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Monthly meme~!

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I'm skipping the day/week/month/year in great detail. no one wants that shit, and I don't wanna post it. And if you think you want it, you're wrong.

Day 29 | Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days

Getting something published for fae X we can sell. We have 2-3 things that might be prepped for Otakon, and I really want one done.

Getting a good job.

Lossing weight.

Breast reduction.

Having everything together for my art show in the summer.

Other then that, just a lot of working towards goal bigger then this year. Grad School, Germany study abroad, cons, and fun, and spending time with friends, and enjoying life. Besides hiccups here and there, life is generally good right now, and I want it to continue.
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Monthly meme~!

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Day 24 | Whatever tickles your fancy

So I found this in [ profile] drive_mah_car, my art/writing journal which everyone should friend, so I'm posting it here:

Crowley: Azriphale.
Azriphale: Yes?
Crowley: Is it working?
Azriphale: I, uh, I believe so?
Azriphale: Is it supposed to be doing this?
Crowley: Yes
Azriphale: Then I'd think it's safe to assume it's working.
Crowley: good.
Azriphale: That should be capitalized, really.
Crowley: should it
Azriphale: ...Yes.
Azriphale: It should.
Crowley: thats nice
Azriphale: Crowley, I know you can write. Type. Correctly.
Crowley: but doin it this way is easier rite
Azriphale: No, it isn't! You use this godforsaken machine exponentially more than I do, you have to be able to type better than I can!
Crowley: y
Azriphale: Excuse me?
Crowley: y
Azriphale: Crowley, I haven't the faintest idea why you're typing the letter 'y' at me.
Crowley: ....say it
Azriphale: ...All right? I've said it? I know how to pronounce it!
Crowley: why
Azriphale: ...Oh.
Azriphale: I see, now.
Azriphale: ...That is appalling laziness, you know that, right?
Crowley: Sloth?
Azriphale: Oh. Yes.
Crowley: ^^
Azriphale: What does that one mean?
Crowley: it's like...a face...sort of
Azriphale: What do you mean, it's a face?
Crowley: like the eyes
Crowley: A sort of smile.
Azriphale: I...will take your word for it.
Crowley: Like
Crowley: ^_^
Azriphale: a space between them now?
Crowley: it's a mouth
Azriphale: I still don't think I understand. But alright.
Crowley: You lack creativity
Azriphale: You lack punctuation.
Crowley: touche
Azriphale: So, what did you want to talk about? That required these methods?
Crowley: IDK
Crowley: just wanted to talk
Azriphale: IDK?
Crowley: I don't know
Azriphale: You don't know what?
Azriphale: This is the least conducive to communicating form of communication...ever.
Crowley: We could be texting
Azriphale: What is texting?
Crowley: sending messages on cell phones
Azriphale: Aren't cell phones for speaking to one another? What kind of messages?
Crowley: like...I'll show you nect time we meet up
Azriphale: I...alright.
Azriphale: You know I don't have a cell phone, right?
Crowley: ...really?
Crowley: I shouldn't be surprised
Azriphale: Why would I need one?
Crowley: You need one to survive
Azriphale: I..actually seem to be doing reasonably well without one?
Crowley: You're not
Azriphale: How am I not?!
Crowley: You're not
Azriphale: ...
Crowley: ur not

Crowley is me, Azriphale is [ profile] blushingdolphin, and I'm pretty sure we just did this utterly unplanned and spontaneously.
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Monthly meme~!

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Day 23 | A YouTube video

So, I'm sure everyone has seen Power Thirst (And if you haven't WTF ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?!)

BUT Power thirst is from a whole comedy group called Picnic Face. And they hav a LOT of amusing shit on their account. And this one is probably my favorite. Maybe even more then Power thirst.

It's awesome. I can't really describe it. WATCH IT.
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Wasabi prep is 95% done~!


There's still some details here and there to take care of, but if we showed up with what's done now, I'd feel fine with things.

That was pretty much my weekend. Good weekend, but busy getting all that done. AND WE'RE ALMOST DONE WITH SEASON 2 OF LOST~!

Monthly meme~!

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Day 22 | A website



Way too much.
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Monthly meme~!

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Day 21 | A recipe

NO. I don't cook.


Oh fine.

