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Dear Transformers: Dark of the Moon preview,

I hate you.

You make me so excited, thinking I'm finally getting to see an Apollo 18 preview.

And then you're just a Tranformers preview. And not even a very interesting one. Don't get me wrong, I'd be very happy if there was never another Transformers movie, ever. But at least the last batch of previews had GIANT ROBOTS EXPLODING IN THE DESERT and such exciting things.

What kind of Micheal Bay preview doesn't have an explosion?

No love,


IN sorta other news. Saw True Grit. It was REALLY good. The ending was a little empty, but still VERY good and totally worth watching. I also think, once again, we were the only group finding humor in it.

But it was just one of those rare movie where everything about it was quality.
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Ok, so I love Aliens. Clearly. And Alien movies. Clearly.

But to get me excited, an alien movie needs to be about aliens coming to earth in an invader alien abduction sorta way. Signs and Close encounter of the third kind, not Aliens or Star Trek I love star trek but in a very different way then I love aliens.

And not only were the movie gods like "Let's give Terra roughly 57 new movies that fit perfectly into what she likes, let's include bonuses!"

A run down:

Skyline: Aliens + Eric Balfour :D

Apollo 18: Alien + Found Footage + Moon Conspiracies!

Battle of LA: Aliens + Found Footage + The Battle of Freaking LA. of the most interesting UFO sightings ever. And one my Nana saw!

Cowboy & aliens: look, this one lays it out in the title. Aliens and FREAKING COWBOYS. And Harrison Ford. And Wash.


Super 8: Aliens + JJ ABARMS



My posts have been really frantic lately, idk why.
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So we went to see Paranormal Activity 2.

I have to say...the first one...didn't impress me. And I wanted it to A LOT. Because I LOVE how subtle it was, how the scary was from what it DIDN'T show, and the subject matter. And if has a lot of things that it ID do well (Subtly and realism for example).

But at the end I was like "...that's it?" It felt badly paced, and like it missed a lot of chance for pushing it more, and it couldn't really figure out what it was doing.

But I heard that the second was better and...I was not disappointed. Holy shit. I actually outright screamed at point, feet up off the ground, nails digging into Ju and Bev's hands, all that. I really, really recommend it.

HOWEVER I also recommend going to a showing that's not...going to be busy. Holy SHIT I have never dealt with so much douchbaggery in a theater (Did you really need to scream "Where is the sister?!" 7 times 7. Really. Really. I don't even know how you got that out 7 times before it was irrelevant)

We actually got free tickets to another movie cause I was just like "...this shit isn't flying." And Harkin's gets like...a billion gold stars for being super cool about it.
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My mom really enjoyed Watchmen. Like...REALLY enjoyed Watchmen.

I figured we'd just watch like 5 minutes so she could see the difference between the make up on Jeffrey Dean Morgan in that and Supernatural. And we ended up watching the whole thing. And she really enjoyed it.

I'm pretty pleased.

We watched 9 too. I ended up watching a LOT of movies this weekend actually. A run through:

4th kind: Blew. Hard. Like....I dunno. I don't believe, hands down in Aline Abduction, but I fell like there's a lot of rich territory there to make an interesting and fascinating movie from...and the 4th kind failed hard at it.

The Forgotten: Was pretty enjoyable, specially after the last movie. It was not...the best movie ever made, but I enjoyed it a lot. Also, Gary Sinise sounds like Castiel.

Drag me to Hell: Was the worst, and possibly the worst I've seen in a long time. Probably the only Sam Raimi thing I've ever not liked. I know it was going for "Camp" but it missed the mark, hit contrived, and tried to reach "Camp" by shoving in every gross thing it could think of. We didn't even bother finishing it.
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Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 2 | Favorite movie:

Will forever and ever and ever be Nightmare before Chirstmas. I feel in love with that movie when it came out when I was 7/8, and got my parents to take me multiple times (Which was a big deal in my family, to go multiple times to a first run movie cause they are so expensive)

Across the Universe and Speed Racer round out my top 3. But NBX is and will probably forever be number one.


A beige trench coat has shown up in my room. I thought it was Sarah's Castiel cosplay coat...but she has that. And although it seemed to big for Sarah, it's way too small for anyone in this house.

It's a touch on the weird side.
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So it always seems weird to me that like....movies are picked apart for their mistakes from canon, and then they hit some level of "good" that no longer becomes an issue.

For example, I'm watching the old The Shining...and's nothing like the book. Same basic plot, yeah, but the character are TOTALLY different in looks, personality...(Well, sans Danny, not much you can do with "Psychic 6 year old"), and all of the little details have been off thus far.

I haven't seen enough yet to decided if I like it as a MOVIE (Tho I'm having the issue I can you become emotionally involved in Jack's descent into madness if he's a nutty asshole the whole time? The whole heartbreak in the book is that you LIKE Jack, and you feel like Jack and Wendy are trying SO hard and just got caught in a situation WAY over their heads. Jack Nicholson is just an asshole...)
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I'm stealing this idea from Galenhiril but I can't font as sexy as her :3

It's a work in progress, I will post it when it's finished, but this is just a start. I'm not doing them nice and Alphabetical like Sarah.


