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Bev: Have you ever noticed you ability to look like Stich?
Me: .....what?
Bev: ....sound. Not...look. 

I don't, for the record, think I ever sound like Stich. Unfortunately. D:

I feel like the website is a terrifying typo waiting to happen
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So I got new glasses today. I pick them up tomorrow, hypothetically, if I can find my receipt. Heh.

I have a slight stigma, but really just need trumped up reading glasses. I'll post pictures when I get them. With my new hair. We bleached it blond, and it ended up really yellow, and at first I was like "Meh, I will tone it."

But now I'm sorta digging the Marilyn Monroe via Andy Warhol. It's fun for summer.

And I am so tired and sore and lazy lately it's pathetic. I reaaaaaaaally need to lose some weight. I know I'm not exactly svelt, but I have felt more Winnie the Pooh then Earth Goddess lately. D:
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It's really weird to be rping in one tab, and then switch to the tab you're reading about Google censorship in and see the magical wizard you're playing in the article.

Because that's random as shit. ILU

It's so nice having time to rp. I had missed it.

And me and Sarah are probably gonna go get our tattoos tomorrow~! I am excited.

And we moved the computer out to the living room so I didn't feel like an anti-social hermit all the time.
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Bev: You poke me with one finger. I poke you with my whole fist.
Me: I'm pretty sure at that point that's called punching me.
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I'm working on some Dark Tower fanart and holy cow, that was not what I expected them to look like.

ALSO. Me and Ju name all our rps after songs. And were doing an rp using Dean Smith and Sam Wesson. And so we used lyrics from "Well Respected man" by the Kinks.

So our rp is called "And he likes his fags the best."

Because. You know.

So me and my mom were talking about my fight with Alex, and her fight with Sylvia, and I was saying that I'm sad that there have been things I just wanna send Alex, in good humor cause I think he'd enjoy them, but I wouldn't know how to make sure they came across as jokes, not bitchy (or weird), and there was no way to do that.

Mom: No, when Sylvia got breast cancer right after me, I really wanted to send her a farside comic that was like a man saying 'lightning never strikes twice!" as a meteor comes rushing at him....but I felt there was a high chance that might be misread as bitchy.
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Monthly meme~!

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Day 24 | Whatever tickles your fancy

So I found this in [ profile] drive_mah_car, my art/writing journal which everyone should friend, so I'm posting it here:

Crowley: Azriphale.
Azriphale: Yes?
Crowley: Is it working?
Azriphale: I, uh, I believe so?
Azriphale: Is it supposed to be doing this?
Crowley: Yes
Azriphale: Then I'd think it's safe to assume it's working.
Crowley: good.
Azriphale: That should be capitalized, really.
Crowley: should it
Azriphale: ...Yes.
Azriphale: It should.
Crowley: thats nice
Azriphale: Crowley, I know you can write. Type. Correctly.
Crowley: but doin it this way is easier rite
Azriphale: No, it isn't! You use this godforsaken machine exponentially more than I do, you have to be able to type better than I can!
Crowley: y
Azriphale: Excuse me?
Crowley: y
Azriphale: Crowley, I haven't the faintest idea why you're typing the letter 'y' at me.
Crowley: ....say it
Azriphale: ...All right? I've said it? I know how to pronounce it!
Crowley: why
Azriphale: ...Oh.
Azriphale: I see, now.
Azriphale: ...That is appalling laziness, you know that, right?
Crowley: Sloth?
Azriphale: Oh. Yes.
Crowley: ^^
Azriphale: What does that one mean?
Crowley: it's like...a face...sort of
Azriphale: What do you mean, it's a face?
Crowley: like the eyes
Crowley: A sort of smile.
Azriphale: I...will take your word for it.
Crowley: Like
Crowley: ^_^
Azriphale: a space between them now?
Crowley: it's a mouth
Azriphale: I still don't think I understand. But alright.
Crowley: You lack creativity
Azriphale: You lack punctuation.
Crowley: touche
Azriphale: So, what did you want to talk about? That required these methods?
Crowley: IDK
Crowley: just wanted to talk
Azriphale: IDK?
Crowley: I don't know
Azriphale: You don't know what?
Azriphale: This is the least conducive to communicating form of communication...ever.
Crowley: We could be texting
Azriphale: What is texting?
Crowley: sending messages on cell phones
Azriphale: Aren't cell phones for speaking to one another? What kind of messages?
Crowley: like...I'll show you nect time we meet up
Azriphale: I...alright.
Azriphale: You know I don't have a cell phone, right?
Crowley: ...really?
Crowley: I shouldn't be surprised
Azriphale: Why would I need one?
Crowley: You need one to survive
Azriphale: I..actually seem to be doing reasonably well without one?
Crowley: You're not
Azriphale: How am I not?!
Crowley: You're not
Azriphale: ...
Crowley: ur not

Crowley is me, Azriphale is [ profile] blushingdolphin, and I'm pretty sure we just did this utterly unplanned and spontaneously.
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Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 23 | A YouTube video

So, I'm sure everyone has seen Power Thirst (And if you haven't WTF ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?!)

