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My work this semester. Shamefully, all of it. I need to be a bit more prolific. But quality over quantity? )

Also, we have a hotel in DC and will soon have one in NYC. We will be traveling by I-70. We are down with making meeting arrangements with anyone.
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SO these are my first two scripts. Any feedback would be nice. Each section break is a new page, each line break a new word bubble. This is 2 of four.

Also, should the titles be song lyrics of geek things? The whole project is a geek title *Points at icon* Posted with current titles. Don't worry about technical things, they will be proof read.

“But it also breeds creation” )

“Now let us drink the stars” )
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So, if Stephen King is correct, me and Ju are both mildly (likely VERY mildly, since neither of us lose sleep over it) OCD and never realized it.

Because this character was discussing being OCD and getting to the "Goal number" and how if they didn't they felt all these things. And I was like "That's so silly, that only happens if you don't keep the patterns right on the floor when you walk....oh. huh."

My plan today is to apply at Micheals (1) and read and obscene amount of comics (2). I've got American Vampire and Supernatural: Rising Son done, and am reading N right now. next is the first issue of Y: The last man, and something called Chew, and Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud which I have been meaning to read for years.


I am going to put in an order for physical copies of my comic "But only if you let it", all 16 pages, full color, full comic book size.

If you're on my flist, it'll be $3, plus S+H if you're out of state and can't just grab if from me. IDK how much it'll be at cons, but probably a bit more (Probably $5). If you had read the bits I have on DA, I'm not gonna not finish putting it up there, I just know *I* like having physical copies of things better.

But lemme know soon so I can order that many more then the ones I'm ordering for the con/family.
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I caught up on buying a bunch of comics at Starfest. I got the Rising Son variant cover one (Which is "John Winchester is covered in bitches"), about 10 Dark Tower comics (None of the complete runs though. I ALMOST have all of The Fall of Gilead, but I'm missing 5 of 6, and the one I found was $20. And the guy was willing to give me 40% off, but....that's still over $10 for one issue), and most of all of Umbrella Academy, which Alex had given me volume 1 of forever ago. And part of an Angel (X-men not Buddy) series that had awesome art. All for like...$15

Being around all the comic stuff was a bit hard cause of all the memories, and missing Alex, but mostly kept it together.

I also spent too much on the bits of Supernatural merchandise I could find.

And our costumes generally rocked, although if anyone recognized us in our Supernatural one they didn't say anything. Some guy was like "AWESOME!" to Lucifer, but we weren't sure if that was cause she looked cool or cause she was Lucifer. We also cracked up a lot when, at lunch, Sarah (Who was Castiel) was scarfing hamburgers all over.

We also decided next time we were just going to straight up be girly versions. Cause none of us looked masculine at all. At all. And then at least we can look sexy. And we're gonna make Bev be girly!Ash. Next year I know they're trying to get Misha Collins to come.

And possibly at Mile High con but were gonna be girly!Gunslingers (Me and Ju are sorta gonna aim for being Roland and Bert, but generally we're just gonna be hot, sorta steam punky-y cowgirls) And were gonna do at some point Oceanic Stewardesses. Like sexy 60's stewardesses.

And we went to I didn't get to a ton of panels. Garette Wang was hilarious. Summer Glau was sweet, but didn't catch my attention. The Buffy Sing along BLEW because the people running also decided to get in front of the screen. And act it out. Badly.

And I got to hang out with all my lovely girls. We were all like...a perfect personality mix in the hotel room. Even the little bits of drama were dealt with...quickly and easily. I'm still kinda getting use to the idea that something going wrong at a convention doesn't mean a 3 hour screaming match. And I saw a ton of people I adore at the con.

It was just, generally, a really good con.
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HOLY FUCK SHARK VS SQUID!!!!111!!11!one!!!

So we were working of Firestar stuff, which will hopefully have a new name soon cause Sarah rattled of like 18 awesome ones.

And we realized that the two females in it were Sammy and Ruby sorta.

And then we realized the girl in it's old companion series was De.

I can promise these were made LONG before we were in Supernatural. And possibly in some cases before supernatural existed.
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Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 11 | A photo of you taken recentlyPhotobucket

I got to see my Toni Toni ♥

And and and

In front of the Deathnote manga at B+N, someone had left an apple. It was awesome.

Also, the X-men manga is a pure example of why comic fans hate manga. X-men=/=reverse Harem anime. Kurt=/=Reno (Although I love them both). Magneto is so not a bishy.

I want the dark tower like whoa. I can get all 4 volumes, hardcover for like...$60 on Amazon. DO WANT. Bert had girl hair.

AND I got like every movie in the world to watch :3
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wtf I didn't get new icons when my journal payment went through D:

I feel deeply betrayed.

I've been reading tons on comics lately. Like....academic reading, not the actual comics (though I have been doing that as well since Kate was like "Here, borrow my Dave McKean collection!"). We got this set of AWESOME comic book books at Borders last weekend, and then while researching more to get, I realized I had this big stock hold of books Alex had loaned me last time he came out here, which needless to say, are being added to the fae X library of awesome. It has me so pumped for both the project I'm doing now, and the fae X stuff we're starting. We're gonna have a meeting to try to plot out a one volume thing so I can be like "Oh hai Warren Ellis pimp this plz?" or whatever.


I am feeling really pumped. Art is just gelling so much lately, I am like...over flowing with creative juices. Which is a kinda gross term when you think about it. I blame Art and Fear and On Writing, which both were like "Stop whining and do shit." which was awesome.

I also have too much Supernatural on the mind. I can blame this entirely on Sarah. But I think I should get a "Yay you're not a dillhole!" award for not plowing through the two seasons I have at home. And not making a plowing joke. Ohhhh how I want to. I also dig that I already have a 'supernatural' tag utterly unrelated to the show.

And something in the computer lab smells like cabbage. I feel like there is some Harry Potter reference I'm entirely missing due to that.

I'm really hypre and don't wanna go to class. D:

Also, the Office of International Studies is intimidating. I wanna find out about going a summer in Berlin, and how well you can coordinate to go in groups. Berlin=Art+GERMAN, hence Berlin=AWESOME. GANZ TOLL~!!!!
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So I'm working on some fae X art for cons, particularly a set of Lelouch/Kamui and Suzaku/Sayoran pics that will go together.

And it involves swords.

And I'm looking at the thumbnails after I have drawn it going "Well if that isn't the most damn Freudian thing I've seen in my life." I don't think I could have made it more suggestive if I tried. Which I will be when I make the actual piece, of course.

[ profile] galenhiril is relevant to your intrest.

[ profile] wastedbytime I picked up Human Services Advising sheets for you make me give them to you when you get home, AND I redesigned Lucy and Stephan for Glass, I like Lucy a lot, but you should tell me how you feel about Keanu ReevesStephan.

Ju would love it tho.


School today is dragging, but sans my various tests I need to wrap up I feel generally on top of things. I got a 78% on my Art History test, which considering I had no book and half the notes is pretty damn good.

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