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My phone shattered today when I got out of the car for lunch. I'm am pretty sure I would not have glass on the front of it if it were not all taped together with the screen protector.


Glad it is insured.

Some pic spam, for good measure: New Kitten, Sailor Moon cosplay, and art )
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AJ looks like Katie from Paranormal Activity. Not in "HOMG your features are just like her" way but in that way where people can similar, and you know, factually, their facial features don't really match up, but when you look at them you're like "Well, hell. Yep."

Anyway, we were kicking around going to see a movie last night, because I lost my wallet (Itr's found I just can't get it till monday So clubbing was out. And that conversation about her looking like Katie had come up twice.

And Paranormal Activity 2 came up as an option.

And we are costume badasses.

One pair of boxers and a tank top covered in various red liquids later, we have a perfect Katie.

We went to the late night showing, and at the end had her run out to the front and stand their, vacantly, where you couldn't get out unless you passed her.

If you have seen that movie, think of the ending. Then think of opening the door to that.

Result were as hilariously awesome as expected.

And A-1 steak sauce will now always be Micha juice to me.
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Costumes! We got REALLY awesome pictures!

A rundown of people and costumes found within:

Disney Princesses: Snow White is Sarah, Belle is AJ (Sarah's sister), Esmeralda is Linda (AJ's roommate), Aurora is Laurel (Sarah's classmate), Cinderella is Bev, and I'm Ariel~!

Genderbent!Tsubasa/XXXolic: Sayoran is Sarah, Kurogane is AJ, White Mokona is Laurel, Black Makona is Bev, Watanuki is Kiona (Who is not a Disney princess no matter how much I wanted to make him one) and I'm Fai. And my eye patch is flipped, I know.

I know you, I walked with you once upon a dreeeeam~! )

Go on then, there are other worlds then these )
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...some asked why there were Disney Princesses at the Kingdom Hearts Photoshoot.

I'll have legit picspam later when Sarah gets pictures up, but there's a picture of us, and a random really gorgeous Sakura (Who isn't done justice in the picture). We got about a million and a half pictures taken as Disney Princesses, and a dair amount taken in our femme!Tsubasa, and we got AWESOME femme!Tsubasa of our own (Including me high-jacking the swimming pool and a lot of misuse of blood colored lipgloss and left over spaghetti sauce. Which I will never really look at the same way again.

Saw a lot of friends, had a lot of fun, and got my interest in anime re sparked a bit by some things that looked intresting from the AMVs that I wanna look into.
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And suddenly I am excited about cosplay!

My white Chinese dress for girl!Fai D Flourite was not here as of the weekend, so I went into "Assume this will not get here" mode. Dug out my robes from Martial arts, got some trim, and handed the whole thing over to Rose, who was super excited. I can't imagine what I'll be getting tomorrow will be anything but awesome. My eye patch and wig look great together to, and we have a girl!Sayoran ([ profile] briteskies) and a girl!Kuro-pi~ ([ profile] kabloowy), and I know Sarah's looks awesome, and AJ was never done anything but impressed me, cosplay wise. So I think we'll look kickass. And Bev and Sarah's friend Laurel are going to be cute, girly Mokona's (Black and white)

And after getting all that together, my Chinese dress came yesterday.....but it was also like...a size 12. Despite being listed as a size 22 (And NOT a Chinese size 22. I double triple checked)

Annnnnnnnnnd then Sarah got her more realistic Snow White costume together. And pulled together a Aurora one for Laurel. And I was like kjghdkjdgsfsfk ME TO and we're all sitting in Boulder and were like "WTF yes." and went and made me a pretty much awesome version of Ariel's blue "About the town" dress. Sarah made magic with a blue sheet, and we found a perfect wigs, and it just came together perfectly and is a costume I've wanted to do forever. And Bev's going to do Cinderella, and maybe my prince~!

SO I'm really happy cosplay wise!
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So I'm sitting here in giant petticoats and half a giant pink princess dress watching Constantine and rping genderbent Supernatural while working on the short Firestar comic.

I feel like this weirdly summarizes my life.

I know I haven't been posting a lot lately, but life has been Otakon prep. The Anthology (Which we still don't have a name for) is about 75% done, and I think were gonna be ok on it. But there's also Chibwees, other art, posters and sdhgfdkgkjdsjgfkhds Plus my Lottie costume which is 90% my mom, but I have to stand around in petticoats getting fitted a lot.

But yeah.

Not much.
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Holy cow

I wanted to say something witty about feminism, and Disney, and Disney princesses, but really, the anti-feminist statement in that are just...mind blowing. I hear the term slutshaming thrown around a lot, but I don't think I have ever seen such a clear example of what exactly it is.

All this make me want to do is my Lottie costume. So I can adjust my giant, sparkling pink tits all the time.

You know, like she does canonly. In the Disney movie. Which is clearly only for innocent children.

Maybe I will get one of these people to faint from the ~scandal~!

