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And I am now caught up on Glee.



I have also watched X-men first class twice now, once with Be and Sarah, once with the formed + my Toni Toni. We also all spent the day at the People's Fair, and wandering the 16th street mall. It was just an awesome weekend.

AND! We are starting a fae X webcomic soon.

Generally, life is good ♥
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So Alex flew up for Texxy's graduation party.

We haven't seen each other face to face since our big blow out and it was jlahsdfgdfsjh awesome. Wonderful.

Like family was home.

And Tex's graduation was pretty awesome too. Thing were bittersweet, and the whole week was very emotional, but it was also very wonderful.
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Ok, so I know like...X-files being like...Supernatural is like "oooh~...duh."

But also.

"Don't you ever want to just....get out of this car? Have a real life? A normal life?"

Just sayin'.

I have not gotten near enough of my homework done. And there have been some awesome amazing parts of this weekend's been a downer, overall.

A good friend who I wanted to be a better friend is leaving, and several things came up brain keeps dwelling on. And they weren' they're stupid things to get hung up on, old things that are done, mind just keeps twisting them around.

Oh lord. Ah well.
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I almost hit something by Bluff Lake. It was either a fucking huge rabbit...or a tiny deer. I think the rabbit, but holy hell.

Boulder is on fire, and we went up into the mountains to see it. It was...a weird moment. Because it was so beautiful, but you knew that it was also destroying homes, and doing horrible things.

I also meet some of Ju and Rose's friends. They were cool, and the guys grandpa was amazing, and had had art in the Met, and been in WW2 and was showing me all his awesome art, and war photos, and his studio and jksgfkdjs. Plus he was the top Professor of Fine Art at CU Boulder for forever (He's 93) so if I can get a letter of recommendation from him for Grad school....they better let me in.

And I think listening to me singing show tunes in the car would be a ridiculously amusing thing.
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So this is my report of the trip. Mainly in picture. However, this is a small sampling of the 529 picture available, and Ju is a wonderful photographer of places, so if you're interested in more pics, lemme know.

Image heavy but awesome. In this post is us traveling the US, me facing my greats fear, and my leet pigeon catching skills.

Road tripping with my 2 favorite allies, fully load we've got snack and supplies... )
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Had this really cool art meeting thing today. Like...oh man I sound so cheesy art student had good energy, I dunno...

And then I went and had lunch at gunther toody's with [ profile] fifth11, [ profile] germany2germany, [ profile] blushingdolphin and [ profile] akkhima and that was also awesome. Our poor waiter.

And now I'm attempting to watch the Mist. It is really good. BUT ALSO OH HELL WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT.


Sarah, I dunno how you handled this movie.

But that old woman is fucking awesome.

And the Thinny....looked exactly how I imagined. Which...I feel would be a really hard thing to fuck up.
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So something that just struck me as weird about people who say Cattle Mutilation are wild wild animal carefully eats the organs, and avoids the muscle?

That's just weird.

Anyway, the thanksgiving party was awesome, but I ended up spilling a not Colorado Bulldog all over my keyboard. My mom though we had put away like...7 bottles of hard liquor (We went and grabbed alcohol from Bev's house so the big kids could have a few drinks, and so got a lot of "We have this bottle with half an inch at the bottom, here." and my mom though we had gone and bought new bottles.)

It's an...amusing? Sad? Statement that my mom thought we were super drunk, and I'd say barely any of us were even tipsy. We're just that ridiculous.

And we played Apples to Apples for like...2 hours IC. IC board games are possibly the greatest things ever.

And I cried when we were doing our "Thanks" a few times.

AND Sarah enjoyed her birthday present, we made her a Supernatural Bath set (So it had salt, and "holy water", and "Holy oil", and a Charm bag thing, and an upside Cas FBI Badge. And everything was Musk scented. Which gives me a valid excuse to use this icon.)

And Toni was not able to come, but I got to see her Friday which made me super happy cause I miss her.

