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How are the kids?

No I haven't been updating much and I'm sorry. Lately I have been:

-finishing this semester of school.
-rereading the Hunger Games, playing at [community profile] thegames, nursing a giant crush on Josh Hutcherson, generally being a big Hunger Games fan. I never reread books. Like...ever. I consider it general a waste in a world with so many books I want to read. Sometimes I'll reread parts, rarely I'll reread whole books if it's been years. I totally turned around and reread these suckers as soon as I was done with them.
-loving the avengers, like everyone else.
-doing SHIT TONS of fae x stuff. Denver Comic Con is in a few weeks, and we have #1 of helion and forteanaville done and a sketch book. Plus chibwees soon.
-also helping with 2 of my BFFs Paul and Amanda's wedding, which I am a bridesmaid for.
-reading the new dark tower book, Wind Through the Keyhole. Very good and a good place to start if you wanna try out the Dark Tower but aren't sure about committing to 7 books.
-watching be and sarah plays a lot of mass effect
-being social again and seeing all my lovelies.

So there's that.
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Do you want some of our chibwees? Cause we have stock left over.

They are $8 a piece for on, $7 for 2+, and S+H is $5 (For 1-3)

Here is who we have left, in a somewhat organized but not entierly order:
Sally Finkelstein
Johnny Bravo
Doctor 11
Mokona (Black and white: $4 a piece)
Dexter and Deedee (Set pair)
Freya/Dark Chii
Sailor Mars
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Venus
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Uranus
Sailor Saturn
Sailor Pluto
Sailor Chibimoon
Draco Malfoy
Harry Potter
Ron Weasley
Hermoine Granger
Fred & Geroge Weasley (Set pair)
Captain America
Iron Man
Death (Sandman)
Ed Elric
Al Elric
Any mutant ninja turtle that is not Michealangelo
Freddy Kreuger
Jason Vorhees

Here are pictures. We don't have everyone in the pictures, so check the list first*:

Chibwees wobble. And also fall down. But they are cute and easy to set back up. )

*Want someone in a picture? Or someone we haven't made? E-mail about chibwee commissions. Prices will be the same.

Also, if you are interested in buying any prints, cards, book marks, buttons or anything like that, comment here. I can't cut deals with the chibwees but I sure can with all of this.
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We'll be posting a few pages over the next few weeks, and then settle into a Tuesday update.

idle hands

Mar. 26th, 2011 05:41 pm
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What the quotes are for.
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Is anyone here in the Chicago area who could put up me and 2 or 3 friends in late May? I'm not sure if it'll happen, but we are trying to get a table at Acen. Or if you wanna split a hotel and there aren' many in your group that splitting it with 3-4 people will make for crazy times.

We are generally good house guests BUT we can be contained messy (In other word, if you have a guest room or something, our mess won't leave our guest room/our area, and we clean up after our selves but we have to get to the con pretty early in the morning so there's usually a little bit of suitcase explosion during the convention) and we are not always quiet...but we are polite, and fun, and DO clean up after our selves, and would love to visit outside of the con once work is over.
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 Ju: The zombie just feel....I dunno. Wrong?
Te: Cause you don't like Zombies?
Ju: I like zombies well enough. Where they should be. On the other end of my sights.

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Today has generally sucked...but I'm with my girls.

And I had given up on hearing back from A-fest in Texas....only to find out we got a table there!

So it hasn't entirely sucked :3

But yeah. Forgot everything when going to school. Got a unfairly shitty grade on my art paper. (not just shitty, but unfairly shitty. Deserving shitty is one thing, but...if 8 out of 10 people fail the's not the 8 people's fault), AND I found out my 10 page paper that I thought was due NEXT Thursday...was due LAST Thursday.

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We're watching Star Gate while Bev is digging out my corset:

Mom: There's T'ealc!
Bev: The black one?
Mom:...what?! Yes!
Bev:...the black corset?

Also, this convention things we're a bigger deal then we are. I have a photoshot. Like...people paying them to take photos with me.

I dunno man.

But I feel bads that we just have our left overs from Wasabi.

But I will be dressed as a Zombie if anyone wants to join me. A half assed one, but...
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HOLY FUCK SHARK VS SQUID!!!!111!!11!one!!!

So we were working of Firestar stuff, which will hopefully have a new name soon cause Sarah rattled of like 18 awesome ones.

And we realized that the two females in it were Sammy and Ruby sorta.

And then we realized the girl in it's old companion series was De.

I can promise these were made LONG before we were in Supernatural. And possibly in some cases before supernatural existed.
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Wasabi prep is 95% done~!


