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third tattoo achieved.


I wanna add more, but roses and guns makes the most sense and...I am not a rose and gun tattoo kinda girl.

Done by AJ @ Electric Crayon in Denver
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Javier Bardem to play Roland in the Dark Tower.

Not my favorite choice, but he works. I hope they can give him believable blue eyes though.
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...I just made a journal and uploaded icons for a Randal Flagg/Walter O'Dim RP journal. And I'd really love to play him. But IDK if I have the time/energy....

(But my journal name is [ profile] between18and20 which makes me a lot of happy.)

And while we're on things that make me happy, picture of me being a PINK SPARKLY PRINCESS.

AKA My Lottie Costume )
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So "The Dark Tower" was the number 1 trending topic on yahoo, which is always a wonderful way to start my weekend.

And reading why I'm pretty mind blown and impressed by how their approaching it. There's going to be a movie...continue in a season of a TV show...which is continued in a movie...then a prequel season of TV show...then the last movie.

Like it's a brilliant way to do it, I'm just sorta floored they got the green light for it.



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I had this dream Disney made a Supernatural made for TV movie. Except the only Supernatural character were Eddie Dean and Susannah Dean* who were both hip, young teenagers. Susannah of course had legs, as well, no wheel chair.

*It didn't occur to me till I woke up that these are not, in fact, Supernatural characters.

And it involved Power ranger like costumes/armor suits that may or may not have combined into a giant mecha. And then they killed off Susannah, and I was SO pissed they killed off the best female character on Supernatural (The Disney, made for TV movie version, at least)

I was so mad I spent the rest of the dream angrily blogging about it.



Anyhow, art was awesome. Yoga was awesome Even if Svetlana sounds like Misha Collins character from CSI.</s< I'm pleased with this semester so far.
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So I super shouldn't buuuuuut I just bought this.

It was the cheapest one I found that looked like real bone without looking like a plaster cast. And this is a fandom I'm not ever gonna find merchandise from. And I need it for a costume. And...ok, I'm done justifying.

I've been spending a lot of time on which put artist and rip off side by side (Which is actually where the bird skull necklace was shown, although it was deemed not a rip off) It's interesting seeing all these things. And like....10% of the ripped off art in the world is Banksy.

My first pride day was...interesting. Cool enough I'd go back but not like kjasgfkajsf AMAZING either. The people I was with were fun, but it did bug me the idea that gay=adult themes are a ok even on Family day. About 98% of everything was things I think were...maybe risque but not beyond the pale, especially for the event (As far as I'm concerned if you're open minded enough to bring your kids to Pridefest, some men making out in hot pants isn't much of a worry), but like...I know if I brought my 9 year old I would not have been happy having dildos waved around.

It just seemed weird that they specified a family day and a not family day, and then didn't seem to follow it. I generally either saw adults, or babies, and I think that is a lot of why (cause a baby...meh. They won't get or remember anything. Boobs are still food for them). There's a day to go nuts and be all out, and it seemed disrespectful to....not keep your super sexed up stuff for that day, and let Saturday be for gay families to enjoy without having to worry about a sudden penis attack.
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Holy gay Crowl-Wait, that doesn't fit at all.

jgdsfkjdksjgsjgakj-Not Spoiler free Supernatural post. )

When you see this message, post in your journal with your favorite Season 5 SPN quote.

Buenos dias, bitches.


I'm not sure if that would be my all time favorite if I sat there and went through episode by episode, but it popped into mind and I panicked.

We're watching Kingdom Hospital. Otto has a new context now, what with him being Death and all last week. I'm still assdfaadsa over all the 19 and Nozz-o-la references.

AND my finals went well, and my teacher was like "Don't worry about it." about my paper being two week late (CASUEHE'SAWESOME) . And then Stephen King hashed my groove by having an angsty as shit death in the Dark Tower.

And I went to talk to UCD. Pretty much what it comes down to is I need to talk to CU and see if a BA in drawing from UCD (better school, also sorta their sister school) is worth more then a BFA in drawing from Metro (better degree).

AND TONI BROUGHT ME BACK THE RISING SON COMIC FROM GERMANY IN GERMAN. I still only have issues one AKA John Winchester gets English atm, but I'm going to work at translating it.

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You’ve somehow acquired a magical dimension-splicing conversion van and are planning an epic cross-country road trip with your friends and fandom. First, pick ten travel buddies from anywhere -- real life, fiction, OCs, celebrities, whatever. Then answer these questions to see how cracktastic your adventure turns out to be.

I did all peeps I rp. Ju said to.

1. Dean (Supernatural)
2. Reno (Final Fantasy)
3. Eddie (Dark Tower)
4. De (Genderbent!Supernatural)
5. Crowley (Good Omens)
6. Naruto (Harry
7. Madara (Naruto)
8. Sirius (Harry Potter)
9. Sophie Hatter (Howl's Moving Castle)
10. Axel (Kingdom Hearts)

Road tripping with my nine favorite allies. )

ALSO Baby Sam and Dean> With computer. IDK shut up:

Ju:: Dean!
Me: what sammy?
Ju: What are you dooooooooooing?
Ju: Wait what?
Ju: What?
Ju: What are you doing?
Ju: You can't look at that!
Me: sure can
Me: It's just morgan freeman, geeze
Ju: NO you can't!
Ju: What?
Ju: No
Ju: Not that
Ju: That's not porn
Ju: Is it?
Ju: That's not what that means!
Ju: Okay.
Ju: Well you're not supposed to look at porn!
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I just read the most fucked up Harry Potter reference ever.