Get sugar cookie mix and one of those BITTY muffin baking pans. Put the cookie dough mix in the little bitty muffin dips. Cook, a little on the undercooked side. Then, pull them out, and SWIFTLY (While they are still soft and malleable)shove a baby Reese peanut butter cup in each ball of cookie. Let them cool.

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Monthly meme~!

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Day 20 | A hobby of yours

So it was hard figuring out something that counted as a hobby (And wasn't rp or reading which I feel has been talked enough about)


So my VERY first cosplay was the little mermaid. When I was like...4. I made my mom buy and paint real sea shells.

My first anime cosplay was a SWEET ASS Sailor Moon costumes I did in 7th grade. It was SO awesome. The next year was Princess Serenity (Which was also pretty sweet)

It wasn't until I was in high School that I learned what Cosplay was. My first "Official" cosplay was Quatre Winner from Gundam Wing, and was pretty sweet, all things considered. Like I didn't know wtf I was doing.

I have done some really cool cosplays, and some really crappy cosplays, and some REALLY crappy cosplays. I have started to aim towards the "perfecting a few" as oppose to the "doing as many as freaking possible."

And I generally aim towards as much realism as possible, designing things for how they'd look in real life, as oppose to exactly mimicking the source. The right kind of fabrics, accessories, etc. I get a lot of things from thrift stores, piece things together with real articles of clothing whenever I can.
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Monthly meme~!

The list )

I'm doing two cause I missed a day, and the tickle your fancy ones sorta are BS anyway:

Day 18 | Whatever tickles your fancy

I will use this to pimp the rp I'm in, [ profile] betenoire_rp

IT IS AWESOME. It's small enough you don't get buried, but plenty active. Everyone is VERY friendly. It says it's a sex rp in the userinfo, but I haven't rped sex once there, and haven't even seen that much rped. It IS on the mature side, but, LJHGDHAG it's just awesome.

I play femme!Dean Winchester. I would love any Supernatural people (Canon Sam, Dean, Cas, or Girl's from my AU, or hell an entirely different AU), and I would love to pick up another character if someone wanted to join with me as somebody. It's super friendly to all genres too, anime and non.

Day 19 | A talent of yours

I can organize shit like whoa. Our friends are a herd of ADD cats and I can generally get plans organized.

Also, I know shit.

Like...I absorb random shit like a sponge. I am an encyclopedia of weird shit. Generally not useful shit, lucky me. But I can tell you everything about Nightcrawler, and I haven't read X-men in years. Roles people played in tv shows. UFO sighting around the world. Fact about Killer Whales (THEY EAT ELK). I dunno if you can have a partially photographic memory, but if so I do. It's not as awesome as true photographic memory, but if you've ever seen me looking up something in a book, I look it up by where it was visually on the page. I just have high absorption/recall rate.

Except, of course, when needing to remember when and what exactly that piece by Picasso was cause I'm in the middle of an art history test.

Yeah, then I got nothin.

Fuck Picasso.

Also, I realized I have a whole nother day to do my homework. Guess who's not doing her homework till tomorrow!

I believe I will laze about, and pretend that whatever half rate hamburger I get for dinner is In and Out burger.
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Monthly meme~!

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Day 17 | An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)

Oh lordy, I could go on about art all day long. Hook me up with a volume of Garner's and we can have some fun times.

I'm going to go with sculpture, because I feel that is something I can't do for shit:

It\'s Nike my fav. statue of all time! Pictures, Images and Photos

This statue of Nike is just so freaking graceful, and beautiful, even headless. The quality of the sculpture from that time period is freaking MINDBLOWING, and I love and admire it so much.

ballerina degas Pictures, Images and Photos

I love Degas art, I love the way he captures the feel of being on stage/backstage so well. And when I was a little girl I wanted to be a prima ballerina SO FUCKING BAD. And then I got tits.

I don't hate modern sculpture, and I'm sure if I racked my brain hard enough something would come to mind that I absolutely adore (Like the foxes at the Art Museum) but so much modern sculpture has been like "OH! Shapes!" and I stopped thinking piles of colored shapes were awesome in about 2nd grade.

AND the car is fixed. it was about $400, and still needs a bit of work from "Our" car guy. But I'm home, with a running car again.

I was also just like "I need an art ico-SPAAAAARTA!!!!!"
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So, our car quit yesterday. So I've been stuck in Boulder.

Including for a German test.

Awesome teacher said we could do makeup, however.