Some more seriouse thought on it. )

And, while I'm at Fandom Wank instead of German homework:

A really cool blog about why Fanfiction is good! It's mainly focused on "Offical" Fanfic such as West Side Story (And AU of Romeo and Juliet), retellings of the Jesus story, Wicked, both of the new Version of Alice and Wonderland, etc.

ALSO SARAH: The Star Trek Strange New Worlds anthologies, which are explicitly fanfic contests restricted to amateur authors. I feel that's a relevant one for you too look up.
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I caught up on buying a bunch of comics at Starfest. I got the Rising Son variant cover one (Which is "John Winchester is covered in bitches"), about 10 Dark Tower comics (None of the complete runs though. I ALMOST have all of The Fall of Gilead, but I'm missing 5 of 6, and the one I found was $20. And the guy was willing to give me 40% off, but....that's still over $10 for one issue), and most of all of Umbrella Academy, which Alex had given me volume 1 of forever ago. And part of an Angel (X-men not Buddy) series that had awesome art. All for like...$15

Being around all the comic stuff was a bit hard cause of all the memories, and missing Alex, but mostly kept it together.

I also spent too much on the bits of Supernatural merchandise I could find.

And our costumes generally rocked, although if anyone recognized us in our Supernatural one they didn't say anything. Some guy was like "AWESOME!" to Lucifer, but we weren't sure if that was cause she looked cool or cause she was Lucifer. We also cracked up a lot when, at lunch, Sarah (Who was Castiel) was scarfing hamburgers all over.

We also decided next time we were just going to straight up be girly versions. Cause none of us looked masculine at all. At all. And then at least we can look sexy. And we're gonna make Bev be girly!Ash. Next year I know they're trying to get Misha Collins to come.

And possibly at Mile High con but were gonna be girly!Gunslingers (Me and Ju are sorta gonna aim for being Roland and Bert, but generally we're just gonna be hot, sorta steam punky-y cowgirls) And were gonna do at some point Oceanic Stewardesses. Like sexy 60's stewardesses.

And we went to I didn't get to a ton of panels. Garette Wang was hilarious. Summer Glau was sweet, but didn't catch my attention. The Buffy Sing along BLEW because the people running also decided to get in front of the screen. And act it out. Badly.

And I got to hang out with all my lovely girls. We were all like...a perfect personality mix in the hotel room. Even the little bits of drama were dealt with...quickly and easily. I'm still kinda getting use to the idea that something going wrong at a convention doesn't mean a 3 hour screaming match. And I saw a ton of people I adore at the con.

It was just, generally, a really good con.
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Cosplay meme stolen off Deviantart~!

Dress me up and play pretend )
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Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 20 | A hobby of yours

So it was hard figuring out something that counted as a hobby (And wasn't rp or reading which I feel has been talked enough about)


So my VERY first cosplay was the little mermaid. When I was like...4. I made my mom buy and paint real sea shells.

My first anime cosplay was a SWEET ASS Sailor Moon costumes I did in 7th grade. It was SO awesome. The next year was Princess Serenity (Which was also pretty sweet)

It wasn't until I was in high School that I learned what Cosplay was. My first "Official" cosplay was Quatre Winner from Gundam Wing, and was pretty sweet, all things considered. Like I didn't know wtf I was doing.

I have done some really cool cosplays, and some really crappy cosplays, and some REALLY crappy cosplays. I have started to aim towards the "perfecting a few" as oppose to the "doing as many as freaking possible."

And I generally aim towards as much realism as possible, designing things for how they'd look in real life, as oppose to exactly mimicking the source. The right kind of fabrics, accessories, etc. I get a lot of things from thrift stores, piece things together with real articles of clothing whenever I can.
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I was gonna make this private, but I realized this is sorta like...a pictoral representation of my summer.

EXCEPT Ju did not in fact have any of the AX pics uploaded like she said last night, so it's not complete (And I may be dragging her back up here to print more off tomorrow, cause I really want those for my art project.

How I spent my Summer Vacation by Terra Hanson, Age 23. )
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I have a whole bunch of these to post, but I really love this one:


I know, utter tool as I have yet to read it, but it is sitting on my bed. And really, who hasn't run into Death in some medium of another

Also, ttly with Ju. Supernatural is like crack.

And also, I really random like bad character chanting silly but nasty things. Like "I killed Sirius Black~!" or "My daddy shot your daddy in the head~!"
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SO the Graveyard Book party was sweet. We got Bev to come along, get her mind off things. And we were the only people in costume, but also, according to the owner/manager "Made the party" by doing a such (I was the Grey Lady, Ju was Silas, Syd was jklshksdjhf SUPER CUTE BOD, and Bev was Mrs. Lepescu.) Considering all the costumes were made today, they rocked.

AND the main activity was like...a version of zombie tag where two "hunters" started at the front of the store with nerf guns (Which, btw have gotten freaking INTENSE AND AWESOME.) and had to get to the back while shooting zombies and not getting tocuhed by them.

Me and Ju were the only ones who made it, so the owner let us pick out two Neil Gaiman books. As we have ALMOST everything he's written, we started in on Sandman.

