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Ricky Martin's GAY?!

I, for one, am shocked.


I just registered for Otakon, and for my panel. [ profile] table_chan is safe at the airport.

The airport makes me unreasonably sad, I have realized. I don't think it's going to go away like I was hoping. Granted, it's never really fun to drop off loved ones, which is half of what you do at the airport, especially when you're never sure when you're going to see them again.

But it makes me miss my Alex like crazy. A lot of things have been reminding me of him lately, and IDK why. If it's cause I had an internet friend visiting from out of town (Though I'm pretty sure Kiona and Alex could not be more different) or what. And IDK if more things have been coming up to make me miss him, or if I've been noticing them for some reason more the last few days.

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We are watching Speed Racer, and got to the part where Spridle opened the door and like...screams and slams the door in Inspector Detector and Racer X*'s face.

Bev: That's how Sawyer reacts, too.
Me: Well if he opened the door and Jack* was standing there in leather bondage gear, I think that would be a pretty legitimate reaction...

*Both played by Matthew Fox.
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I am about to do Richard Simmon Tone up on Broadway workout.

I feel like this may be the gayest thing I've done in my life.

(I also keep hearing Joan Cusack yelling in my head.)
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Why does Bravo have so many hair styling shows?!


I don't want to go to school tomorrow.

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I think I just saw the gayest incestous not gay thing I've ever seen in my life.

And I think that's saying something.


edit: ...we also watched 43 episodes of Supernatural this week. And we have watched 75 total


BUT. Soon we will be caught up and then we can go to Sarah's on Thursday night and have Supernatural parties for the new episode~!
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A href="">And people wonder why fangirls assume some characters past the canon ones are probably gay.

That doesn't even reach low level estimates of gay (none the less bi)
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Bruce is doing...well, he's doing. He's sleeping in my mom's room, and he's responding when we come in, and affectionate and stuff. He generally hasn't been pucking too much which is a very good sign.

And the F!S about prop 8 REALLY got under my skin. But the replies went far to restore the lost faith in humanity. And this website about where the bible spoke POSITIVE about homosexuality felt good.

And Matthew 7:21-7:23 are my new arguments against anyone being a religions bigot. It's pretty much god saying "Don't judge people, if you judge them I don't want you."

Also, Extra's by Scott Westerfeld is turning out awesome. It's the lastest book in the Uglies series. I don't think I could imagine a better way of capturing what life would be like if we lived on the internet. And I'm pretty sure it has aliens.
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So. About Prop 8, and 102 and all the bullshit, and our that failed last year (?)etc, and why even though it makes me sad I'm not crushed:

Because it shows how far we've come that this is even UP for votes. And yeah. It didn't win. THIS time.

But things like this don't happen over night. Someday. Hopefully soon.

That's my light at the end of the tunnel anyway.
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I need more sleep. And to go to work. And if you're wtfing me here, Clay Aiken snd Lindsay Lohan just came out of the closet.
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On a player to player basis, I would like to state that making your character GAY, generally, is not something that automatically makes them OOC.

Ok, to avoid as much wank as possible, first this is a general rant. There are character that are so painfully straight it IS OOC for them to simply be gay. (Or at least close enough you shouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole unless you have things REALLY worked out and are a REALLY good rper. For example, from what I know of say...Tony Stark, that'd take some damn good character development...)

And this is not related to people who make their characters gay and suddenly they're wanting to play dress up with the closest females, have no problem being super effeminate, and talk with sparkles.

And I also get that what bothers a lot of people is just the general AMOUNT of gay, because it's obviously WAY off from reality. Yeah, fictions usually way off the other way, but RP has more then meet over compensation. But the single rper alone is not responsible for all the gay out there, and it's kinda shitty to call them a bad rper for everyone else rping sins.

But being gay, period, for most characters doesn't not equate OOC alone. Sorry to break it to you but gay (and bi) comes in all shapes and sizes, and being gay doesn't always make you a flouncing pansy (and on the flip side, being a flouncing pansy doesn't alway make you gay. See: Howl Pendragon) I've seen gay men who remind me more of Wolverine then Northstar. Indian Jones then Speed Racer. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

And if the rper is worth anything, unless you want to get in their characters pants, it really shouldn't matter. Friends, enemies....all rping doesn't have to be about romance (And this is from someone who's favorite thing to rp is romance)

I'm not saying people can't make characters gay AND OOC. And I'm more then willing to admit that a lot of times the two do go hand and hand (or, perhaps, gay is just so common and OOC are just so common they over lap enough), but please stop with the assumption that gay=OOC by default. (For most characters)

And I'm trying to decided about posting this to BRPS...

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