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So we went from kicking around ideas for a Hunger Games rp to having a massive plurk favorite and replurked many times (Last I check, 321 comments, 22 likes and 48 replurks, which if you don't know plurk is...fairly a lot) full of strangers wanting to play, and waiting for any updates. Like bursting with excitement wanting to play. Like a mod accidentally posted the reserves page before we were ready, it was up for like...30 seconds, and we got reserves.

The game mechanics are complicated at first, but I have a lot of hope that they will work very well, and make steps for getting rid of a lot of things (like too much cliquey-ness)

I'm really nervous but really excited. Me and my good friend Hats doves in first, and now we have a handful of very awesome mods and helper mods.

I'll link it here when were ready. We wanna open up reserves next weekend, capped at 50 for tributes.

I can't wait to see what happens.

Holy shit I haven't modded in so long.
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So I have been down and out with bronchitis+an ear infection the last week and a half or so. Missed 3 days of class and 4 days of work. Today they gave me an Nebulizer treatment and an inhaler because my cough has once again settled into stay.


And my computer return is still being "processed" so who knows when I'll get it. AND my phone is once again spazzing out. If you type in it in facebook, plurka, the browser or text messaging, half the time it freezes up and exits out of the program.

So I have been cut off from the internet. And sorta the world. I hate going back to school after a week+

Some thoughts on RP. )
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I have so much to do.

But I was sick Thursday/Friday. And it through my whole weekend out of whack.

And now I am sitting here watching The Stand and rping Stephen King character, and trying to convince a friend to read the Dark Tower and a super Stephen King mood.

Oh. Speaking of which. Eddie was accepted at BN. [ profile] lightupthedevil

I may try picking someone up at The Stand game, but they only accept non-AU and I can't think of anyone. /fails.
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So me and Oreo and Ella were gonna do a Lost PSL.

And then it became a community.

And you should probably come play with us. As long as you don't wanna play Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Juliet, or Shannon.

[ profile] lostastic
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Happy Birthday to all the various Sam's of either gender I play with, from my De(an).

Except your Samcifer [ profile] mortar. Fuck him.

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So I am feeling distinctly better. Not that things...are better. I am still kinda waiting for the other angsty foot to fall but...yesterday was amazingly awesome (girls day out lunch with Sarah's mom + Shopping + cheap 90 minutes massages + wine + Disney), and I slept well last night, and am just feeling pretty damn good about things. Me and Ju have been writing back and forth, and...I got a lot out. It might have burned that ridge, but it also I why I feel so good. At least in part.

I did smash my finger something wicked in the car door. I don't think it's broken is sorta a purple sausage.

The new apartment is wonderful, and I can't wait till it's all put together so we can have a million parties. The guy across the way is...not a friend from highschool, but someone I always enjoyed talking to, and we might watch his baby~!

And we also had crazy people steal our "Caution, contaminated room!" signs with the radioactive symbol on it and rep[lace it with thsi (Sorry for the sideways ness)

And completely unrelated:

RP musing on the break up and playing Male character. )
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*goes and curls up and dies*
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I HAS A MUSEBOX NOW. I'm doing this. For realz, yo.


[ profile] string_theories


If you are reading this, and RP, I want you to join.

Like everyone who reads this.

It's not very snazzy right now, but it will be soon And you should all link me to your museboxes so I can see samples (Even if they're private) Just say wether you want me to join, or if it's just a sample. I wanna just look at how people do it.
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Work is pretty awesome.

We got to dress in costume for a party today. Which was catered. So yes. Awesome.

But also pretty draining. And I am an old lady now in bed by like...10 or 11. And I hate morning. Though my "Fuck mornings" play list helps.


and I tried Dear Mun for the first time. I am illogically terrified of dressing rooms, so it was a big step for me.

I don't think I have ever used so much formatting in my life...

And this is my other Christmas icon! :D
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Ask me about any of my roleplay characters (And AU versions count, if you know them), and I will pick one of the following and tell you:

(a) Three facts about them from my personal fanon.
(b) A reason they're amazing.
(c) Five things that I'd like to see happen to them.
(d) Three people that I might ship that character with and why.
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my thread

De's the only character I have in a game right now, and PSLs. Cause me, Sarah, Ju, and Kiona don't pat each other on the back enough.
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My best friend and my girlfriend are on the bed across from me RPing John Winchester and child!Lucifer.

Playing the quiet game. of life's little surreal moments.
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...I just made a journal and uploaded icons for a Randal Flagg/Walter O'Dim RP journal. And I'd really love to play him. But IDK if I have the time/energy....

(But my journal name is [ profile] between18and20 which makes me a lot of happy.)

And while we're on things that make me happy, picture of me being a PINK SPARKLY PRINCESS.

AKA My Lottie Costume )
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So due to the last post I decided to LJ google me to see if I could find where people were coming from.

