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So I have been down and out with bronchitis+an ear infection the last week and a half or so. Missed 3 days of class and 4 days of work. Today they gave me an Nebulizer treatment and an inhaler because my cough has once again settled into stay.


And my computer return is still being "processed" so who knows when I'll get it. AND my phone is once again spazzing out. If you type in it in facebook, plurka, the browser or text messaging, half the time it freezes up and exits out of the program.

So I have been cut off from the internet. And sorta the world. I hate going back to school after a week+

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Ju and I broke up. And it had gotten to Ju and I which says a lot.

Things were not going well, and she wasn't willing to work on things.

I'm not ok and dunno when or if I will be. But Bev is still here for me, as well as friends and it will be as good as it can be.

Fuck if I don't feel like a huge chunk of me is missing. It hurt so much knowing you cared so much more then the other party.
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So, my car's transmission is going out. Plus 5-6 other smaller things (Serpentine belt about to pop, something loose that needs sanded down and screwed back down, a lose leaking cord, that sorta thing)

The guys who are pretty awesome, and going to fix it, said $850-$1100. They're going to spend the next few days checking junk yards for parts, then come get it Sunday and bring it back Midweek.

As we are leaving not this Tuesday, but the Tuesday after, I am a SMIDGE nervous about this, the extra time also saved us a few hundred.

AND my mom is leaving to go to California the same time were leaving. Which is generally not a problem buuuut our dog? Is neurotic.

Deserving so. He was really badly abused before we got him, and when he warms up to someone he is...amazingly sweet. But he also takes for ever to warm up to people, dog, etc...and doesn't like traveling. (And my Grandmother, who my mom is going to take care of, lives in assisted living where no pets are allowed)

And hates being left alone.

We're going to see if he can stay with my dad, and if not Kiona is going to come visit him, because he likes her.

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So I got new glasses today. I pick them up tomorrow, hypothetically, if I can find my receipt. Heh.

I have a slight stigma, but really just need trumped up reading glasses. I'll post pictures when I get them. With my new hair. We bleached it blond, and it ended up really yellow, and at first I was like "Meh, I will tone it."

But now I'm sorta digging the Marilyn Monroe via Andy Warhol. It's fun for summer.

And I am so tired and sore and lazy lately it's pathetic. I reaaaaaaaally need to lose some weight. I know I'm not exactly svelt, but I have felt more Winnie the Pooh then Earth Goddess lately. D:
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So I got a $20 parking ticket at CU. But being as how I parked in that lot about a dozen times not knowing you needed to pay, I think it evened out.

And then the lady was like "First time? You can just pay the $3 it would have cost to park there. And if you park at this lot that's only a little bit farther away after 5, it's free!"

Fuck yes.

It pretty much makes up for spending $30 on two piece of fucking paper today. I hate being an art student some days. Nice paper though. The guy almost cut it hamburger style instead of hotdog.

And it was cute, someone left a Kingdom Hearts note under our windshield (We have a heartless sticker on the back) although the first bit was the note about "There are many world under one sky." and being in the middle of the Dark Tower atm I was like "OH GOD WHAT IS THIS?!" And then saw it was Kingdom Hearts-y, and it was about 80 times less surreal.

My girlfriend is almost playing living back brace. It's pretty sweet
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Monthly meme~!

The list )

I'm doing two cause I missed a day, and the tickle your fancy ones sorta are BS anyway:

Day 18 | Whatever tickles your fancy

I will use this to pimp the rp I'm in, [ profile] betenoire_rp

IT IS AWESOME. It's small enough you don't get buried, but plenty active. Everyone is VERY friendly. It says it's a sex rp in the userinfo, but I haven't rped sex once there, and haven't even seen that much rped. It IS on the mature side, but, LJHGDHAG it's just awesome.

I play femme!Dean Winchester. I would love any Supernatural people (Canon Sam, Dean, Cas, or Girl's from my AU, or hell an entirely different AU), and I would love to pick up another character if someone wanted to join with me as somebody. It's super friendly to all genres too, anime and non.

