a ufo rant

Jan. 13th, 2017 09:08 pm
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Ok so a few times the "IF UFOS are real why aren't their more videos of them with smart phones everywhere!?!?"

Which is frustrating because

a) even knocking out the like 80% of crap videos, because of smart phones there are a lot of really good, really solid videos.

b) I can't take a picture of the moon with my iphone for shit and it's huge, bright, and holds still.
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Ok, so I love Aliens. Clearly. And Alien movies. Clearly.

But to get me excited, an alien movie needs to be about aliens coming to earth in an invader alien abduction sorta way. Signs and Close encounter of the third kind, not Aliens or Star Trek I love star trek but in a very different way then I love aliens.

And not only were the movie gods like "Let's give Terra roughly 57 new movies that fit perfectly into what she likes, let's include bonuses!"

A run down:

Skyline: Aliens + Eric Balfour :D

Apollo 18: Alien + Found Footage + Moon Conspiracies!

Battle of LA: Aliens + Found Footage + The Battle of Freaking LA. Like...one of the most interesting UFO sightings ever. And one my Nana saw!

Cowboy & aliens: look, this one lays it out in the title. Aliens and FREAKING COWBOYS. And Harrison Ford. And Wash.


Super 8: Aliens + JJ ABARMS



My posts have been really frantic lately, idk why.
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So we went to see Paranormal Activity 2.

I have to say...the first one...didn't impress me. And I wanted it to A LOT. Because I LOVE how subtle it was, how the scary was from what it DIDN'T show, and the subject matter. And if has a lot of things that it ID do well (Subtly and realism for example).

But at the end I was like "...that's it?" It felt badly paced, and like it missed a lot of chance for pushing it more, and it couldn't really figure out what it was doing.

But I heard that the second was better and...I was not disappointed. Holy shit. I actually outright screamed at point, feet up off the ground, nails digging into Ju and Bev's hands, all that. I really, really recommend it.

HOWEVER I also recommend going to a showing that's not...going to be busy. Holy SHIT I have never dealt with so much douchbaggery in a theater (Did you really need to scream "Where is the sister?!" 7 times 7. Really. Really. I don't even know how you got that out 7 times before it was irrelevant)

We actually got free tickets to another movie cause I was just like "...this shit isn't flying." And Harkin's gets like...a billion gold stars for being super cool about it.
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Last night I'm laying in bed almost asleep listening to one of the kids running laps down stairs when Ju elbows me and goes "did you here that?"

I say "jfjfguuuur derp." Which she figured out was "it's just the kids."

And she's like "...it's 3am and they've been asleep since we got home. And it's coming from above us."

Which was weird being as how we were in the attic.

Both babies were sleeping with their parents and there was no way they'd be running laps at 3am (at least not without us hearing a LOT more then them running laps. Like their parents killing them for running around at 3am) And with the way the house was made like...there's no way we wouldn't know if everyonr else was up (so corbin couldn't be running laps with out his mom noticing...especially if we could hear them.

It wasn't scary and sierra had told us shed heard it before but it was crazy. We had also been shushed earlier in the night and I wonder now about that too (it wasn't...rude or undeserved just sorta ooc for sierra)
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So. Like a billion.

I enjoy Mothman, just because it's SO wtf and also so...like the explanation available might not be the right one, but their are facts involved that just don't make sense else wise.

But the be all end all of OMG WTF IS THAT FUCKING SHIT has t be Skinwalker Ranch. That wiki is about a forth of the length it use to be, and still at 4 times longer didn't give this place the credit ti deserved. If you can get the book about it it is...mindblowing freaky shit. And I enjoy the book because it's not like "Clearly this is aliens", they never settle on what it is, and rule out everything they can think of.
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Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 14 | A non-fictional book

Alien Agenda by Jim Marrs: http://www.amazon.com/Alien-Agenda-Investigating-Extraterrestrial-Presence/dp/0060955368/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1266268336&sr=8-1

Some of the stuff is really out there. But if you throw out the stuff that's really out there, you're still left with a whole lot of shit that will make BLOW. YOUR. MIND. /powerthirst

It talks about crop circles, UFO sighting, government far seeing experiments, ancient astronauts. I think sometimes he puts x+y and decided it MUST equal 33, but just reading what x+y is alone is enough. You can ignore a lot of his conclusions, but his evidence is well researched (And fully annotated) and the evidence is what matters more.