It was awesome.

I'll post pics when they upload them.

I doubt we'll win though, it was a little (if awesome) party.
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Con was awesome. wise, friends wise, events wise, everything wise. We had sweet ass con mates (Which was sorta a worry as we hadn't meet most of them) and plans for hotel already, plans for costumes already (Gender bent TTGL and Tsubasa/XXXholic. Alex's man Yoko is gonna be frigging sweet) and I now have a backpack with a stiched on butt hole.

Cause you know, I've always needed one of those.

(It's one of those...plush character backpack, btw. Not just like...a butthole on a backpack)

And we made the most money we've ever made \o/

And just.


More coherent post later, gonna go curl up with the other survivors here before getting Ju back to boulder.

And my icon describes WAY more of the con then it really ever should.
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OMG. Like. Prettiest animation, most amazing visual, a little on the short side, and like...although you didn't NEED to know it for anything, there was more about the plot I wanted to know/see but it was SO good.

I bawled. And FUCK some of those things were fucking terrifying. AND THE TWINS WERE SO CUTE. OMG. I would ttly wanna rp them, and still might try to figure it out, but they talk only to each other, and only in blinks and clicks. BUT SO CUTE.

Just...go see it. It really was amazing. Oh man.

And uhm...should I get my shirt together to be Sexy Madara, or just throw on some Bendi and be sexy Pain? I think it's obviouse who I love more...but I have crazy wild flaming red/orange hair.
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A slide show of me and Ju's cosplays (Sai, Tsunade, Good omens, and Reno)

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So a bit of a fast summary since I'm on dial-up (D:)

We won the Masquerade Ball costume contest, so got to go on stage curing the BIG costume contest (And IMO might have had a chance there as well) and generally got a billion pictures taken of us i9n our Akatsuki corsets (If anyone here is up on fansviews or or anything, you should post them here for me if you find them)

I also got plenty of picture in my Naruto costume, which made me super happy since like...there were 896986 Narutos. And I found a super fabulous Naruto tail buddy (We both had fox tails) but I didn't get his info. Sad day.

Our pirates were fun to, but Sunday between getting out of the hotel and getting out of artist alley, I was at the con about 5 minutes.

AND I MISS SARAH ALREADY D: She had to go home Sunday for her final.

There were a lot of cool people, but I was sad cause...IDK the Artist Alley, people felt like customers not other fans. There were too many, and they were doing so Like...IDK. I did not get as much time to like...greet people and such as I would have liked. But our buddies in AA were cool, and we made a good chunk of money, and learned a lot (bright colors on display, and people at bigger cons wanna buy pre-made things, not commission shit. Which was nice cause me and Ju made a lot selling art, and don't have a ton of work to do). Some people from Viz came and gushed over our stuff and took our card, and we traded Gert prints with the colorist from Runaways (Christina Strain) AND bitched about Gert chub with her.

I got lots of awesome swag, mostly wearing things. A cool pair of little foam wings (Me and Ju are gonna flip our corsets and do girly Kamui and Fuuma, so we bought wings for it), a Shinra Staff t-shirt, we got a set of these really cool Kingdom Heart T-shirts made like...sports t-shirt? has a big 8 on the back with Axel, and Oraganization certfied clothing on the front. Is cool. An anbu mask, a fox hat, a fox tail (That I realized was real after I bought it D:. It makes me super sad it's real, and I'm not sure what to do about it, but it's already bought), and a cute pair of orange and blue foxxy ears from Kiona :3 I tried to find TTGL to buy because it came up unreasonably a lot this con, and I figured that was a sign from god, but it was like $80 for the whole set. And I didn't spend too much \o/

And Mana totally grooved on Bev's spidery corset outfit. They ended up in the elevator together, and he whispered to his translator to tell her.

And I think this is already super teal deer so ♥
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We won honorable mention in the art show. I'm not sure for what (Or just for...everything as a whole?) but was cool. We made about $160, though I think we might have made more if we'd just set them out at Lisa's table. Maybe not thought, we only sold one print there.

I got a $85 corset for $25, and Bev and Ju got free ones> mine is red on one sides, and like...grey ish green on the other (Lisa's are all fully reversible)

AND I SAW A SCENE FROM 9 \o/ It was awesome and intense, and we were the first people to see it. (If you haven't seen the 9 preview watch it now)

We decided, if 9 is good, we're gonna try to do those costumes for the costume contest (No one has any particular costume picked out, sans Ju who wants the one eyes one)

Speaking of costumes, my AX line up has moved, as I think our Akatsuki robes will be done by then. So now it's:

Naruto, Kotetsu, Pirate!Tsunade, and....Pirate!(?)Madara/Tobi (Me and Ju decided to do Tobi and Zetsu, and pass Itachi and Kisame over to Sarah and Bev) Annnnd IDK when I'm going to do my Tsunade costume.(Holli is taking some really nice picture of me in it. Even though I realize I'm not pleased with the new coat)

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