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Oh also.

Pengwinfeary: Look. Ok. Sample one and two are from like...1998
Pengwinfeary: that shit was fine in 1998
Pengwinfeary: so was face glitter
Pengwinfeary: and many other things we don't think about
Pengwinfeary: and if he starts listening to the spice girls and wearing lace up platform sandals, we are done
Pengwinfeary: because that fucker doesn't need to be any taller
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Me: I didn't wanna commit to a light source...and then I shaded it.
It just...doesn't look like you have a light source.
I do! The TV!
...I just didn't do it right.

This art jam has been a phenomenal success.

In wasting time.

I have one over lay drawn. Of like...6. And it's not inked. And I fucked up the inking.

And it's 3:20 in the morning.

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Me: Well, then he wouldn't have had to buy a hooker, huh?
Ju: rent hookers.
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so... wait
those two guys arent gay in canon?
XD no, they're brothers.
this has drastically altered my understanding of everything
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jvklcxjfkldsa XD
thought you'd enjoy that
beat by a chicken
tsk tsk tsk
it's baby sasuke give him a break :< lol
(...I think that's my inner Tsunade. Or Kakashi. Because my inner Naruto is laughing too hard to speak. You may be the victor just because he chokes on his own laughter)
(LOL my inner sasuke says that even if he can't beat a chicken, all that matters is that he can beat naruto. which means Naruto's weaker than a chicken)
...well played, sir.
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So, in the Oz books (As in, Wizard of Oz) there ids a magical princess who get turned into a little boy to be hidden away.

So it's this 10 year old boy who finds out he's actually a magical fairy princess.

And the various movies have dealt with it differently. One swapped out the boy for a girl at the end. One made her trapped in mirror, not as a boy.

Then there's this:


That little boy HATES YOU ALL.
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No seriously, wtf is wrong with people.

To clarify, I have no issue with fandom names. If you have not heard how AWESOME I think my male Star Trek/LotR hybrid name would have been, you have not been around me long.

However, you know what I would have had to answer to at roll?


Not Legolas, Spock, or Han Solo. You also should not give your child a name that will be torture to them for the rest of their lives.

Though my mom legitimately had to talk my dad down from Luke Skywalker.

And I hope no one is trying to pass that off as a religious name. No, I really don't think you gave a shit about the Angel of Thursday 4 years ago.
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Dr. von Doom*: Go back to the old country.
Bev: I'm from the old country.
Ju: ....Arkansas is not the old country.

*We're watching the Fantastic 4. He's not like...chillin with us.
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Bev: Have you ever noticed you ability to look like Stich?
Me: .....what?
Bev: ....sound. Not...look. 

I don't, for the record, think I ever sound like Stich. Unfortunately. D:

I feel like the website is a terrifying typo waiting to happen
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Mom: The new karate that Will Smith's little girl?
Me: Boy.
Mom: Well, her last name's Smith, and her mom's Jade...
Bev and me: It's a BOY.
Mom:...oh no D:

I don't think I have ever seen a D: face so perfectly IRL. She thought the twist was that the Karate Kid was a girl. We didn't break it to her that twist was already done, too.
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I stole this from [ profile] opticalnerve. I wanna watch Mean Girls now.

This is what I should always wake up to.

Kitty is doing well. We figured out the right combination of formula and cat food for him, and he has suuuuuuper mellowed out.

And I may or may not have accidentally called him Jimmy about 5 times now.
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inkyumbrella: ...what is
pengwinfaery: not something you ever wanna look at
pengwinfaery: like I don't know what EXACTLY it is
pengwinfaery: but it's like 2 girls 1 cup somehow
inkyumbrella:'s an old man orgy.
inkyumbrella: Actually.
pengwinfaery: I am crying I am laughing so hard right now
inkyumbrella: Shut up.
penguinfaery: (Lost-Sawyer-"BITCHES TAKE MY PIE.)
Bev: You poke me with one finger. I poke you with my whole fist.
Me: I'm pretty sure at that point that's called punching me.
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Me: Frank just died. I think in the Mall of America.
Mom: Since that's in Minnesota, and they're not, probably not.
Me: Well it's a big damn mall.
Mom: * Indescribable mumbling* big damn mall.
Me: Did you just say "YOUR a big damn mall."
Mom: Your moms a big damn mall.

I love my mom.

