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Oh yeah. We're home.


We spent the weekend with my adorable niece and nephew, and their awesome parents Sierra and Rory. We hit up NY state watering holes, and had awesome Mexican food, and ended up dancing all night in a gypsy tent with old people to hip hop remixes of Renegade.

It was pretty much awesome.

I'll have more to say and a picture post later, but right now I am super brain ded.
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Since I have actually been keeping up pretty well on this psuedo-travel blog...

We spent the day in central park. Ate hot dogs in the park. I showed Be Bethesda Terrance, and she loved it AND I got the CD of the group that was playing the first time I went there (And today) so if we need music I may ask them.

And then me and Be got a row boat. And rowed around the pond full of turtles. It is...the most romantic thing I have ever done. ♥

And then we lost be'd hone, so had to go all over Central Park looking for it. And then we meet [ profile] mysticshell for dinner, which was *awesome* and I want her to come to Starfest and may cosplay Saffron from firefly randomly because she is going to be an epic Zoe and we want to support that. Also, we may come out here for NY comic con AND wedding, because wedding will probably be moved back to fall.

And then we wandered around time square and spent too much money. Oh my god you guys I have spent so much money. But we got New York Cheesecake, for real, instead of walking past and admiring the view of the cheesecake. Then we went into Inglot's makeup, which is cheaper and better then sephora/mac/etc...but even being cheaper/better we bought (TO SPLIT BETWEEN US) a 20 pallet eyeshadow set, 4 lipsticks and 2 eyeliners (Red and bluegreen) we made sure we were careful to get things we couldn't get elsewhere (colors, etc) but oh man it is so gorgeous and velvety and thick. You picked your own colors and hwfhshsd

And also. Holy shit the delux Rapunzel costume at the disney store was legit. Why am I not as child?

And times square is lit like daylight.

All in all this trip to NYC >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> last trip to NYC.

...and I legit want to move here for a few years some day.



I totally yelled "SHUT UP I AM THOR." across a crowded store.
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So we went to the museum of sex, which was interesting. Has an exhibit on porn, sex in comics, various spotlights from their collections, sex in the animal kingdom, and some guy who's goal was apperently to have as much gay sex as possible.

And we ate a lot. And we went to Strand's which is a mind blowing big book store that made my soul cry from wanting things. We got an avenger's gag comics book, and a book on superheros and fashion and then fled before we spent too much. And Forbidden Planet which is the smaller comic equivalent.

Then we tried to get tattoos aaaaaaaaaaaand that was a bust. Got quotes from $100-$250 on a tattoos that would cost $60-80 at home.

And then it started raining, and it was so gorgeous I couldn't deal with it. Even if it was a bit cold and soggy.
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Live from New York:

One new car battery, 98234 times getting lost in DC, and 18 pairs of crab lungs later we are in Queens, all safe and sound and about to light this city up.

And by light this city up I mean wander around Central park and hit up a museum or two. Rock on.

The road so far... )
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So this is my report of the trip. Mainly in picture. However, this is a small sampling of the 529 picture available, and Ju is a wonderful photographer of places, so if you're interested in more pics, lemme know.

Image heavy but awesome. In this post is us traveling the US, me facing my greats fear, and my leet pigeon catching skills.

Road tripping with my 2 favorite allies, fully load we've got snack and supplies... )
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Last night I'm laying in bed almost asleep listening to one of the kids running laps down stairs when Ju elbows me and goes "did you here that?"

I say "jfjfguuuur derp." Which she figured out was "it's just the kids."

And she's like "'s 3am and they've been asleep since we got home. And it's coming from above us."

Which was weird being as how we were in the attic.

Both babies were sleeping with their parents and there was no way they'd be running laps at 3am (at least not without us hearing a LOT more then them running laps. Like their parents killing them for running around at 3am) And with the way the house was made like...there's no way we wouldn't know if everyonr else was up (so corbin couldn't be running laps with out his mom noticing...especially if we could hear them.

It wasn't scary and sierra had told us shed heard it before but it was crazy. We had also been shushed earlier in the night and I wonder now about that too (it wasn't...rude or undeserved just sorta ooc for sierra)
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I will grab you back ASAP.

I am having a ball being an Auntie, and all the fun that goes with it (Corbin just walked past with his head buried in the box of currants going "I LIKE THESE!") Kyra was super shy at first but now3 is like "Terra, look at this! Terra read me this!" and it is adorable. She really loves Ju and Sarah too. Also, my Counsin-in-law (?) Rory IS Dean (Which apparently my cousin gets told ALL the time since we were talking about Supernatural and she was like "...oh, yeah a bunch of people say...."). 

It's pretty awesome.

New York is beautiful, and we're going into the city tomorrow, but I am fully antsy to get home as well. I miss Bev like whoa.

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