There's still some details here and there to take care of, but if we showed up with what's done now, I'd feel fine with things.

That was pretty much my weekend. Good weekend, but busy getting all that done. AND WE'RE ALMOST DONE WITH SEASON 2 OF LOST~!

Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 22 | A website



Way too much.
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Getting in con mode now for Anime Wasabi. Which is in one month. I don't generally like the term FML feels appropriate now.

Got some skinny jeans. Which./..I have always wanted. I spent too much on them but oh god skinny jeans ♥ I don't normally get to have like...fashionable skinny new clothes, it's stuff cobbled together from Savers, so even though I spent too much money (And I will not admit to how much I spent on a pair of jeans, damn you torrid) they make me feel super hot.

And I spent this weekend catching Syd up on Supernatural with Syd (Obviously), Sarah and my babies. And then cuddled with my babies a lot.

It was generally a really good pre-school weekend.

Except the damn con. D:
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The crab and egg quiche I ate is not sitting well. And given those ingredients, I'm a bit worried.

I'm on book 3 of the Dark Tower, and I officially love Eddie. And also, Jake. I wanna like...take care of him. I am, in general, super enjoying it. The first book was...blah, but now I'm past it I am like \o/

SOMEONE IN THIS LAB HAS A COW KEYCHAIN IT JUST WENT OFF. It's super not mine cause it's at home.

I often wonder about computer labs. Who in here is writing/reading fan fiction? Posting to their LJ? Doing something that we should be bonding (or bitch fighting) over. I'd love to see two people wanking all over each other in some comm turn around and realize the person they'd just posts a string on insults sitting right behind them.

I started doing new sheets of Chibi's for buttons/sticker at fae X and I'm pretty much in love with all of them thus far. Except the two Chii's. Fluffy lolita does not fit my chibi blob style.

I also have sucked balls at writing, but have been enjoying doing it anyway (In RPs and my little notebook of fanfiction that no one will ever read) I was rereading a bit from a writing prompt from Stephen King and think I might finish it, but it has no way not to end sad.

AND I get to watch my first new episode of Supernatural tomorrow in....5 years I guess. (Two episodes shy of 5 years exactly. actually.)
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wtf I didn't get new icons when my journal payment went through D:

I feel deeply betrayed.

I've been reading tons on comics lately. Like....academic reading, not the actual comics (though I have been doing that as well since Kate was like "Here, borrow my Dave McKean collection!"). We got this set of AWESOME comic book books at Borders last weekend, and then while researching more to get, I realized I had this big stock hold of books Alex had loaned me last time he came out here, which needless to say, are being added to the fae X library of awesome. It has me so pumped for both the project I'm doing now, and the fae X stuff we're starting. We're gonna have a meeting to try to plot out a one volume thing so I can be like "Oh hai Warren Ellis pimp this plz?" or whatever.


I am feeling really pumped. Art is just gelling so much lately, I am like...over flowing with creative juices. Which is a kinda gross term when you think about it. I blame Art and Fear and On Writing, which both were like "Stop whining and do shit." which was awesome.

I also have too much Supernatural on the mind. I can blame this entirely on Sarah. But I think I should get a "Yay you're not a dillhole!" award for not plowing through the two seasons I have at home. And not making a plowing joke. Ohhhh how I want to. I also dig that I already have a 'supernatural' tag utterly unrelated to the show.

And something in the computer lab smells like cabbage. I feel like there is some Harry Potter reference I'm entirely missing due to that.

I'm really hypre and don't wanna go to class. D:

Also, the Office of International Studies is intimidating. I wanna find out about going a summer in Berlin, and how well you can coordinate to go in groups. Berlin=Art+GERMAN, hence Berlin=AWESOME. GANZ TOLL~!!!!
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So I'm working on some fae X art for cons, particularly a set of Lelouch/Kamui and Suzaku/Sayoran pics that will go together.

And it involves swords.

And I'm looking at the thumbnails after I have drawn it going "Well if that isn't the most damn Freudian thing I've seen in my life." I don't think I could have made it more suggestive if I tried. Which I will be when I make the actual piece, of course.

[ profile] galenhiril is relevant to your intrest.

[ profile] wastedbytime I picked up Human Services Advising sheets for you make me give them to you when you get home, AND I redesigned Lucy and Stephan for Glass, I like Lucy a lot, but you should tell me how you feel about Keanu ReevesStephan.

Ju would love it tho.


