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my thread

De's the only character I have in a game right now, and PSLs. Cause me, Sarah, Ju, and Kiona don't pat each other on the back enough.
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So rp is making me really, really happy right now :D

I have like...not just cast mates but like...a cast. My De now has a John, a Jo, two Castiels, two man!Deans, and two Sams. And a Jimmy on hold And we were talking about Jmmy/De/Cas and wtf how did I find my kin?! (A set of Sam and Dean's are on hold, too) It makes me really happy.

And I have just gotten good feedback and am kjsdkjsdskgdf happy. And there is discussion of plot that is going to happen that also makes me kjsdgfkdsjghf Happy.

And Sarah and Bev are both joined/joining.

And me and Ju have an awesome PSL going, and we're considering making a musebox with Bev, Sarah, others(?) and posting them but IDK if anyone would care. And some part...are not awesome because sometimes we are just like "...tag to get from point a to b...."

But Bev found me a Stephen King dressing room and I was like ":D!!!!!" and has a taken character list. WTF DR? And of course 2 of the 3 characters I was interested in were taken. Ah well.

I may pick up Eddie at BN. But someone also asked for Max from Across The Universe. And I really feel like...I could do Max just as easily as Eddie.

But...Eddie can shoot things. Although he might also end up in the "Too similar to De" area in that the same plots. post, etc would attract them.

Also, I knew this icon would be painfully fitting /not doing homework.
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Ask me a question about RPing. It can be absolutely anything (OOC thoughts, pet peeves, IC plans, characters I play, etc) and I will tell you the honest-to-god answer. Don’t hold back. Whatever you ask, I will try my best to answer.
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I need to canon review Tsubasa to play Fai with [ profile] galenhiril because her Kurogane is awesome and my Fai is waaaay rusty.

And by canon review I mean just hurry up and finish the series as it's almost done. D:

Bah, I don't wanna be home. Although me and my mom's not fight seems to have ebbed. I have so much homework, and my art history book is not gonna get here in time for the test. Some awesome chick in my class helped put together a study guide G-doc though.

And [ profile] a_trialbyfire is sweet, and being almost finished with the Gunslinger makes me all pumped that I get to play in that world (It's really weird, I started reading that book the same week someone asked me to join there, completely unrelated)

And I need to get a present for my dad.

And reading Harry Potter fanfics makes my inner Sirius cry a lot and me miss Bev. D: It never made me sad James died (More then that sucks) until recently. And now I am like DDDDDD:


Mar. 24th, 2009 08:42 pm
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I'm teaching [ profile] galenhiril how to rp, and we settle on Howl and Sophie for a starter pair. I had been BRB for a phone call, and was about to get on another (not realizing she was away), but sent her my first tag before slipping off again:

Me:Everything was done, but the castle was...a disaster. And Howl had "Very important business", so was leaving her and Markel to clean. Everything.

It was very convenient "Very important business", she thought with a huff, as she picked up her broom, and went after a family of dust bunnies with the vengeance of a mercenary.

"How much you want to bet his 'very important business'" Her voice took on a flippant, mocking tone, "Ends RIGHT as were done putting the castle back together."

Sarah: (auto-response from Sarah) Off doing very important things. Be back soon. :3
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Azriphale: I had to give them it! (His flaming sword) They had a new born! You're so heartless.
Crowley:  What? I fed them.

I think I'm done rping, because I don't think I can ever beat that.

Like ever.

If you've never read Good Omens a) Do it. And B) Azriphale is the angel in the Garden of Eden. Crowley is the snake.

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(I am 3 in from the left on the two bottom rows. Sophie Hatter and Ozma)

This made my day...night, life IDK. Although I hope they don't quit D:


It's the first rp!secret I've ever been in (Besides the anti-OA mods one that used my post for the screen shot :/)

This is why every one should join like nao.

