Doumeki [♥~ Watanuki/Doumeki]

Haruhi Haruhi | Kyon

Speed Racer (Movie more so, but it's up here shhhh) Speed | Trixie(movie only) | Racer X/Rex [♥~ Speed/Rex]

Evangelion Pen Pen | Kaworu I find most of the character in this really interesting, but not on the level of "favorites"

Cardcaptor Sakura Yukito | Touya | Sakura | Sayoran [♥~ Yukito/Touya, Sakura/Sayoran]


Across the Universe Max | Sadie [♥~ Max/Jude, Sadie/Jojo]

Batman (TAS mostly) Harley Quinn [♥~ Harley/Ivy]

Boondocks Huey | Ceaser

CSI Catherin | Greg | Nick | Warrick | Lady Heather

Francesca Lia Block's books Paul (Ecstasia) | Rafe (Ecstasia) | Mab (I was a Teenage Fairy) | Duck (Weetzie Bat) | Weetzie (Necklace of Kisses)

Howl's Moving Castle Sophie | Howl | Calcifer [♥~ Sophie/Howl]

Nightmare Before Chirstmas Jack | Sally | Zero | Lock+Shock+Barrel

X-men Nightcrawler

Road to El Dorado Tulio | Miguel | Chel | The armadillo [♥~ Tulio/Miguel]

Batman Beyond Terry | Bruce Wayne

Stephen King Books Beaver (Dreamcatcher)


(This is by far not a comprehensive list of music, or songs I like from these bands)

Franx Ferdinad Dark of the Matinee | Sophia | You could have it so much better | The Fallen | This Fire | Words so leisured

My Chemical Romance The Harsh words| You know what they do to guys like us in prison | Teenagers

Fall out Boy I don't care | This ain't a Scene

System of a Down Spider webs | Ego Brain | Roulette



Red Hot Chile Peppers


Matchbox 20/Rob Thomas

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A )
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Basically, give me a topic. I will talk about it for approximately five minutes, idk, or however long I can ramble. And record and upload it as a sound file!

Aaaaand a book meme.

Why yes, I AM suppose to be in art right now, why do you ask? )

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