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Costumes! We got REALLY awesome pictures!

A rundown of people and costumes found within:

Disney Princesses: Snow White is Sarah, Belle is AJ (Sarah's sister), Esmeralda is Linda (AJ's roommate), Aurora is Laurel (Sarah's classmate), Cinderella is Bev, and I'm Ariel~!

Genderbent!Tsubasa/XXXolic: Sayoran is Sarah, Kurogane is AJ, White Mokona is Laurel, Black Makona is Bev, Watanuki is Kiona (Who is not a Disney princess no matter how much I wanted to make him one) and I'm Fai. And my eye patch is flipped, I know.

I know you, I walked with you once upon a dreeeeam~! )

Go on then, there are other worlds then these )
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...some asked why there were Disney Princesses at the Kingdom Hearts Photoshoot.

I'll have legit picspam later when Sarah gets pictures up, but there's a picture of us, and a random really gorgeous Sakura (Who isn't done justice in the picture). We got about a million and a half pictures taken as Disney Princesses, and a dair amount taken in our femme!Tsubasa, and we got AWESOME femme!Tsubasa of our own (Including me high-jacking the swimming pool and a lot of misuse of blood colored lipgloss and left over spaghetti sauce. Which I will never really look at the same way again.

Saw a lot of friends, had a lot of fun, and got my interest in anime re sparked a bit by some things that looked intresting from the AMVs that I wanna look into.
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Ok, so a bit more in depth con report.

First, there aren't any pictures except for the 2-3 ones Tex tagged me on on facebook. Most of my costumes were half assed, and my position most of the con was "Behind the table" or "Running around making copies"

But con was AWESOME. So laid back and chill (Though shit was crowded as HELL) we made like...$2,700, not quiet enough to get out tattoos. Yet. But still damn close. And EVERYONE was so awesome and helpful. Seriously, AJ and the Orgy girls and Linda were like kjdhflshgf AWESOME. And I got to see Syd, and Toni and Alex and Tex and everyone. Stuff could be a bit stressful, but happy making. And by the end of con we got out break down down to 3 people carrying like...5 boxes. It was sweet.

AMV's were awesome, I didn't spend much in the Dealer's room...I got me a TTGL necklace, and me and Ju matchin TTGL keychain, and a Boota backpacks (It was the only fandom that had affordable merchandise I didn't already have) and a Konoha door hanging for my living room, and bev a Code Geass Magnet set, and Sarah a set of Oroborous earrings from FMA (Which, btw liebling, are in my makeup bag)

My panel went particularly awesome, and the con was FAIRLY weirdo free. The only bad thing was the rave music...if you could call it that, sucked.

But all in all, a sweet ass con.
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My panel is at 11 pm on Friday~!

And not reeeady~! But we have an awesome table display set up :3



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Ok, our company makes art. And these chibwees (That is our Light(s))

For my research, let's pretend you like them, and have the $8 for the Chibwees and the $5-$10 for prints:



Our AIM is anime cons, but like...we made Jokers ones last year that sold like hot cakes. Pretty much I need help getting MY fandom blinders off, and figuring out what OTHER people want (I.e. I want Naruto, Clamp, Etc and like..I don't even know which Bleach character, for example to START with)

(For reference, all our Naruto bases are covered)


I wish I knew a way to make it epic meme but I doubt people would care enough.

EDIT: Don't hesitate mentioning something someone else has. In fact, please do.
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So after much gossipdeep discussion about NDK (Both this year and many past), and the issues that arose, I'm trying to set up a system that makes things run as smoothly as possible.

After all this talking, we were able to narrow down that the biggest issues in NDK hotels was not respecting others. Their comfort level, their money, etc.

This is how it'll run next year (These are not sugar coated. I tried writing it up that way and it just sounded patronizing as shit):

At a date pre-con, one to two weeks before, I will ask everyone to confirm that they are staying in the room. I will TRY to cut the price a bit for those who get the floor, BUT keep in mind three to a bed isn't the most comfy either.