We spent too much money this week. But we also now have all of Supernatural, the first two seasons of Lost, and season 2 of the Boondocks. Yay Target.

I'm really drained and tired. I have not finished my homework. And I have missed most of the Day after Tomorrow.
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Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 24 | Whatever tickles your fancy

So I found this in [ profile] drive_mah_car, my art/writing journal which everyone should friend, so I'm posting it here:

Crowley: Azriphale.
Azriphale: Yes?
Crowley: Is it working?
Azriphale: I, uh, I believe so?
Azriphale: Is it supposed to be doing this?
Crowley: Yes
Azriphale: Then I'd think it's safe to assume it's working.
Crowley: good.
Azriphale: That should be capitalized, really.
Crowley: should it
Azriphale: ...Yes.
Azriphale: It should.
Crowley: thats nice
Azriphale: Crowley, I know you can write. Type. Correctly.
Crowley: but doin it this way is easier rite
Azriphale: No, it isn't! You use this godforsaken machine exponentially more than I do, you have to be able to type better than I can!
Crowley: y
Azriphale: Excuse me?
Crowley: y
Azriphale: Crowley, I haven't the faintest idea why you're typing the letter 'y' at me.
Crowley: ....say it
Azriphale: ...All right? I've said it? I know how to pronounce it!
Crowley: why
Azriphale: ...Oh.
Azriphale: I see, now.
Azriphale: ...That is appalling laziness, you know that, right?
Crowley: Sloth?
Azriphale: Oh. Yes.
Crowley: ^^
Azriphale: What does that one mean?
Crowley: it's like...a face...sort of
Azriphale: What do you mean, it's a face?
Crowley: like the eyes
Crowley: A sort of smile.
Azriphale: I...will take your word for it.
Crowley: Like
Crowley: ^_^
Azriphale: a space between them now?
Crowley: it's a mouth
Azriphale: I still don't think I understand. But alright.
Crowley: You lack creativity
Azriphale: You lack punctuation.
Crowley: touche
Azriphale: So, what did you want to talk about? That required these methods?
Crowley: IDK
Crowley: just wanted to talk
Azriphale: IDK?
Crowley: I don't know
Azriphale: You don't know what?
Azriphale: This is the least conducive to communicating form of communication...ever.
Crowley: We could be texting
Azriphale: What is texting?
Crowley: sending messages on cell phones
Azriphale: Aren't cell phones for speaking to one another? What kind of messages?
Crowley: like...I'll show you nect time we meet up
Azriphale: I...alright.
Azriphale: You know I don't have a cell phone, right?
Crowley: ...really?
Crowley: I shouldn't be surprised
Azriphale: Why would I need one?
Crowley: You need one to survive
Azriphale: I..actually seem to be doing reasonably well without one?
Crowley: You're not
Azriphale: How am I not?!
Crowley: You're not
Azriphale: ...
Crowley: ur not

Crowley is me, Azriphale is [ profile] blushingdolphin, and I'm pretty sure we just did this utterly unplanned and spontaneously.
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Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 23 | A YouTube video

So, I'm sure everyone has seen Power Thirst (And if you haven't WTF ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?!)

BUT Power thirst is from a whole comedy group called Picnic Face. And they hav a LOT of amusing shit on their account. And this one is probably my favorite. Maybe even more then Power thirst.

It's awesome. I can't really describe it. WATCH IT.
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Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 09 | A photo you took


It's my pet dinosaur! Feeding time for him~!

Me: Oh there's a call on the other line. Oh, it's just lupus... ((The Lupus charity pick up people))
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So. My Snuggie got attached to Sawyer from Lost somehow. IDK.

Sarah: sawyer would rock the shit out of that snuggy
Me: with his books and his glasses
Sarah: hell yeah
Sarah: drinking something frutty with an umbrella
Sarah: and still
Sarah: people would be like
Sarah: damn
Sarah: that is one manly piece of man
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So me and my mom were discussing how like...there is one person specific slang, and like...area specific slang, but not small group specific slang. And I was telling her my thing about wanting someone to sit in on our group and write down all the group specific slang we don't even know we have.

And simultaneously we were both: "Like Yoga."

I really enjoy the appropriateness of this icon. A lot.
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Ju: You should have to have a backbone to have a penis. I think that goes for humans as well.

It makes me so happy I have SUCH a perfect icon for this...

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