Day 19 | A talent of yours

I can organize shit like whoa. Our friends are a herd of ADD cats and I can generally get plans organized.

Also, I know shit.

Like...I absorb random shit like a sponge. I am an encyclopedia of weird shit. Generally not useful shit, lucky me. But I can tell you everything about Nightcrawler, and I haven't read X-men in years. Roles people played in tv shows. UFO sighting around the world. Fact about Killer Whales (THEY EAT ELK). I dunno if you can have a partially photographic memory, but if so I do. It's not as awesome as true photographic memory, but if you've ever seen me looking up something in a book, I look it up by where it was visually on the page. I just have high absorption/recall rate.

Except, of course, when needing to remember when and what exactly that piece by Picasso was cause I'm in the middle of an art history test.

Yeah, then I got nothin.

Fuck Picasso.

Also, I realized I have a whole nother day to do my homework. Guess who's not doing her homework till tomorrow!

I believe I will laze about, and pretend that whatever half rate hamburger I get for dinner is In and Out burger.
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So, our car quit yesterday. So I've been stuck in Boulder.

Including for a German test.

Awesome teacher said we could do makeup, however.

So I assess the damages tomorrow. Buuut I sorta knew this was coming, so it was not out of left field. Or like...I knew my car needed some serious TLC. So had the money whittled away.

Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 16 | A song that makes you cry (or nearly)

I will follow you into the Dark by Deathcab for Cutie

Hands down. Always. Usually in a good way.

(2nd, 3rd, and probably throughly like 80tyh would be snow patrol songs, including Run, Chasing Cars, and Make this go on forever.)
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So. I got let go today.

Or, I was told I had no hours and needed to see Alan about availability. Which. You know.

So I went up to see Ju to cheer me up. And I found out that Celeb is known for the trend of taking in apprentices, and using them for free work, and it not going anywhere. And that makes me feel...a whole lot better about that whole situation.

And I also got a super ugly 70's suitcase to match Ju's ♥

It was...generally a good day, considering how it started.
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Can't say I didn't try.

Still, probably the most...IDK I just had the word. Productive, honest conversation we've had in years. And I....just regret there was a brick wall that couldn't be knocked down.

I've been crying, but...I also feel...lighter. I dunno.
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Getting in con mode now for Anime Wasabi. Which is in one month. I don't generally like the term FML feels appropriate now.

Got some skinny jeans. Which./..I have always wanted. I spent too much on them but oh god skinny jeans ♥ I don't normally get to have like...fashionable skinny new clothes, it's stuff cobbled together from Savers, so even though I spent too much money (And I will not admit to how much I spent on a pair of jeans, damn you torrid) they make me feel super hot.

And I spent this weekend catching Syd up on Supernatural with Syd (Obviously), Sarah and my babies. And then cuddled with my babies a lot.

It was generally a really good pre-school weekend.

Except the damn con. D:

What life?

Jan. 13th, 2010 11:18 pm
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My classes this semester are (All on Tues/Thur):

Intro to Women's studies*: 10-11:15
Art Theory and Criticism: 11:30-12:45
Drawing 4: 1-3:30


German 1: 5:30-7:45 WHICH HAS A $200 BOOK WTF

BUT German is with Bevvy~! ♥

I'm really worried about Intro to Women's studies could be awesome...or not. I really wanted to take GENDER studies...but that's upper level.


I generally enjoy it. It's been...not terribly exciting. But everyone is super nice. And it's money, and money makes the world go round.


I can't watch video. Between no speakers, and funky visuals...just don't expect any video watching from me. Which....darling, we need to discuss the Supernatural marathon this weekend. I can put the episode on my flash drive, and I really wanted to host it here speakers=no fun.


I have been REALLY missing the desert. IDK why. But like...desert pictures have been comforting me a lot, and memories and stuff. I'm thinking I might bug my dad about camping on his property as it's....desert like.

