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So me and Oreo and Ella were gonna do a Lost PSL.

And then it became a community.

And you should probably come play with us. As long as you don't wanna play Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Juliet, or Shannon.

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Watched the end of Lost.


But it was really good.

Just made me cry a lot. Alot. A whole lot.

But I enjoyed. Alot.
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It's 5:30 am.

We just finished watching 11 episodes of Lost.

We're almost done though \o/

And I got art done. And leisure art done. Well, leisure doodles. Not leisure art till commissions are done.
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A Femme!Dean Winchester fan-mix for anyone interested We had a fan mix meme in BN, and I got really into it.

And we made delicious foods, but I still feel icky. And made it to season 6 of Lost :D (We were like...on a roll...and then hit a Lost road block.) And I am amused that, apparently in the contract making part of his career, Fred Lehne (Azazel, Kate's babysitter), is like "Ok, but if this shit makes it to season 6, I get to be in the season premier. I don't care what strings you have to pull, it's happening."

And I feel I have nothing to talk about lately.

So I will rant about Supernatural misuse of skinwalkers. )
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So I Hate Kate was awesome.

We were feet away from them. And it was just pretty awesome.

I got their new CD. They are also now "Darling Thieves" cause Kate sued. Which I'm sure made everyone so much more fond of her.

demotivational posters PREVIOUSLY
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We are making a list of geek drinks. Here is what we have so far:


Yellow eye Cooler-Absolute Mandarin, Lemonade, touch of whiskey
Mary on fire- Spicy bloody mary
Colt shot- Cointreau-Orange Juice-Limon-Tequila
Demon's Blood- Chaborad, grenadine, cranberry juice, cherry brandy
Refreshing Coke- Rum and Coke
Azazelnut coffee: Frangelica, Kahlua, Coffee (Optional)
Staring into the sun-
Cherry pie (Freudian gay incestuous strip tease)- Cherry brandy, dicorno

Fisch?-Gin and Sake
Sex in a polar bear cage- Sex on the beach with Hypnotiq instead of Midori
Smoke monster (TSK TSK TSK)- Vodka, and seven up, that you pour blackberry liqueur into

Mal- Dr. pepper and Captain morgan's
Inevitable Betrayal- Something, something, something, and Jeggarmesiter


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You know what's AWESOME to find while cleaning?


Oh yeeeeeah just saved myself like $100 Assuming the prescription isn't too out of date, which I have no way to test atm.

ALSO. A GQ with a Matthew Fox article that I sure didn't care much about when I bought the article. Strangely enough the graphic on the page after the article is Speed Racer oriented XD


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We are watching Speed Racer, and got to the part where Spridle opened the door and like...screams and slams the door in Inspector Detector and Racer X*'s face.

Bev: That's how Sawyer reacts, too.
Me: Well if he opened the door and Jack* was standing there in leather bondage gear, I think that would be a pretty legitimate reaction...

*Both played by Matthew Fox.
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I thought talking to my dad about Lost would be spoiler free, because, you know, he only watched like the first 7 episodes or something.

But apparently he reads season finale spoilers. And decided to share them with me.


Also, this icon is really intense.
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Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 3 | Favorite Book:

Oh lord this one is SO HARD.

Ok hmmm. My favorite childhood book is Thief of Always by Clive Barker. It's about a 10 year old who's bored out of his mind, and gets taken away to the "Holiday House" which is a super awesome place where it's all the best parts of the year in a day (Beautiful spring morning, Summer afternoon, Halloween evening and Chirstmas night) and it's awesome...until he tries to leave. Since this is Clive barker, that's where shit starts getting fucked up.

I /think/ American Gods by Neil Gaiman is my book. It's about that when people came to American, they brought their gods with them...but with in a few generation no one worshiped those Gods. So all those Gods are stranded and generally powerless, and are aiming to rage war against the NEW god (Credit card, Internet, etc)

AND my favorite series is The Dark Tower. I believe it will be my favorite series even after I finish it. Just read it, it's awesome.

ALSO. Re Supernatural and Lost:

Me: You know what the season finale is gonna about 6 months...
Sarah: Hmm?
Me: In Detroit?
Sarah: Sonofabitch.

Between that conversation, and the amount of people who are like...coming out of withdrawal for Lost, i am SO not sorry I'm late for these trains. And sorta sorry I am going to have summer break for Supernatural. But only sorta.
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So. My Snuggie got attached to Sawyer from Lost somehow. IDK.

Sarah: sawyer would rock the shit out of that snuggy
Me: with his books and his glasses
Sarah: hell yeah
Sarah: drinking something frutty with an umbrella
Sarah: and still
Sarah: people would be like
Sarah: damn
Sarah: that is one manly piece of man
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We finished Lost season 1 last night (And started season 2 today) at 5 AM. By the last episode I was almost to the point where I was starting to like...phase out out of exhaustion but HOMG it as worth it.


I really don't think there is a character I super dislike (Who is like...a character, and not like...part of the flock of asshole fathers or something), even though I have favorites for sure (Charlie and Hurley ♥). And I pretty much ship everything set up to ship (Although the love triangle -> OT3. Hate sex is fun.)

And I'm super excited for me and Cherie's rp~!

Now, as for Supernatural, a spoiler cut:

I would love to have the sex with you. )

Don't even talk to me about Naruto, wtf.

Oy! Ake!

Dec. 7th, 2009 03:46 pm
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My ears hurt weirdly. Like...not like "OH GOD I MESSED THEM UP." but also apperently they are made of tissue paper and not like...manly. Like Sarah's ears.

Also, Sarah makes me a sheep. She says "Put this in your face." and I do. I hope she never tries to kill me. :3

Also this thing about the Dark Tower and Lost has me wanting to absorb both right now so I can read it. And also go off hiatus at [ profile] a_trialbyfire but neeeh finals. But it makes me so happy that they said Walt and his dog are like Jake and Oy cause I love Oy a lot. And Jake a lot.

Heh. Speaking of which. It's a good thing I have done well thus far in Art History cause...let me tell you of about 15 piece we had to recognize, I knew maybe...3 artist? And stabbed in the dark at titles, dates, and styles. BUT her tests are very knowledge centric ( matters a lot more that you can talk about the cultural context of Chicago's Dinner Party then that you can remember the year it was made) so I should be ok. I have a high C, and high B, and a mid B as my other grades in that class so everything will be AWESOME.

And this song is hot as shit. And I'm trying to draw art to it. And failing.

I REALLY like the Bravery. I blame the Killers for being late to this train.
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a) I have gauged my ears. I have no idea if/when I'll ever go bigger, but they are gauged at 14.

b) Lost. I am trying hard not to spoil myself and NOT doing well. I didn't do anything but look up an actress on IMBD...and notice the episode count she was in. Opps. But also, yes Cherie, WTF polar bear.

Also, we were discussing how redonkulously similar Charlie's scene on the plane was to Eddie's in the Dark Tower. Like "This is this scene filmed." similar. An then I remember JJ Abrams was suppose to make the Dark Tower and loves those books.

So I'm gonna go out on a limb and say MAYBE that was a nod to the Dark tower.


But as I don't wanna spoil myself on either, I can't really...poke around.

Also, I'm wary of the ARG of this because Cloverfield is STILL DOA. But oh god I love ARGs D: I am trying to figure out like everything. Right now.

AND I'm being very dumb and not taking Ju back till late, even though it's snowing like a mo-fo.

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