So I assess the damages tomorrow. Buuut I sorta knew this was coming, so it was not out of left field. Or like...I knew my car needed some serious TLC. So had the money whittled away.

Monthly meme~!

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Day 16 | A song that makes you cry (or nearly)

I will follow you into the Dark by Deathcab for Cutie

Hands down. Always. Usually in a good way.

(2nd, 3rd, and probably throughly like 80tyh would be snow patrol songs, including Run, Chasing Cars, and Make this go on forever.)


Feb. 16th, 2010 08:52 pm
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Monthly meme~!

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Day 15 | A fanfic

Ok, so I don't....ok I lie. I didn't read lots of fanfic. But I have TOTALLY been reading Supernatural fanfic.

So. this is a fanfic where Dean gets turned into a female by an angry goddess thing, IDK. But it's REALLY well written. That author I think is one of the best fanfic authors I've read, and definetly her two gender bending ones. This one is particularly good at how a guy would react to being a girl, and is not...played for laughs, or fluff, or random nonsensical porn.

And these are Sam writing drunk letters to Stephen King and are fucking HILARIOUS. OMG. You don't need to have read the books being mocked, just know the general context (I.E. Christine is about a killer car, Cujo is about a rabid dog)

So. There you are.
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Monthly meme~!

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Day 14 | A non-fictional book

Alien Agenda by Jim Marrs:

Some of the stuff is really out there. But if you throw out the stuff that's really out there, you're still left with a whole lot of shit that will make BLOW. YOUR. MIND. /powerthirst

It talks about crop circles, UFO sighting, government far seeing experiments, ancient astronauts. I think sometimes he puts x+y and decided it MUST equal 33, but just reading what x+y is alone is enough. You can ignore a lot of his conclusions, but his evidence is well researched (And fully annotated) and the evidence is what matters more.

It also made me feel so much better about an alien invasion possibility, because by the end he's like "They've been here for awhile, and if they were going to attack, they wouldn't have waited till we had WMD and could blow ourselves up if they tried."
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I figure most people on here I probably so private roleplays with but there it is!

Also, Happy Valentines Day all my lovelies! I meant to do art but....have not really be able to do much of anything sans school and prep for Wasabi.

Monthly meme~!

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Day 13 | A fictional book

I was gonna do Uglies, which is in fact an AWESOME book, but due to the holiday, I'm going to recommend Francesca Lia Block as a whole. Her books are this...surreal, and beautiful, this sorta of....fantasy with out it being a big deal about it being fantasy. Most are set in LA, but her LA is...beautiful. It like she sees LA through this magical lens...everything she sees is correct, but she just makes it gorgeous. My three favorite, that I recommend you check out:

Dangerous Angels/Necklace of Kisses: This is actually...7 books. Dangerous Angels is 6 novella's that you can buy as separate books as well (Weetzie bat being the first), and it's about this girl Weetzie and her best friend Dirk, who she's in love with. Dirk tells her he's gay, and they set out to find their "Ducks". Weetzie gets a genie lamp to rub, and makes a wish that she'll find her "Secret Agent Lover Man" and Dirk will find his "Duck." The whole book is about this family made with love, that's all patch worked together.

Necklace of Kisses is about the fact that, after 9-11, Secret Agent Love Man is horribly depressed, so Weetzie leaves, to find herself, and their love. She stays at this old Hollywood Hotel, and interacts with all the people there who are all is a Mermaid who's been made miserable by the plastic surgery she dealt with to be human, etc. She gathers all their kisses, and they all heal each other.

I made that sound REALLY sappy, but it's actually really good. And if you know me IRL, I have Dangerous Angels

I was a Teenage Fairy: Is about a girl, Barbie, who's mother has forced her into being a childhood model. She had a best friend who is a small fairy named Mab, and you're never sure if Mab is real, or something she made up to help cope. She and another teenage model, who's dealing with the fact he is in love with his best friend (Who is in turn in love with Barbie) are bother working to pieces themselves together.

Ecstasia Is not an urban fantasy. It is straight up fantasy. It's about a band in a world where you live in this paradise party city, Elysium, but the day you start aging, you have to go live "under" which is full of people waiting to die, drugs, and general misery. The drummer in the band, Rafe, has fallen in love with Lily, who is a drug addict going under to escape her misery. Paul, the lead singer, is in love with him, and trying to save him from going under as well. It's really good, a really, REALLY diffrent take on the story of Orpheus.