Anyone game? ...anyone having camping shit? It probably would not be till the weather warms up...significantly.

I just...IDK. Joshua trees, and the huge sky, and everything has been...home lately.

I also think bare trees are one of my favorite visuals. Specially with beautifully colored skies behind them.
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I don't wanna get up at 5:30 tomorrow to take buttmunch to work tomorrow. And buttmunch 2 to the airport. And I don't wanna go to bed early tonight. Specially since I was up super late last night. And I have a picture I need to make for my portfolio due tomorrow. So if I'm not around...well.

Mom's going to California for about a week and a half, and we just cut off all her hair for locks of love.

And I have a job interview Thursday. \o/

And pretended to a Klingon today.

Also, don't forget my friends cut

Naruto spoilers )

And uhm...sorry to anyone who saw my epic cut failure.
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Ok, so Bev's grandfather passed last night.

I don't think she'll be around much this weekend, so if anyone wants to give me any messages to give her, I will pass them on, and if you wanna call her personally, e-mail/IM me for her parents #.
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So I arranged to get here early to get to this lecture...and then I saw a cat on the side of the freeway. Between the freeway and a train tracks. And I drove on....and then turned around at the next on ramp to go try to catch it cause no cat should be there.

And as anyone who isn't a bleeding heart cat lover could have told me, he bolted as soon as I pulled over.

And then I got here, went to Central classroom to go to 250...there is no 250. So I check my e-mail...

It's in Admin 250. Which is as far across campus as you can get. Like...I don't even think it counts as being "on" campus per say, so much as vaguely near campus. Roughly. And by the time I found that out I was 20 minutes late already, and class is at 1, so....fuck it.

It's been a really surreal morning.
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My mom's best friend's other best friend husband passed, so my mom has been supporting Sharon a lot so Sharon can support her friend. Cloud had just made a post about how your significant other shouldn't be your best friend just so you had this kind of support system. It's sound logic. I think being in a triad, I do manage to find the one loop hole, but it's an interesting thing to ponder on.

We were also discussing (Ju and me this time) the mentality that both of us ran into this summer that friends can put your through anything and have no consequences. Amanda tried to patch things up with her at least twice, and although Alex didn't try that, I know when he started that fight he didn't mean it to be the end (He said as much bluntly) but there seemed to be some belief that he could say and do anything, and I'd deal. And I'd bet money in that circle I get shit for not "Trying enough" or something. I know Amanda tried to pull that on Ju.

It's weird to me, and I'm someone who fully endorses talking shit about people you love. You can't ignore that friendships aren't all sparkles and sunshine, but you can't go the other way to down right abusive either.

Kiona's gonna post a list of rules for arguing from her sexuality class, and I really wanna see them. Shiiit I miss her.

And I'm suppose to call her. Hehe

Before I go, have a gorgeous video with a gorgeous song:

This is the part of the concert I cried during.
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I just printed out 30 pieces of Mucha art ($3), as oppose to paying $50 for an art books. I looked, and those sucker were NOT cheap. (I'm doing a report on him AND doing some art based on him, do together I figured I better print some shit out.

Also, Texxy, I think this is the pic I want a layout of: the one on here like 18 times XD

Today has sorta blown. I slept like crap, tried to sleep in, failed, and my stomach is all gross. Hypothetically from lack of sleep. And for some reason this month PMS=randomly burst into tears at ANYTHING VAGUELY EMOTIONAL. At all.

Seriously, I choked up at some cheesy billboard that was like "Even sport star have their hero!" with some broncos players and a kidlet. Pretty much I'm that clich. Yeah, that one.

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Just in case anyone was confused, ever:

I have beliefs I like quiet well, I don't need to borrow anyone elses. Yours may be awesome, but I've been cultivating mine for 23 years and I enjoy them quiet a bit.

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So yesterday was the first day of Fall.