Most of the stuff was general a) People don't say much about me b) What was said was generally good or meh c) A few legit complaints d) someone claiming I bragged I was an English major, which is just weird and e) Some grude wank. Which was mainly from Orochimaru's Agenda (like I said...there wasn't much. This was in like...the first 3 pages).

But it really cracked me up that there were people bitching about my Madara being a streotypical gay man.

Mainly cause the only time I ever played Madara it was genderswapped. Which I would think would give them enough stuff to bitch about as is...

I also found a really good conversation I had with [ profile] pana, which was interesting as I have now meet her IRL.

...I also should probably do something productive with my life tonight.

Edit:...Fandomwank isn't anything productive. Ever.
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» Pick a character I've written, and I'll tell you five things from my headcanon about them.
» Ask me my characters' thoughts on [insert subject here] and I will write back an explanation.

My characters~!
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It's really weird to be rping in one tab, and then switch to the tab you're reading about Google censorship in and see the magical wizard you're playing in the article.

Because that's random as shit. ILU

It's so nice having time to rp. I had missed it.

And me and Sarah are probably gonna go get our tattoos tomorrow~! I am excited.

And we moved the computer out to the living room so I didn't feel like an anti-social hermit all the time.
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I have spent the day:

RPing Naruto/Sasuke MPREG crack.

RPing Sam/Dean cross dressing crack.

Watching Supernatural.

Hanging with my [ profile] table_chan

I feel like this is an awesome start to Spring Break.
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I'm working on some Dark Tower fanart and holy cow, that was not what I expected them to look like.

ALSO. Me and Ju name all our rps after songs. And were doing an rp using Dean Smith and Sam Wesson. And so we used lyrics from "Well Respected man" by the Kinks.

So our rp is called "And he likes his fags the best."

Because. You know.

So me and my mom were talking about my fight with Alex, and her fight with Sylvia, and I was saying that I'm sad that there have been things I just wanna send Alex, in good humor cause I think he'd enjoy them, but I wouldn't know how to make sure they came across as jokes, not bitchy (or weird), and there was no way to do that.

Mom: No, when Sylvia got breast cancer right after me, I really wanted to send her a farside comic that was like a man saying 'lightning never strikes twice!" as a meteor comes rushing at him....but I felt there was a high chance that might be misread as bitchy.
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Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 24 | Whatever tickles your fancy

So I found this in [ profile] drive_mah_car, my art/writing journal which everyone should friend, so I'm posting it here:

Crowley: Azriphale.
Azriphale: Yes?
Crowley: Is it working?
Azriphale: I, uh, I believe so?
Azriphale: Is it supposed to be doing this?
Crowley: Yes
Azriphale: Then I'd think it's safe to assume it's working.
Crowley: good.
Azriphale: That should be capitalized, really.
Crowley: should it
Azriphale: ...Yes.
Azriphale: It should.
Crowley: thats nice
Azriphale: Crowley, I know you can write. Type. Correctly.
Crowley: but doin it this way is easier rite
Azriphale: No, it isn't! You use this godforsaken machine exponentially more than I do, you have to be able to type better than I can!
Crowley: y
Azriphale: Excuse me?
Crowley: y
Azriphale: Crowley, I haven't the faintest idea why you're typing the letter 'y' at me.
Crowley: ....say it
Azriphale: ...All right? I've said it? I know how to pronounce it!
Crowley: why
Azriphale: ...Oh.
Azriphale: I see, now.
Azriphale: ...That is appalling laziness, you know that, right?
Crowley: Sloth?
Azriphale: Oh. Yes.
Crowley: ^^
Azriphale: What does that one mean?
Crowley: it's like...a face...sort of
Azriphale: What do you mean, it's a face?
Crowley: like the eyes
Crowley: A sort of smile.
Azriphale: I...will take your word for it.
Crowley: Like
Crowley: ^_^
Azriphale: a space between them now?
Crowley: it's a mouth
Azriphale: I still don't think I understand. But alright.
Crowley: You lack creativity
Azriphale: You lack punctuation.
Crowley: touche
Azriphale: So, what did you want to talk about? That required these methods?
Crowley: IDK
Crowley: just wanted to talk
Azriphale: IDK?
Crowley: I don't know
Azriphale: You don't know what?
Azriphale: This is the least conducive to communicating form of communication...ever.
Crowley: We could be texting
Azriphale: What is texting?
Crowley: sending messages on cell phones
Azriphale: Aren't cell phones for speaking to one another? What kind of messages?
Crowley: like...I'll show you nect time we meet up
Azriphale: I...alright.
Azriphale: You know I don't have a cell phone, right?
Crowley: ...really?
Crowley: I shouldn't be surprised
Azriphale: Why would I need one?
Crowley: You need one to survive
Azriphale: I..actually seem to be doing reasonably well without one?
Crowley: You're not
Azriphale: How am I not?!
Crowley: You're not
Azriphale: ...
Crowley: ur not

Crowley is me, Azriphale is [ profile] blushingdolphin, and I'm pretty sure we just did this utterly unplanned and spontaneously.

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