...and now I need to go get my ass working on Homework.
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I was gonna make this private, but I realized this is sorta like...a pictoral representation of my summer.

EXCEPT Ju did not in fact have any of the AX pics uploaded like she said last night, so it's not complete (And I may be dragging her back up here to print more off tomorrow, cause I really want those for my art project.

How I spent my Summer Vacation by Terra Hanson, Age 23. )
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My mom's best friend's other best friend husband passed, so my mom has been supporting Sharon a lot so Sharon can support her friend. Cloud had just made a post about how your significant other shouldn't be your best friend just so you had this kind of support system. It's sound logic. I think being in a triad, I do manage to find the one loop hole, but it's an interesting thing to ponder on.

We were also discussing (Ju and me this time) the mentality that both of us ran into this summer that friends can put your through anything and have no consequences. Amanda tried to patch things up with her at least twice, and although Alex didn't try that, I know when he started that fight he didn't mean it to be the end (He said as much bluntly) but there seemed to be some belief that he could say and do anything, and I'd deal. And I'd bet money in that circle I get shit for not "Trying enough" or something. I know Amanda tried to pull that on Ju.

It's weird to me, and I'm someone who fully endorses talking shit about people you love. You can't ignore that friendships aren't all sparkles and sunshine, but you can't go the other way to down right abusive either.

Kiona's gonna post a list of rules for arguing from her sexuality class, and I really wanna see them. Shiiit I miss her.

And I'm suppose to call her. Hehe

Before I go, have a gorgeous video with a gorgeous song:

This is the part of the concert I cried during.
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[ profile] gabbygabe you have no made it so I have to keep my icons at an acceptable amounjt of awesom :3

I realized how NOT a girly-girl I am this week. Which is interesting as me and Cloud have been having like...talks about gender/what makes gender, etc. But in hanging with Steph and Shea I just realized...I felt like a man hanging out with them. Not in a bad way, hanging out with them was actually fun, just...very different. I don't know, I don't tend, I actually think I'm gender androgounous, but I kinda slide around so I have super girly days, and super guyish days, but nothing to any extreme, but I don't think any of my friends back home are super girly girls either, so I had forgotten how to be around 'em.

I actually, for being so anti-social lately, have been in a lot of different social situations. Which is really good, because it's pretty much exactly what my therapist has told me to do. Work on rebuilding my support. Even not with everyone forever, but there are many people I've been feeling much closer to, and I've made a few new friends, which I don't think I've done sans Cloud since first joining OA.

I dunno, it feels good. I'm feeling more balanced lately by leaps and bounds. I still wanna go in and get a medical evaluation (Because going "Oh, everything's better, no need to worry about it now!" when I'm not in the middle of it, especially with the possibility of it being bi-polarism, seems overwhelmingly not smart.)

AND. I have the money for California generally taken care of :D Happy day~

The 70's version of JC Superstar is so overwhelmingly chill. Likely due to the fact everyone involved with making it was likely high as a kite.
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I'm thinking of switching my goal form being a High School art teacher to a college art teacher. I KNOW I'd enjoy it more. I'm just worried about doing a "Fine art major" because that's so...fluff. ANd that I'd have to make a name for myself as a fine artist to get a job. I don't doubt I CAN, but IDK how I feel about it. Plus, I'd be able to skip the education classes. And with the tattoo thing I have a back up to make cash in the bits inbetween.

Also, I have been AWOL due to mid-terms.


Plus, I hate the feeling that people are not telling me how they feel about me, that they're just being nice to me to my face. and I REALLY hate that it makes me think (I know 100% unfairly) that NICE people who really DON'T have anything bad to say are just "not telling me" (Not telling me something that's not there, I logically know)

I would love to be able to read minds because I think that every one thinks the worst of me, so nothing horrible could be revealed, and then I could relax and know who to really trust. I have so many wonderful people I'm so greatful for, but I've had so many phonies, particularly online, that I stand more guarded then I'd ever wanna be.

I slso need to buy myself a year with 100 icons :D You guys got me addicted.

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