I also just finished The Dark Tower: The Wolves of Calla.

Those two may or may not be related.


Anyway. We went to the hot springs yesterday. It was soooo nice. And me and Ju mud wrestled while Sarah splashed mun on us, and it was awesome. And might ttly be on youtube, because some random people filmed it. They were awesome. And possibly high. But then again this was like...hippyville, so I'm betting more then a few people were probably high.

We also got [ profile] table_chan caught up on all the relevant bits of Supernatural in like...4 days, for the new episode last night. Which was pretty fucking sadgood, but kjashgfkjsahf next week.

It has been an awesome week. But also, I have gotten jack shit done. /horrible student
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I'm working on some Dark Tower fanart and holy cow, that was not what I expected them to look like.

ALSO. Me and Ju name all our rps after songs. And were doing an rp using Dean Smith and Sam Wesson. And so we used lyrics from "Well Respected man" by the Kinks.

So our rp is called "And he likes his fags the best."

Because. You know.

So me and my mom were talking about my fight with Alex, and her fight with Sylvia, and I was saying that I'm sad that there have been things I just wanna send Alex, in good humor cause I think he'd enjoy them, but I wouldn't know how to make sure they came across as jokes, not bitchy (or weird), and there was no way to do that.

Mom: No, when Sylvia got breast cancer right after me, I really wanted to send her a farside comic that was like a man saying 'lightning never strikes twice!" as a meteor comes rushing at him....but I felt there was a high chance that might be misread as bitchy.
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Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 11 | A photo of you taken recentlyPhotobucket

I got to see my Toni Toni ♥

And and and

In front of the Deathnote manga at B+N, someone had left an apple. It was awesome.

Also, the X-men manga is a pure example of why comic fans hate manga. X-men=/=reverse Harem anime. Kurt=/=Reno (Although I love them both). Magneto is so not a bishy.

I want the dark tower like whoa. I can get all 4 volumes, hardcover for like...$60 on Amazon. DO WANT. Bert had girl hair.

AND I got like every movie in the world to watch :3
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The Last Ever Lone Gunman-Snow Patrol
Fire on the Mountain- Rob Thomas (I honestly think this song might have been written about this series)
Break on Through-The Doors
Somebody to Love-Jefferson Airplane
Hey Jude-Beatles
Careless Love- (I ttly found a version on youtube, completely unrelated, by Odetta XD)
Violet Hill-Coldplay
Paint it Black-The Rolling Stones
Knight of Cydonia-Muse
Someone Saved My Life Tonigh-Elton John
Somewhere over the rainbow-Judy Garland (I'd prefer a slower, eerier version)
Paint it black-rolling stones
Behind blue eyes-The who

And it should probably have the ZZTop song from Lud Which is sorta fucked up, but you know. I wanna find more that fit Susannah, Eddie, Jake, etc, but as I just read Wizard and glass I am like "Roland! Bert! Susan!"

And I feel like "I'll make a man out of you." would be weirdly appropriate. And Susannah would win.

I'm sad. Cause there is Linkin park that fits. but Linkin Park=/=Roland. Ever.
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I am watching Sherlock Homes at Sarah's. Completely and utterly legally. Of course. Except I want to rewatch it cause I have not been entirely paying attention, and we're stopping for Supernatural as soon as the girls get back.

Also, I just spent $130 on bras D: but I got two new regular ones and a long line strapless one so...\o/

And 60 days to return them, if necessary.

Also the Dark Tower was just very D:

Oy! Ake!

Dec. 7th, 2009 03:46 pm
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My ears hurt weirdly. Like...not like "OH GOD I MESSED THEM UP." but also apperently they are made of tissue paper and not like...manly. Like Sarah's ears.

Also, Sarah makes me a sheep. She says "Put this in your face." and I do. I hope she never tries to kill me. :3

Also this thing about the Dark Tower and Lost has me wanting to absorb both right now so I can read it. And also go off hiatus at [ profile] a_trialbyfire but neeeh finals. But it makes me so happy that they said Walt and his dog are like Jake and Oy cause I love Oy a lot. And Jake a lot.

Heh. Speaking of which. It's a good thing I have done well thus far in Art History cause...let me tell you of about 15 piece we had to recognize, I knew maybe...3 artist? And stabbed in the dark at titles, dates, and styles. BUT her tests are very knowledge centric ( matters a lot more that you can talk about the cultural context of Chicago's Dinner Party then that you can remember the year it was made) so I should be ok. I have a high C, and high B, and a mid B as my other grades in that class so everything will be AWESOME.

And this song is hot as shit. And I'm trying to draw art to it. And failing.

I REALLY like the Bravery. I blame the Killers for being late to this train.
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a) I have gauged my ears. I have no idea if/when I'll ever go bigger, but they are gauged at 14.

b) Lost. I am trying hard not to spoil myself and NOT doing well. I didn't do anything but look up an actress on IMBD...and notice the episode count she was in. Opps. But also, yes Cherie, WTF polar bear.

Also, we were discussing how redonkulously similar Charlie's scene on the plane was to Eddie's in the Dark Tower. Like "This is this scene filmed." similar. An then I remember JJ Abrams was suppose to make the Dark Tower and loves those books.

So I'm gonna go out on a limb and say MAYBE that was a nod to the Dark tower.


But as I don't wanna spoil myself on either, I can't really...poke around.

Also, I'm wary of the ARG of this because Cloverfield is STILL DOA. But oh god I love ARGs D: I am trying to figure out like everything. Right now.

AND I'm being very dumb and not taking Ju back till late, even though it's snowing like a mo-fo.

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