School today is dragging, but sans my various tests I need to wrap up I feel generally on top of things. I got a 78% on my Art History test, which considering I had no book and half the notes is pretty damn good.
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Con was awesome. wise, friends wise, events wise, everything wise. We had sweet ass con mates (Which was sorta a worry as we hadn't meet most of them) and plans for hotel already, plans for costumes already (Gender bent TTGL and Tsubasa/XXXholic. Alex's man Yoko is gonna be frigging sweet) and I now have a backpack with a stiched on butt hole.

Cause you know, I've always needed one of those.

(It's one of those...plush character backpack, btw. Not just like...a butthole on a backpack)

And we made the most money we've ever made \o/

And just.


More coherent post later, gonna go curl up with the other survivors here before getting Ju back to boulder.

And my icon describes WAY more of the con then it really ever should.
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So a bit of a fast summary since I'm on dial-up (D:)

We won the Masquerade Ball costume contest, so got to go on stage curing the BIG costume contest (And IMO might have had a chance there as well) and generally got a billion pictures taken of us i9n our Akatsuki corsets (If anyone here is up on fansviews or or anything, you should post them here for me if you find them)

I also got plenty of picture in my Naruto costume, which made me super happy since like...there were 896986 Narutos. And I found a super fabulous Naruto tail buddy (We both had fox tails) but I didn't get his info. Sad day.

Our pirates were fun to, but Sunday between getting out of the hotel and getting out of artist alley, I was at the con about 5 minutes.

AND I MISS SARAH ALREADY D: She had to go home Sunday for her final.

There were a lot of cool people, but I was sad cause...IDK the Artist Alley, people felt like customers not other fans. There were too many, and they were doing so Like...IDK. I did not get as much time to like...greet people and such as I would have liked. But our buddies in AA were cool, and we made a good chunk of money, and learned a lot (bright colors on display, and people at bigger cons wanna buy pre-made things, not commission shit. Which was nice cause me and Ju made a lot selling art, and don't have a ton of work to do). Some people from Viz came and gushed over our stuff and took our card, and we traded Gert prints with the colorist from Runaways (Christina Strain) AND bitched about Gert chub with her.

I got lots of awesome swag, mostly wearing things. A cool pair of little foam wings (Me and Ju are gonna flip our corsets and do girly Kamui and Fuuma, so we bought wings for it), a Shinra Staff t-shirt, we got a set of these really cool Kingdom Heart T-shirts made like...sports t-shirt? has a big 8 on the back with Axel, and Oraganization certfied clothing on the front. Is cool. An anbu mask, a fox hat, a fox tail (That I realized was real after I bought it D:. It makes me super sad it's real, and I'm not sure what to do about it, but it's already bought), and a cute pair of orange and blue foxxy ears from Kiona :3 I tried to find TTGL to buy because it came up unreasonably a lot this con, and I figured that was a sign from god, but it was like $80 for the whole set. And I didn't spend too much \o/

And Mana totally grooved on Bev's spidery corset outfit. They ended up in the elevator together, and he whispered to his translator to tell her.

And I think this is already super teal deer so ♥
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Terra just finished penciling two complete doujinshi (the first ones I've done since lossing the last one at AX two years ago)

One was a Naruto/Sasuke one based on the valleyof end (If you couldn't tell by my last post) by [ profile] do_nott_trust and one was an Akuroku one by [ profile] wastedbytime


I will post samples up here, and they will be for sale (IDK if together or apart)

And I have a geass one by [ profile] wasted_by_timem a deathnote one by [ profile] do_nott_trust, and a Tsubasa and Cardcaptor Sakura one by [ profile] galenheril

And I wanna do them all right now cause I'm super motivated but also somewhat out of my mind with exhuastion...

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A) \o/

Yes it looks like balls now and only the first page is done.



Bev: I think the only thing they could do to mess up the remake is to make Pyramid Head too sexy.
Me: ...what?
Bev: Like...just make him to sexy in apperence.
Me:...WHAT remake?
Bev...oh. Yes.

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Ok, our company makes art. And these chibwees (That is our Light(s))

For my research, let's pretend you like them, and have the $8 for the Chibwees and the $5-$10 for prints:



Our AIM is anime cons, but like...we made Jokers ones last year that sold like hot cakes. Pretty much I need help getting MY fandom blinders off, and figuring out what OTHER people want (I.e. I want Naruto, Clamp, Etc and like..I don't even know which Bleach character, for example to START with)

(For reference, all our Naruto bases are covered)


I wish I knew a way to make it epic meme but I doubt people would care enough.

EDIT: Don't hesitate mentioning something someone else has. In fact, please do.

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