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This man is my hero.

I am pro-choice, and I do understand the idea that...if you think that little clump of cells is a person, then yeah...I disagree with you, but to think that is a person, being pro-life does make a lot more sense.

However, there are times when it is far more merciful to kill a person then force this suffering not only on them, but on the woman carrying them, and I don't really see how any human being can disagree with that. Something can not live without a brain, without a heart, without lungs.

I also think the $12,000 price tag sorta destroys the whole "Lazy birth control" argument, which I had never thought of.
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[ profile] sammywhatammy posted this links, and hopefully this will help restore some of the good energy in the world that Texas attempt to ban homosexuality created:

Christians protesting Christian hate at Pridefest.

I love a lot of the comments on the article too. I know it's possible the guy may be faking or trying to "Cure" gays, but it made me happy there's this bit of good.
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Very. It is probably the biggest issue we face.

I don't think it's possible to reverse the trend, however. We might be able to adapt, and slow it, and keep the world in something akin to normal, but can tell things have changed already. How a typical the weather patterns have been.

And I don't just mean huge hurricanes and BIG things. In Colorado we had no "big" issues (Probably a blizzard or two, but no storm of the century) but things are just wrong. Weather is too mild when it shouldn't be, too cold when it shouldn't be.

And I think part of the issue is, right NOW, at least makes the weather nicer. And it's not always "warming", it feels wrong to call it global warming when I have to pull on a sweater in June. (not the last couple of days, damn) So if you aren't facing horrible, awful things, it's easier to ignore.

But, some statistic (And I'm linking to wiki, not because it's the only place these statistic exist, but because it rounds them up nicely. if you have an issue with wiki, kindly scroll down a few inches to click on the sources they credit3 scientist say global warming doesn't exist. 4 say they don't think the data is conclusive, 24 say it's natural, and 7 say it's source is unknown. And in the last two cases that still means we should be figuring out what to do (Just that it may not be our fault)

Now here's the list of scientist who agree. It's big. And I think it's worth noting that this page is listed by organization, not single scientists. There's that many more of them.

But at this point? I'm not worrying about it. Not cause it's something to be worried about but because the people who are high enough to care....don't care. Instead, their cutting corners on oil refineries and lobbying to get the laws thrown out that will cut down on emissions.

We want and we take, and we're not willing to give up even a little bit of comfort. And even worse, we justify it, and mock those who try to make a difference. So, as far as I'm concerned, we're fucked, and we deserve every moment of it. But human adaption is mind boggling, so we'll make it threw some how I'm sure, as long as the death of this planet comes slow enough for us to adapt.

There's a quote on the wall by my school that's along the lines of "Treat the earth well, for it is not a gift from your parents, but borrowed from your children."

Apparently were the kind of person who borrows something, and returns it's stain, ripped, stretched out, and utterly useless.
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Amusing and informative cracked article about Immigration and how much of a bitch it is.... Complete with photographic proof on can-toi.

I really hope that much was not spent on Nadja :/

I found and old Cracked magazine the other day. I have to say, I know they are sorta the...Daily Show of informative articles, but I much prefer the web version of Cracked.

In unrelated news, we watch Ponyo the other day. I was...really underwhelmed. I don't regret watching it per see, but I wouldn't bother again. The animation was sub-par for Ghibli, especially the background...which was really disappointing, because if as much effort had been put into the backgrounds as, say, Howl's Moving Castle, it would have probably been their prettiest film. The plot was also REALLY weirdly paced, and it...was really only a kid movie. It wasn't like a kids movie with deeper things for adults to connect was just a kids movie.

I also felt there was a WHOLE lot of information missing, sorta like the end of Howl's Moving Castle (Which I know was due to them trying to shove a really weird plot line that didn't fit into the end) but there was so much information that didn't get explained at I was WAY more interested in finding out about her dad, and that whole situation then they ever got into.

Cute enough, but I expected a lot more. And I did find Ponyo very cute when she wasn't a chicken thing.
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The Matthew Shepard act passed!

One of my class mates, a few semesters ago, was good friends with him. I wish I still had her number so I could call her and talk about it. I'm glad Obama signed this in, even though it breaks my heart that there needs to be legislation that says "Hey, it's not ok not to hurt people because they're gay."

Oh man.

In other possibly inappropriately OT news I was just on the Dark Angel's Wikifor no reason tied into my new obsession whatsoever, no, none and decided I wanna re-watch it if I can get a hold of it. I use to remember really enjoying it...but I was also like...10. I really enjoyed a lot then.

I also realized how much that series imprinted on my childhood psyche when you look at stuff I've created now. Opps.
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For the people on my flist who are into Scans Daily

Also, Dear Political speakers:

When you twist words can you at least make sure you make SOME sort of sense?

Yes, we should in fact be monitoring volcanic activity as we have a GIANT GEOLOGICAL TIME BOMB MACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE OF THE US.

and if you'd ever been on 1-15, you'd know why a lightrail from "Disneyland" (Because, you know, Disneland=all of southern California) to Vegas. 250 mile bumper to bumper traffic jam anyone?
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Oh fuck, it's sum politics.

Don't get me wrong. I'm thrilled today. This is history, this is...down right amazing. I have not missed that at all. But there's also probably approximately 89753 post on your flist about all that, so here's something diffrent.

I'm also SCARED.

Because Obama isn't in fact Jesus. And I see things like...the posters at Walmart, and even some of my friends post and I'm happy to see all these posts of joy BUT...he's human. And not only is he human, he's a human politician. A politician who's made it clear he wants to work together.

And working together means everything won't be ok with in a few months. It means some things won't be fixed the way us hippies want ever. And even if he can (And let's not even think if he can't) it's going to be a slow and steady process.

And I know everyone's going to say "I know this." because logically everyone does...but I think a lot of people in their heart think that Obama's going to become president and magically wave a wand and everything wrong will be better.

And I'm afraid of the backlash, and the fact that it will be Obama's fault, and seen as Obama's fault, that people held clearly unrealistic hopes for him.

HRC is giving away free Hufflepuff scarves if you can become a member by midnight:
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So. About Prop 8, and 102 and all the bullshit, and our that failed last year (?)etc, and why even though it makes me sad I'm not crushed:

Because it shows how far we've come that this is even UP for votes. And yeah. It didn't win. THIS time.

But things like this don't happen over night. Someday. Hopefully soon.

That's my light at the end of the tunnel anyway.

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