Also, dear mom...bugging me to go eat...and then decided to set up the Christmas tree "Real fats before we go." does not compute. That isn't a "real fast" type thing.
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What I forgot from my Chirstmas letter post:

A) This is my address

B) If you have a post already with your address, please link me in this post. I had marked off [ profile] celesia and [ profile] firaga's Christmas wish lists BUT any card lists I hadn't saved because I didn't think I'd be able to do cards.

EVERYONE get one :D

Puppies are doing well. Bruce is better, and Duddits, after a hard night last night, seems to be doing well. :D

And ANYONE IN THE DENVER METRO AREA who'd be interested in attending a Thanksgiving dinner full of geeky teenagers, tell me the dates around Thanksgiving you're avalible.


And I just learned a pit fall of rping in GDOC. I had left a short tag to Ju, with nothing but pronouns, and since Ju tags me back like...immediately, when I saw the post 3 days later I just though "Huh, that's a bit OOC." and replied.

To my own post.

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Ugh. Not being on the internet has made me feel...IDK. Very separated.

I'm trying really hard to fight it, but also, not sure how much I care anymore. I'm not one of the "cool" kids (And yes,I'm quiet aware that being the cool kid on the internet is kinda like being crowned "Miss Idiot Savant" but eh) and I'm tired of trying to be.

I just feel like so many of my bonds with people are fake, or a lot more important to me then to them, and I'm reminded of it every time I log on lately in some way or another. Nobodies said anything bad, I just feel very forgotten.

I'm also probably going to drop at least one rp. I'm waiting till I get back because I don't think it should be a choice made on hiatus, but there's at least one I find my self rolling my eyes about every time I check the flist, and rping should be fun, not a chore. I'm staying there for all the wrong reasons now, and that' There's better things to be doing with my time, and I'm not the type to stay around to watch the train wreck. But maybe I'll feel better about things if I can just get involved again, even if I think I've been locked out.
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OH GEEZE BUSY WEEKEND IS BUSY. I wanna get as much done on Chibwees and beads and books done as possible tomorrow, and all art is suppose to be done on Saturday *Cough*. I'm also gonna teach bev how to get the buttons ready, which requires teaching some basic PS. Fuuuuun.

And I still haven't gotten a hold of Celebrity. And EVERYWHERE I applied is calling me back now (BTW work places "Are you hiring?" doesn't mean "Will you be hiring sometime in the next 6 months?")

And I'm so scared to get my tooth pulled. But everyone who knows me is probably happy.

AND I'm all like...excited to rp. With no time or energy to do it. WTfail. But Micheal got Joker at AT :D

Speaking of which, this conversation made me crack the shit up:

Ju: *refering to someone talking to the Joker in Batman TAS* No. It can't be...that's IMPOSSIBLE!
Me: Except that would be the Joker saying that.
Ju: ...what?
Me: Fail Star Wars fan. Joker. Luke Skywalker. Mark Hamil plays them both. Fail.
Ju: Oh! I can't connect him with the Joker. Can you?
Me: Yeah...
Ju: But Luke is like...a little Emo Ninja.
Me: So the Joker is Sasuke?

...I hope someone else finds that funny cause I laughed for like 5 minutes.


And a Villan quiz. IDK how much I agree. i can see it, but I'd like to see the other choices )
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Almost everything for the new VDL is done :D It's just detail stuff now.

If you were a memeber of the old VDL (Or just interested in the game) and are interested in playing at the new one (Tho some things have been pretty heavily changed, it has more solid plot, some different rules, etc) go check [ profile] villedelumiere.

Old members have a week to either pick up their old characters, or apply for new ones. Those who were playing when Lu deleted the whole things have first dibs on their characters.

The new plot centers around the idea of fae pretty much playing a big game with everyone, which was my concept for VDL when I started the event, before it was nixed.

And in personal news I feel gross and yucky and wanna curl up in bed and cry for trivial reasons. UGH. Wtf.
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We're rping Irukashi, and she was like "...there's no i in awkward dear."

And I was like "There's no Kakashi in Iruka so he's about as pleased as you."

I don't think I've ever heard shocked sputtering quiet so lovely~♥

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