It also made me feel so much better about an alien invasion possibility, because by the end he's like "They've been here for awhile, and if they were going to attack, they wouldn't have waited till we had WMD and could blow ourselves up if they tried."
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So. it's sorta another day, and IDK when tomorrow/today I'll get online:

Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 06 | Whatever tickles your fancy:


CLEARLY not everything on here is 100% wells screened fact. But it has a hodge podge of interesting article that go a bit beyond the norm, form things that are strictly paranormal (Ghosts, bigfoot, UFOS), to like...random science discoveries, and just random bits and pieces.


All crop circle are name made by two guys with a board. Not saying they didn't make some. Not saying aliens from space made them (Probably not actually, imo). But there are certain physical characteristic of crop circle, such as them being made with intense heat, and the crops being woven together, and the perfect geometry of them (And I know, blah blah, stings, whatever) that don't have with two guys and a board.

And while I'm at it, animal mutilations? Not wild animals. Once again, not saying it's aliens (In fact I really doubt it's aliens, cause wtf aliens?) but you can't ignore the evidence cause it doesn't fit in with what you want to think.

This has been Terra's 2 am crazy conspiratorial rant.
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So something that just struck me as weird about people who say Cattle Mutilation are wild animals...wtf wild animal carefully eats the organs, and avoids the muscle?

That's just weird.

Anyway, the thanksgiving party was awesome, but I ended up spilling a not Colorado Bulldog all over my keyboard. My mom though we had put away like...7 bottles of hard liquor (We went and grabbed alcohol from Bev's house so the big kids could have a few drinks, and so got a lot of "We have this bottle with half an inch at the bottom, here." and my mom though we had gone and bought new bottles.)

It's an...amusing? Sad? Statement that my mom thought we were super drunk, and I'd say barely any of us were even tipsy. We're just that ridiculous.

And we played Apples to Apples for like...2 hours IC. IC board games are possibly the greatest things ever.

And I cried when we were doing our "Thanks" a few times.

AND Sarah enjoyed her birthday present, we made her a Supernatural Bath set (So it had salt, and "holy water", and "Holy oil", and a Charm bag thing, and an upside Cas FBI Badge. And everything was Musk scented. Which gives me a valid excuse to use this icon.)

And Toni was not able to come, but I got to see her Friday which made me super happy cause I miss her.

...and now I need to go get my ass working on Homework.
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Don't bother with Paranormal Activity. It's only vaguely creepy, and can't decided wether it's a "Normal people thrown into strange event that they have no idea wtf is going on" movie or a "This has an intense, specific back story" type movie.

It had some real, legit creepy moment, but just...wasn't enough, at any point in time, And super frustrating cause FUCK all they had to do was pick up Skinwalker Ranch, or really brush up on any sorta of haunting type thing and have PLENTY of material that would have still been low budget. Very good acting thought, and ridiculously good set. First house I've ever seen in a movie that I was like "Wow, real people live there."

Harry Potter Party tomorrow, which I have spent way too much money on. D: BUT IT WILL BE AWESOME.
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I was going to post about how creepy the Stanley is and how I did NOT sleep last night. (like...literally stared at the ceiling most of the night. And not cause I was freaked out. Tho I was freaked out at times DURING not sleeping)

And as I was starting this post...the electricity just went out. And we went to the hall to check it out.

Sure is only off for our room.

This place was scary as SHIT. Like...not even kidding, I KNOW why it has such a reputation. We saw things, we heard things, like....fuuuuuck. Place is freaky as shit.