Everyone who confirms will be locked into paying. The price will be split evenly between them and that's the price. I don't care if you end up sleeping in the elevator, getting sick and not going, whatever. It lowers the amount of screwing others over. If we end up with other people staying over, we'll discuss what to do with that money then (Pay for pizza, split it up evenly among roommates, etc)

Also, there will be no drinking/drunks in the room. Go get smashed, just don't force other to put up with it. Another room, stay down at the bar till you sober up, whatever.

If you're a little tipsy we're not gonna kick you out, but it's up to whomever's in the room at the time where tipsy goes to disruptively drunk. Yeah this kinda falls unfairly on those who handle their alcohol better, but eh.

And lastly, no shenanigans in the hotel room. This has been a problem several times, and weighing the most prudish opinion (Not that I have to worry much about Shea objecting to anything anymore, but...) verses the most liberal, I decided it was best to err on the side of caution. Sorry, but there's enough places to get private time, and it's not worth making people uncomfortable when you can just go elsewhere.

I know these seem a bit harsh, but really they boil down to "Don't be a douche", and hopefully this will make EVERYONE comfortable in the hotel room.

If you had any other specific complaints that you'd like me to try to work something out over, leave a comment (Or PM if it makes you uncomfortable to ay it aloud for some reason)
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Made $2000! My panel went like...3 hours or something! (Started at 11, went till 2:30 am) Got LOTS of pictures taken and was ttly flattered by the fansview guy (specially considering he photos like SO many people)! Am hitting up AX as an artist for sure! Uhm! Had fun! Saw many of my lovies! Will probably post more later but here's the pics I got (my camera is failing)

Naruto Pirates! Fag nins! GO GO GO SPEED RACER! And a guy who PROVES the hips I draw on men are in fact possible! )
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My Panel, Yaoi, Yuri, and Het! Oh my! is going to be Friday night at 11 PM in Humbolt (no I don't know which room it is)

Come seeeee meee~! We had tons of fun last time, and will hopefully have the same this time around :D


Screch just advertised a local porn store.

My mind can't handle this.

Also, bev's hair bleaching turns out...interesting. And by interesting I mean "Being re bleached tomorrow."
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I really wish my cat would stop grooming me. It was cute at first, but my hair was not meant to come into contact with a cats tongue on a regular basis.

Also, I realized a pet peeve in comment on DA (And probably everywhere, but I only notice it on DA). People who comment with "I really don't like X, but..." Obviously, I do.

Bah. I'm in a cranky mood. For those keeping track at home, we have about 70-80% of the painting done, which is better then it could be since something seem to want us to not get done.

Also, last night we ended up calling the cops to Ju's house. We were alone most the day, and twice the doorbell rang and no one was home. The second time we were freaked , got everything locked up, and the default "Kitchen arsenal" (A frying pan, a couple big knives, and a broom) and then started hearing banging noises from upstairs. We barricaded ourselves in her silent hill panic room down stairs, and like...every time it had been JUST long enough to feel safe, there was another loud sound.

After about an hour, we called the cops. They came and checked everything out, teased us about watching scary movies Juno was pretty scary, but not what they meant, and then Ju's parents got home.

Still, was weird.

Oh, and all my tights came :3 Packing up cosplay stuff tonight~
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So i check my e-mail this morning, and I have these two texts from Ju:

12:43 PM: I believe in cock.
12:50 PM: Amanda and Cody had my phone. Ignore that.

Started my day well XD

I won't be around this weekend like at all I don't think. Tonight is cleaning and finishing up Cosplays, getting sticker and buttons printed and generally gathering shit up. Tomorrow is epic Chibwee and book making.

My goal is to get all 90 something Chibwee's done tomorrow.

We'll uh...see how that goes.
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HO SHIT. So this weekend was FUN but not productive because Terra's retarded and forgot the paints at home. *headdesk*


PEOPLE FLYING, PLEASE TELL ME WHEN YOU GET IN AND WHETHER YOU NEED/WANT A RIDE. Need will obviously go above want, but with two cars and neither Bev nor I working, we should be able to get everyone.

