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How are the kids?

No I haven't been updating much and I'm sorry. Lately I have been:

-finishing this semester of school.
-rereading the Hunger Games, playing at [community profile] thegames, nursing a giant crush on Josh Hutcherson, generally being a big Hunger Games fan. I never reread books. Like...ever. I consider it general a waste in a world with so many books I want to read. Sometimes I'll reread parts, rarely I'll reread whole books if it's been years. I totally turned around and reread these suckers as soon as I was done with them.
-loving the avengers, like everyone else.
-doing SHIT TONS of fae x stuff. Denver Comic Con is in a few weeks, and we have #1 of helion and forteanaville done and a sketch book. Plus chibwees soon.
-also helping with 2 of my BFFs Paul and Amanda's wedding, which I am a bridesmaid for.
-reading the new dark tower book, Wind Through the Keyhole. Very good and a good place to start if you wanna try out the Dark Tower but aren't sure about committing to 7 books.
-watching be and sarah plays a lot of mass effect
-being social again and seeing all my lovelies.

So there's that.

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