And Colorado weather did NOT want you to forget. It literally went from mild summer weather to cold and miserable from when I went to bed on the 20th till when I woke up the 21st. It might snow tomorrow.

Also, yesterday was HG Wells birthday, and completely unrelated, my Journalism and Mass Communications teacher was having us listen to the original War of the Worlds Broadcast. I wanna find my tape of it and finish listening. To wrap it up, I watched the new movie with Tom Cruise. I forgot how effing intense that movie was.

For better or for worse I have my feet under me again in school. Test is done, and considering I had no book I was able to get down quite a bit from my extensive not book studying and just common sense (AKA "This piece sucks, must be Matisse") Both major assignments are done, and I don't have another one done for sometime. Just some reading to catch up on, and I'm good. I'll have time to work on commissions, rp, and Syd's writing challenge which I am excited for.

Also, I Re-uploaded a better version of this pic.

Also, watching Constantine makes me really excited for Keanu Reeves in the Cowboy Bebop movie.
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Guys, really, cut it.

I'm not reading any of your journals. I'm done with this childish, high school bullshit, and am happy that I have so many not awesome people cleared out of my life. Seriously, I lost one good friend, one friend, and one person who was touch and go who I was trying to make things better with (Until she called my gf a skanky bitch and generally had issues with her own sexuality all over the place), and all three? I have seen since I was silly to be fighting for the amount I did. Sure, there are some sideline friendly acquaintances I enjoyed that are gone, but really, they weren't people near and dear to the running of my life. I'll miss them, but in the same way you miss kids you went to HS with.

I'm not fighting for any of you for a reason, and it's not lack of arguments.

I'm glad to have you out of my lives (And I'm double glad it all happened at once so everything can be over and done with and I can get to the rest of my summer without lingering bullshit.) The people who mattered in my life showed up, and showed up in droves, when you all decided to be a bunch of nasty children. I have avoided being a petty bitch out of respect for those that deserve it (And trust me, there were PLENTY of opportunities along the way) so do you really wanna be the one out of us who didn't rise above it?

So please. Stop posting nasty things about me (and my loved ones). Stop spreading nasty lies. I'm done with y'all, please be done with me. You're not upsetting me personally, in the slightest (just reinforcing why I pulled away in the first place), but you are upsetting people that you DO have relationships with. And really, if I'm so worthless, why is it even worth causing the smallest amount of tensions between you and YOUR loved ones to gloat?

Again, no comments, because posting this is more then I want in my journal. If you matter and care, you can PM/e-mail me. (honestly, this post would be the opposite of friends-only...not friends only, but IDK how to do that.)
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[ profile] gabbygabe you have no made it so I have to keep my icons at an acceptable amounjt of awesom :3

I realized how NOT a girly-girl I am this week. Which is interesting as me and Cloud have been having like...talks about gender/what makes gender, etc. But in hanging with Steph and Shea I just realized...I felt like a man hanging out with them. Not in a bad way, hanging out with them was actually fun, just...very different. I don't know, I don't tend, I actually think I'm gender androgounous, but I kinda slide around so I have super girly days, and super guyish days, but nothing to any extreme, but I don't think any of my friends back home are super girly girls either, so I had forgotten how to be around 'em.

I actually, for being so anti-social lately, have been in a lot of different social situations. Which is really good, because it's pretty much exactly what my therapist has told me to do. Work on rebuilding my support. Even not with everyone forever, but there are many people I've been feeling much closer to, and I've made a few new friends, which I don't think I've done sans Cloud since first joining OA.

I dunno, it feels good. I'm feeling more balanced lately by leaps and bounds. I still wanna go in and get a medical evaluation (Because going "Oh, everything's better, no need to worry about it now!" when I'm not in the middle of it, especially with the possibility of it being bi-polarism, seems overwhelmingly not smart.)

AND. I have the money for California generally taken care of :D Happy day~

The 70's version of JC Superstar is so overwhelmingly chill. Likely due to the fact everyone involved with making it was likely high as a kite.

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