Also, on the rtrap door to the bell tower (Up long, narrow dark stairs) it says Redrum. XD

AND they play The Shining. 24/7. They have a Shining Station.

And they play the soundtrack. At 2 am in the lobby when it's empty.
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So, I started reading the Shining. And stopped because I liked Jack too much. But it created this thing that every time I look up towards Boulder, and see the snow clouds, I feel really bad (If you don't know the Shining, they are taking care of a hotel, based on the Stanley in Estes Park, and get snowed in...and freaky shit goes down)

Anyway, yesterday I was looking up, saw the snowy cloud, felt that pang...and rember that THE STANLEY IS IN FACT WHERE I WILL BE TOMORROW NIGHT.


It's super haunted. But I wasn't scared till then.

Also, every time I listen to Downfall by Matchbox 20 (kindly provided by youtube and a Supernatural music video) I wonder why there's not a Good Omen's music video to it.

And then remember there's nothing to make a music video WITH. XD

Maybe I should make on of those cheesy fan art ones.

Also, watching that I uh...see what you guys mean about Wincest.
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So I walk out of Ju and there's this huge, lit up...thing hanging over her house. Low over her house. Like. Not an airplane.Or at least not a commercial one. It had the wrong lights in the wrong places and was SUPER low, even for planes over Brighton.

M<e and Ju just kinda...clung to each other as it moved over her house and the houses across the street and then we couldn't see it. And Kinda freak cause we were outside so I could leave, and...didn't wanna leave. So finally we un-cling, and I head out and while I'm going through these undeveloped fields, I can see this light of the same strange gold just...hanging way low, and way close (And the path of the planes were clear cause there were like...10 of them, and this look liked NONE of them) So...I didn't get home the fucking terrifying no lights. no other cars, no houses way. I added 10 minutes to my trips but...fuck that.
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I'm restless. I can't help it!

There are like...5 interesting stories on Mysterious MysteriesUnexplained Mysteries, and I can't focus one any of them.

Also, Amazon, where the HELL is my Invader Zim. I knew it wouldn't get here BY Christmas but I didn't think that meant they weren't sending it UNTIL Christmas.

And the song Isobel by Dido makes me cry. Why does it seem like there aren't a lot of the folksy funky female singers anymore like there were in the 90's-ish. Kate Nash is awesome but like...Most of them who attempt that style fall...painfully flat. There use to be Dido, Jewel, Sarah McLaughlin (I think I just butchered that name...), Tori Amos and a few more that were kinda one hit wonders but still had some pretty good decent hits. I know some of them still make music but...nothing that dominates the radio like they use to.

Maybe my radio's just changes.

I guess there's Jason Mraz. He's trying to fill the void of folksy funky women music all on his own.
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I was looking up clan history and found this :3

Think I should hit up mom to head back to our roots for a bit.
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This is a fascinating take on the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah taking it from the point of view of Navajo folklore and magic.

For those that don't know, the Skinwalker ranch is a piece of Land in Utah with some of the highest levels of paranormal activity anywhere. Freaky shit. Way past lights in the sky and floating objects.

To break up the seriouse business, a shipping meme. Stolen from everyone. Naruto style.

Six ships I like
01. Naruto/Sasuke
02. Haku/Zabuza
03. Jiraiya/Tsuande/(Orochimaru)
04. Yamato/Sai
05. Shikamaru/Temari
06. Iruka/Kakashi

Three ships I abandoned don't read/write as much as I used to
07. Tsunade/Shizune
08. Orochimaru/Kabuto
09. Sai/Naruto/(Sasuke)

Three ships I never liked had much interest in
10. Hinata/Naruto
11. Sakura/Sasuke
12. Kakashi/Sasuke (Or Sakura, or Naruto. Any student)

Two ships that have piqued my interest
13. Gaara/Rock
14. Hidan/Kakuzu

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