BUT Power thirst is from a whole comedy group called Picnic Face. And they hav a LOT of amusing shit on their account. And this one is probably my favorite. Maybe even more then Power thirst.

It's awesome. I can't really describe it. WATCH IT.
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Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 09 | A photo you took


It's my pet dinosaur! Feeding time for him~!

Me: Oh there's a call on the other line. Oh, it's just lupus... ((The Lupus charity pick up people))
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So. My Snuggie got attached to Sawyer from Lost somehow. IDK.

Sarah: sawyer would rock the shit out of that snuggy
Me: with his books and his glasses
Sarah: hell yeah
Sarah: drinking something frutty with an umbrella
Sarah: and still
Sarah: people would be like
Sarah: damn
Sarah: that is one manly piece of man
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So me and my mom were discussing how like...there is one person specific slang, and like...area specific slang, but not small group specific slang. And I was telling her my thing about wanting someone to sit in on our group and write down all the group specific slang we don't even know we have.

And simultaneously we were both: "Like Yoga."

I really enjoy the appropriateness of this icon. A lot.
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Why does Bravo have so many hair styling shows?!


I don't want to go to school tomorrow.

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So I can now pinpoint the most random thought I have ever had in my life.

Yesterday morning, I sat straight up, out of a fairly normal-ish dream (As dreams go) and was like "Fuck you, Springbok."

I was not dreaming about springboks.

Before that I could not have sworn I even remembered what a springbok was off the top of my head. I doubt I'll forget NOW.

But yeah. WTF brain.
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Me: Hello?
Some guy: Hi....
Me: Hi?
Some guy: Uhm...I'm just sorta looking for a friend.
Me: Uh...ok.
Some guy: And I saw your number in Westword*...
Me: *Trying not to laugh* I think you have the wrong number.
Some guy: You sure?
Me: Ooooh yeah.

*Local Magazine, notorious for "Massage Therapist" ads that tell you how the Massage Therapist look. Often with scantily clad pictures.

I feel bad for a guy trying to get a hooker two night before Christmas though.
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Ju: You should have to have a backbone to have a penis. I think that goes for humans as well.

It makes me so happy I have SUCH a perfect icon for this...
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Read this article on cracked:

But while reading, start requiem for a dream, finish up that page, and open the second page in a new tab/window (So requiem for a dream is still playing, and that minute or so of extra reading has gotten you to some awesomely dramatic part.)

Then turn the sound down on the Disney reused clips, so you're watching those with requiem for a dream as the sound track.

It makes it seem so much more intense and sinister. It's awesome.

Also, like...I don't know animation intimately well, but it seems like repainting some of those scenes would be just as easy as redrawing em. Like...making one bear into another bear, yeah, but Maid Marion into Snow White seems waaaaaay more complicated then it's worth.

Also, the thing about reusing name brand intrigues me a lot. Because what happens when a name brand becomes important to a series (Like say, Oceanica Airlines), and then is like...every where else?

Does that imply that, say, the X-files and that 70's show are the same universe because they both have Morley cigarettes? (No, but the thought really freakin amuses me.)
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The crab and egg quiche I ate is not sitting well. And given those ingredients, I'm a bit worried.

I'm on book 3 of the Dark Tower, and I officially love Eddie. And also, Jake. I wanna like...take care of him. I am, in general, super enjoying it. The first book was...blah, but now I'm past it I am like \o/

SOMEONE IN THIS LAB HAS A COW KEYCHAIN IT JUST WENT OFF. It's super not mine cause it's at home.

I often wonder about computer labs. Who in here is writing/reading fan fiction? Posting to their LJ? Doing something that we should be bonding (or bitch fighting) over. I'd love to see two people wanking all over each other in some comm turn around and realize the person they'd just posts a string on insults sitting right behind them.

I started doing new sheets of Chibi's for buttons/sticker at fae X and I'm pretty much in love with all of them thus far. Except the two Chii's. Fluffy lolita does not fit my chibi blob style.

I also have sucked balls at writing, but have been enjoying doing it anyway (In RPs and my little notebook of fanfiction that no one will ever read) I was rereading a bit from a writing prompt from Stephen King and think I might finish it, but it has no way not to end sad.

AND I get to watch my first new episode of Supernatural tomorrow in....5 years I guess. (Two episodes shy of 5 years exactly. actually.)
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Ratsu's have clean cage, Terra has cleaner house, Subaru just discovered the shiny thing hanging from the trelis makes noise when he hits it, and I'm famished.

Getting RP stuff in order, I hoped on to [ profile] toshima_rp, I have just finished threads for [ profile] theforbiddensky and [ profile] orochi_agenda Hawt damn. I need to start a thread for Pentamerone, and I'll have at least started myself back on the path of doing shit.

In general, I've been trying to keep myself doing shit, and not laying around like a lump. Art work, school work, got my ticket paid, cleaning, etc. There's nothing to encourage you to get stuff done more then feeling good after you've got something done.

Oh, and I went at my own hair with some shears, and some mom help. It doesn't look too bad. And there's no longer any gray bits. \o/

My mom hid one of the bright orange easter eggs in the eye hole of my Tobi mask.

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