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My phone shattered today when I got out of the car for lunch. I'm am pretty sure I would not have glass on the front of it if it were not all taped together with the screen protector.


Glad it is insured.

Some pic spam, for good measure: New Kitten, Sailor Moon cosplay, and art )
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So, my car's transmission is going out. Plus 5-6 other smaller things (Serpentine belt about to pop, something loose that needs sanded down and screwed back down, a lose leaking cord, that sorta thing)

The guys who are pretty awesome, and going to fix it, said $850-$1100. They're going to spend the next few days checking junk yards for parts, then come get it Sunday and bring it back Midweek.

As we are leaving not this Tuesday, but the Tuesday after, I am a SMIDGE nervous about this, the extra time also saved us a few hundred.

AND my mom is leaving to go to California the same time were leaving. Which is generally not a problem buuuut our dog? Is neurotic.

Deserving so. He was really badly abused before we got him, and when he warms up to someone he is...amazingly sweet. But he also takes for ever to warm up to people, dog, etc...and doesn't like traveling. (And my Grandmother, who my mom is going to take care of, lives in assisted living where no pets are allowed)

And hates being left alone.

We're going to see if he can stay with my dad, and if not Kiona is going to come visit him, because he likes her.

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Pictures of:

1) Bev and my pen Chupacabra like...right now, in her Chirstmas footie PJs. They're still cuddled up like this.

2) Milo bein confused

3) Milo bein awesome and showin why he's my cat

4) The pictures that left Milo confused (Bev sat up to leave)
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So I'm reading It. I got one chapter in, and cried. BUT the fact that Pennywise calls himself Mr. Gray pretty much cemented that he's a Byrum* as far as I'm concerned. *The aliens in Dreamcatcher. I was told between the two it's heavily implied, but as I read the second first I failed at judging HOW heavily.

And The XXXholic novel is REALLY good. Like...REALLY. I think I enjoy it MORE then XXXHolic. And I enjoyed the not sosubtle Fai and Kurogane bit.

In more seriouse news, Mom went to court for the dogs. The DA thought it was all over the top, and got us down tp $350 in fines, and we have no limits on getting animals again. So pretty much...we can go get new dogs. They just...took ours.

I don't even know.


I'll be gone to starfest all weekend \o/ and then NO CONS till July,
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Mother fucker.

The courts can't help us because it's a destroy order.

They took our dog's for "their welfare" to lock them up for 11 days and destroy them.


That's so good for them.


Letter were sending out )

We've contacted Peta, our representatives, and all the news people we could think of.

Edit: Since a few people are linking to this: I've contacted the Humane Society, the Denver Dumb Friend League, and ASPCA.

DDFL contacted us and said they had some ideas, but we had some crossed wires and haven't gotten a hold of them yet.

PETA refused to help flat out. They said in their experience that these things are deserved. I sent back a message saying at this point, we don't even so much care about us getting them back (That's what the court date is) but making sure that Aurora transfers or Adopts them if we lose, instead of killing them. I have yet to hear back.

Edit 2: Denver Dumb Friend League sent us to some lawyers. The guy there use to be a cop, says everything stinks of illegal with the search. One Lawyer said she couldn't help, we're waiting to hear back from the other.

I went to visit them. Ryuu nearly climbed up the cage to see us, and Duddits clawed up my arms trying to get at me. Obviously unloved dogs here :/


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