Alex, obviously I'll be calling you soon since we have more arrangements to make. But e-mailing me the info might not be a bad idea anyway XD

BUT yes. I will not be around much. I'm trying not to hiatus at rps more then I am, but I will be less around then normal. So Hiatus kinda from life D:

*If anyone asks for cosplay help the Wednesday before NDK you will not get it.
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OH GEEZE BUSY WEEKEND IS BUSY. I wanna get as much done on Chibwees and beads and books done as possible tomorrow, and all art is suppose to be done on Saturday *Cough*. I'm also gonna teach bev how to get the buttons ready, which requires teaching some basic PS. Fuuuuun.

And I still haven't gotten a hold of Celebrity. And EVERYWHERE I applied is calling me back now (BTW work places "Are you hiring?" doesn't mean "Will you be hiring sometime in the next 6 months?")

And I'm so scared to get my tooth pulled. But everyone who knows me is probably happy.

AND I'm all like...excited to rp. With no time or energy to do it. WTfail. But Micheal got Joker at AT :D

Speaking of which, this conversation made me crack the shit up:

Ju: *refering to someone talking to the Joker in Batman TAS* No. It can't be...that's IMPOSSIBLE!
Me: Except that would be the Joker saying that.
Ju: ...what?
Me: Fail Star Wars fan. Joker. Luke Skywalker. Mark Hamil plays them both. Fail.
Ju: Oh! I can't connect him with the Joker. Can you?
Me: Yeah...
Ju: But Luke is like...a little Emo Ninja.
Me: So the Joker is Sasuke?

...I hope someone else finds that funny cause I laughed for like 5 minutes.


And a Villan quiz. IDK how much I agree. i can see it, but I'd like to see the other choices )
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I got the chibwee parts! So we now have the makings for 100 chibwees. These new parts are a bit different, I haven't played with them enough to know if it's better or worse. But either way it's a small difference so we're not like...fucked.

And so everything is officially bought for NDK :D

Who want to go to Ju's house To be slave labor for faeXfor a painting party? I'll try to do something again like last time where we bug everyone a meal or some than.

I'm also going to try to REALLY get things set up for NDK that we can take commissions year around and have a little pamphlet for it.

And so far the last day or work is trauma free :D


Jul. 16th, 2008 09:54 pm
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Cosplays for NDK~

This is more for myself and anyone I'm working with? Comment if you were forgotten/want in on somethan (not, I only put in people who have actually said "Yes, I will do that." Not like "...Lemme think, maybe." Cept Paul, but is anyone really jumping for Sparky?). Any of these days are up for change, they're just what I prefer, not set in stone.

Friday-Weiss Kreuz )

Saturday-Speed Racer (Movie and original) )

Sunday-Naruto...pirates? )

*used for more then one costume

Wtf how did all of those end up with 5 exactly? Who am I forgetting?
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So people doing the Naruto cosplays at NDK...

Naruto Pirates, y/n?

Because our Naruto just switched to Pirate!Iruka reguardless.

Ju: I already have like...a girl pirate costume. So I'll do Iruka.
Me: your girl pirate costume?
Ju: ...shut up!

Also, would anybody know where to get affordable (like...$40 or under. Preferably under.) plus sized waist cinchers?
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OMG I LOOOOOVE the new head of artist Alley at NDK SOOOO much.

She totally just sealed it in the fact that she gave everyone $10 off for last years BS< and the contract now includes this:

Swipes, or exact reproductions of licensed artwork is strictly prohibited. If it is discovered that a swipe is being sold at an Artist’s table, the Artist will be asked to remove it immediately. If a second violation occurs, the Artist will be removed from the Exhibition space permanently.

Ah, if only I still had contact with Shea

I hope they expand this to apply to the art room as well.

I'm gonna have a big artsy post soon. But this made my day.

Yeah, swipes are one of my biggest pet peeves in art (And now I have a term for them) It's a totally valid way to help you learn, but when you're making a profit out of it? Go grow some creativity.

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