Tokyo Babylon Subaru [♥~ Subaru/Sei ]

X Subaru | Kamui | Seishirou | Fuuma | Karen | Sorata [♥~ Subaru/Kamui/Seishirou/Fuuma, mix at will, Karen/Seichirou]

Naruto Oh Jesus here we go.... These are not really ordered. Iruka | Tsunade | Sai | Kakashi | Jiraiya | Yamato | Orochimaru | Naruto | Itachi | Madara | Zetsu | Haku | Zabuza | Temari | Shikamaru | Naruto | Kisame | Minato | Chouji | Gaara | Rock Lee | Kushina (Thus far) | Shizune | Konohmaru (You know, who I don't like might have been an easier list...) [♥~ Sasuke/Naruto, Kakashi/Iruka, Temari/Shikamaru, Jiraiya/Tsunade(/Orochimaru as an OT3 or as separate pairs depending on the situation), Sai/Yamato, Itachi/Kisame, Haku/Zabuza. Those are what I'd consider OTP's. There's more))

Paradise Kiss Isabella | Arashi | EVERYONE. (Seriously, there isn't a character I dislike as a character) [♥~ George/Isabella, Arashi/Miwako]

Sailor Moon Sailor Moon | Palla Palla | Sailor Starfighter | Tuxedo Mask [♥~ Sailor Moon/Tuxedo Mask, Neptune/Uranus]

Final Fantasy 7 Reno | Rude [♥~ Reno/Rude]

Kingdom Hearts Axel | Namine | Roxas | Demyx [♥~ Axel/Roxas]

Tsubasa Fai | Kurogane | Sakura [♥~ Fai/Kurogane] Note: The likes and ships for every other Clamp fandom carry over where applicable thus far)

XXXholic Yuuko | Watanuki | Doumeki [♥~ Watanuki/Doumeki]

Haruhi Haruhi | Kyon

Speed Racer (Movie more so, but it's up here shhhh) Speed | Trixie(movie only) | Racer X/Rex [♥~ Speed/Rex]

Evangelion Pen Pen | Kaworu I find most of the character in this really interesting, but not on the level of "favorites"

Cardcaptor Sakura Yukito | Touya | Sakura | Sayoran [♥~ Yukito/Touya, Sakura/Sayoran]


Across the Universe Max | Sadie [♥~ Max/Jude, Sadie/Jojo]

Batman (TAS mostly) Harley Quinn [♥~ Harley/Ivy]

Boondocks Huey | Ceaser

CSI Catherin | Greg | Nick | Warrick | Lady Heather

Francesca Lia Block's books Paul (Ecstasia) | Rafe (Ecstasia) | Mab (I was a Teenage Fairy) | Duck (Weetzie Bat) | Weetzie (Necklace of Kisses)

Howl's Moving Castle Sophie | Howl | Calcifer [♥~ Sophie/Howl]

Nightmare Before Chirstmas Jack | Sally | Zero | Lock+Shock+Barrel

X-men Nightcrawler

Road to El Dorado Tulio | Miguel | Chel | The armadillo [♥~ Tulio/Miguel]

Batman Beyond Terry | Bruce Wayne

Stephen King Books Beaver (Dreamcatcher)


(This is by far not a comprehensive list of music, or songs I like from these bands)

Franx Ferdinad Dark of the Matinee | Sophia | You could have it so much better | The Fallen | This Fire | Words so leisured

My Chemical Romance The Harsh words| You know what they do to guys like us in prison | Teenagers

Fall out Boy I don't care | This ain't a Scene

System of a Down Spider webs | Ego Brain | Roulette



Red Hot Chile Peppers


Matchbox 20/Rob Thomas


Dec. 13th, 2008 11:16 pm
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...the preview was good. Emma looked awesome too. I don' I like the NEW Sabertooth more, but like...he's so far from the OLD Sabertooth IDK how they're going to explain it. Or if they'll just be like ", wut?"

Oh yeah, the movie we went to see....

I actually really enjoyed it. I thought Keanu Reeves was REALLY good in the role. I have heard some critics go on about his emotionlessness, but...uh...that was the point. (Also, the critic who was like "The reason he was on Earth was never explained!!!" is retarded. Like. Really.)

Jennifer Connolly was fucking gorgeous and I REALLY liked her character. Everyone else was pretty good (Particularly Kathy Bates and John Cleese. Jayden Smith wavered, but kids can get away with that)

The special effects were awesome, the visuals and the filmography....drool worthy.

I also really liked that everyone in the movie like...even though they all had conflicting goals everything everyone did made sense for them.


We also attempted to watch Tropic Thunder. I was disappointed. But my $1 red box fee was ttly worth Tobey Maguire's smirk.

Also, this twat on DA is pissing me the fuck off. No, you dating my friend does NOT give you the right to mock that friend's gender reassignment process. FUCK OFF.
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Too anyone who's ever bitched about Yaoi fangirls pairing anyone together just cause, I present fanart of Zabuza/Rinoa she does kinda look like Haku...

So movie reviews/thoughts/whatever. I'm gonna put a lot of space at the bottom on each's LJ-cut, so you can look at one without seeing the others. These are in order of like...hardcore...

These are not BY ANY MEANS spoiler free.

Wall-e )

Hellboy )

Batman )

Feel free to comment. Agree or disagree, debate or throw in additional opinions. Just keep in mind everyone has their own view of things.

Also, Watchman, and The Spirt, and all the previews we saw pretty much looked awesome.
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It's to damned hot. D: Terra's gonna melt.

I'm about to go see Iron man with my dad. Haven't talked him into Speed Racer yet. Alas. I'm gonna get burned out on Iron Man soon.

I hate my pets. I've been cleaning for Manda/Alex times and oh god. Oh GOD. I'm never owning dogs once I'm out of this house. And fuckers got the spare room open and chewed up a bunch of shit while we were gone.

And the forth was epic awesome sauces win. Saw fireworks, has delicious BBQ foods and angel food cake with cream and berries, and Matt geek squad had fireworks they let us play with, and Matt shot a roman candle into the back of my leg (AND Ju's food. He was doing well)

And we rented the Order to watch and managed like...20 minuetes of it before we all started being delisional from exhaustion. Except Toni who LOLed at us. But shit Benno Furhman has a hot voice. Even thought he's ttly like evil in that. I think. IDK if he's not do not spoil it for me we are going to try again.


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