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Is anyone here in the Chicago area who could put up me and 2 or 3 friends in late May? I'm not sure if it'll happen, but we are trying to get a table at Acen. Or if you wanna split a hotel and there aren' many in your group that splitting it with 3-4 people will make for crazy times.

We are generally good house guests BUT we can be contained messy (In other word, if you have a guest room or something, our mess won't leave our guest room/our area, and we clean up after our selves but we have to get to the con pretty early in the morning so there's usually a little bit of suitcase explosion during the convention) and we are not always quiet...but we are polite, and fun, and DO clean up after our selves, and would love to visit outside of the con once work is over.
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We're watching Star Gate while Bev is digging out my corset:

Mom: There's T'ealc!
Bev: The black one?
Mom:...what?! Yes!
Bev:...the black corset?

Also, this convention things we're a bigger deal then we are. I have a photoshot. Like...people paying them to take photos with me.

I dunno man.

But I feel bads that we just have our left overs from Wasabi.

But I will be dressed as a Zombie if anyone wants to join me. A half assed one, but...
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I caught up on buying a bunch of comics at Starfest. I got the Rising Son variant cover one (Which is "John Winchester is covered in bitches"), about 10 Dark Tower comics (None of the complete runs though. I ALMOST have all of The Fall of Gilead, but I'm missing 5 of 6, and the one I found was $20. And the guy was willing to give me 40% off, but....that's still over $10 for one issue), and most of all of Umbrella Academy, which Alex had given me volume 1 of forever ago. And part of an Angel (X-men not Buddy) series that had awesome art. All for like...$15

Being around all the comic stuff was a bit hard cause of all the memories, and missing Alex, but mostly kept it together.

I also spent too much on the bits of Supernatural merchandise I could find.

And our costumes generally rocked, although if anyone recognized us in our Supernatural one they didn't say anything. Some guy was like "AWESOME!" to Lucifer, but we weren't sure if that was cause she looked cool or cause she was Lucifer. We also cracked up a lot when, at lunch, Sarah (Who was Castiel) was scarfing hamburgers all over.

We also decided next time we were just going to straight up be girly versions. Cause none of us looked masculine at all. At all. And then at least we can look sexy. And we're gonna make Bev be girly!Ash. Next year I know they're trying to get Misha Collins to come.

And possibly at Mile High con but were gonna be girly!Gunslingers (Me and Ju are sorta gonna aim for being Roland and Bert, but generally we're just gonna be hot, sorta steam punky-y cowgirls) And were gonna do at some point Oceanic Stewardesses. Like sexy 60's stewardesses.

And we went to I didn't get to a ton of panels. Garette Wang was hilarious. Summer Glau was sweet, but didn't catch my attention. The Buffy Sing along BLEW because the people running also decided to get in front of the screen. And act it out. Badly.

And I got to hang out with all my lovely girls. We were all like...a perfect personality mix in the hotel room. Even the little bits of drama were dealt with...quickly and easily. I'm still kinda getting use to the idea that something going wrong at a convention doesn't mean a 3 hour screaming match. And I saw a ton of people I adore at the con.

It was just, generally, a really good con.
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We're wandering around last night at like...3 am looking for free alcoholaq party not full of the kind of sleezy guys who think cons=free range. Every room party we had went to Smelled like feetwe got...mobbed by like...10 drunk men as soon as we walked in.

And Syd was like "I think I heard there was a party on the 11th floor."

So we wander up to the 11th floor, and party. So we're wandering the halls in our belly dancer/gypsy costumes, and this pretty woman comes running up to us with a bottle of vodka pretty much bigger then her and is like "OH MY GOD THIS IS PERFECT STAND RIGHT THERE!~"

And she turned to the pair of doors, knocks on them at the same time. And in unison, the doors open and Garret Wang and Christopher Judge</a? were standing there. The girl was pretty much just like "Look! I found you pretties!" And they were amused, and Garrett Wang took our pictures and video taped us. And we were all just like :O And. It. Was. AWESOME. More con later.
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Con was awesome. wise, friends wise, events wise, everything wise. We had sweet ass con mates (Which was sorta a worry as we hadn't meet most of them) and plans for hotel already, plans for costumes already (Gender bent TTGL and Tsubasa/XXXholic. Alex's man Yoko is gonna be frigging sweet) and I now have a backpack with a stiched on butt hole.

Cause you know, I've always needed one of those.

(It's one of those...plush character backpack, btw. Not just like...a butthole on a backpack)

And we made the most money we've ever made \o/

And just.


More coherent post later, gonna go curl up with the other survivors here before getting Ju back to boulder.

And my icon describes WAY more of the con then it really ever should.
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We won honorable mention in the art show. I'm not sure for what (Or just for...everything as a whole?) but was cool. We made about $160, though I think we might have made more if we'd just set them out at Lisa's table. Maybe not thought, we only sold one print there.

I got a $85 corset for $25, and Bev and Ju got free ones> mine is red on one sides, and like...grey ish green on the other (Lisa's are all fully reversible)

AND I SAW A SCENE FROM 9 \o/ It was awesome and intense, and we were the first people to see it. (If you haven't seen the 9 preview watch it now)

We decided, if 9 is good, we're gonna try to do those costumes for the costume contest (No one has any particular costume picked out, sans Ju who wants the one eyes one)

Speaking of costumes, my AX line up has moved, as I think our Akatsuki robes will be done by then. So now it's:

Naruto, Kotetsu, Pirate!Tsunade, and....Pirate!(?)Madara/Tobi (Me and Ju decided to do Tobi and Zetsu, and pass Itachi and Kisame over to Sarah and Bev) Annnnd IDK when I'm going to do my Tsunade costume.(Holli is taking some really nice picture of me in it. Even though I realize I'm not pleased with the new coat)

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