A real post later maybe.
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Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 12 | Whatever tickles your fancy

I think the tickles your fancy are suppose to relate to the section above. Either way that's what I'm doing now.

[ profile] ryosato just posted this, and it tickles my fancy quiet a bit. and I'm sorry I'm stealing your bandwidth baby.

Now off to work my aaaaaaaass off on chibwees.
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Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 11 | A photo of you taken recentlyPhotobucket

I got to see my Toni Toni ♥

And and and

In front of the Deathnote manga at B+N, someone had left an apple. It was awesome.

Also, the X-men manga is a pure example of why comic fans hate manga. X-men=/=reverse Harem anime. Kurt=/=Reno (Although I love them both). Magneto is so not a bishy.

I want the dark tower like whoa. I can get all 4 volumes, hardcover for like...$60 on Amazon. DO WANT. Bert had girl hair.

AND I got like every movie in the world to watch :3
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Monthly meme~!

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Day 10 | A photo of you taken over ten years ago



I have more I wish i could find, but I don't care enough to look for the meme...
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Monthly meme~!

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Day 09 | A photo you took


It's my pet dinosaur! Feeding time for him~!

Me: Oh there's a call on the other line. Oh, it's just lupus... ((The Lupus charity pick up people))
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Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 08 | A photo that makes you angry/sad

Cause that's something I wanna dwell on.


I...dunno wtf we were doing, except being silly on Christmas.

I had a dream last night that was one of those gut punch "Everything is normal and happy...till you wake up!" type dreams (I mainly remember telling him how gay Dean's dream was). So this is sorta a bittersweet fitting one on the meme today.


I have an art show this summer at the Women's Studies gallery. All me. Possibly all summer.


My comic was accepted to Metro Sphere! And it'll be printed half in color! :DDDD
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Monthly meme~!

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Day 07 | A photo that makes you happy


The Overreaction guy always gets me. Add in Leonidas and the others on Splash Mountain and just...awesome.

And everyone could use this in their life:



I think I'm also gonna do a random ass awesome photospam soon, cause doing this I was like "OMG this one! No wait, OMG THIS ONE!"
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So. it's sorta another day, and IDK when tomorrow/today I'll get online:

Monthly meme~!

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Day 06 | Whatever tickles your fancy:

CLEARLY not everything on here is 100% wells screened fact. But it has a hodge podge of interesting article that go a bit beyond the norm, form things that are strictly paranormal (Ghosts, bigfoot, UFOS), to like...random science discoveries, and just random bits and pieces.


All crop circle are name made by two guys with a board. Not saying they didn't make some. Not saying aliens from space made them (Probably not actually, imo). But there are certain physical characteristic of crop circle, such as them being made with intense heat, and the crops being woven together, and the perfect geometry of them (And I know, blah blah, stings, whatever) that don't have with two guys and a board.

And while I'm at it, animal mutilations? Not wild animals. Once again, not saying it's aliens (In fact I really doubt it's aliens, cause wtf aliens?) but you can't ignore the evidence cause it doesn't fit in with what you want to think.

This has been Terra's 2 am crazy conspiratorial rant.
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Monthly meme~!

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Day 05 | Your favourite quote

Holy fuck I was not looking forward to this.

Ok, my icon is one of my favorite quotes. But out of context I don't think it makes a ton of sense (Although I'm biased because I HAVE the context). Does it?

The second is, and this is not a perfect quote, and I forgot who's quote it IS but:

"No matter what you see, the universe is going exactly as it should."

Which is sorta my mentality. When life is going badly, I just close my eyes and remember that even if *I* can't see it, even if my life gets TOTALLY screwed, the universe is bigger then me. I don't believe God has a plan laid out for every person to be happy, obviously, but I believe on a larger scale existence is meant to go benevolently.

I also have NO idea how large a scale it is. So if we get pulverized tomorrow by a meteor...obviously larger then earth.

AND last is the big huge quote in my userinfo. It's a character I actually pretty thoroughly dislike in American Gods (I don't care enough to hate her, but she struck me as a total trying to hard tool), but the quote I relate to a lot. Go figure.

Also, does anyone know how to access the "My dictionary" on firefox? Cause if not, you will never see me spell exactly right again.

Also, I love "The thief is not sorry he is a thief, but sorry to have been caught."

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