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I have been looking at old post.

Guys, I suck at reply to comment. I am so sorry. Especially you, Cloudy.I love them all. I read them all.


My new phone is going to cost me $99 despite having complete insurance coverage. :/ and I would put money on not getting an R2D2 Droid back from them. I'm gonna get a bitchin' case for it I guess this time.

My classes are all pretty awesome. Though I may totally miss the first photoshop assignment due to lack of book.

And, as sad as it makes me that Borders are closing, I also enjoyed raiding their going out of business sale. The one by Park Meadows still had an awesome selection this weekend (Their last, I'm pretty sure). We got:

Blood ties season 1&2 for my mom for X-mas
Die Hard with a Vegenace
White cat by Holly Black
So Yesterday and The Last Day by Scott Westerfeld
Welcome to Bordertown by various authors (Including Neil Gaima)
Instructions by Neil Gaiman
Hellboy: Darkness calls
American Vampire #2
Twinkie chans's crochet goodies for fashion foodeis
Y the last man #2, 3, & 4
The dark Tower: The Long Road Home
Living the Colony Life (For Forteanville research)
and Sarah got a bunch of Avngers comics too \o/
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My work this semester. Shamefully, all of it. I need to be a bit more prolific. But quality over quantity? )

Also, we have a hotel in DC and will soon have one in NYC. We will be traveling by I-70. We are down with making meeting arrangements with anyone.
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SO these are my first two scripts. Any feedback would be nice. Each section break is a new page, each line break a new word bubble. This is 2 of four.

Also, should the titles be song lyrics of geek things? The whole project is a geek title *Points at icon* Posted with current titles. Don't worry about technical things, they will be proof read.

“But it also breeds creation” )

“Now let us drink the stars” )
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...some guy just turned around and ask me how I type so loud on the mac keyboards.


I am so tired. Work started at 7 today, so up at 6:15. And class ends at 7:45 today. Plus another 30 minutes home, clock in my Mondays and Wednesday at 14 hours.


And as it's the first day it's all 30 minutes of intro, and then we are let free. So I have nothing to od till 3:30 and am afraid I might, legit, fall asleep if I don't stay active.

I think I will be making more comic in Watermedia though. Possibly one on travel. MAYBE one on paranormal, too.

And I am THIS close to being done with "The Black House" by King and Straub, the sequel to the Talisman. I still can't decide how I feel about it. It is like...a really good cross over fanfic. Like HOMG WHAT IF JACK SAWYER WENT TO ROLAND'S WORLDandneveractuallyranintoRoland.

I feel it'd be very frustrating to read if you had not read the Dark Tower. But it also cracked me up when Jack was like "I WILL DO IT! I WILL SAVE THE TOWER!" and Parkus being like "...actually, someone else is doing that. Calm down."


And holy SHIT Judy/Sophie and Fred remind me of De and Jimmy.

Also, I made a tumblr
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For better or for worse.

Shit is going down. Last finals are Thursday.

I currently have like...10% of my art done. Which is 10 fully inked, colored, and lettered 10x15 coming book pages (The lettering'll be easy though I just got cut up papers in the right size, Bev is printing the script out for me probably as we speak, and then I just got Xylene tranfer it to the pieces, which takes like 2 seconds)

And none of my Yoga papers.

But I have from now till 11 tonight, and from 4:45 till finish tomorrow, and maybe a little time Thursday morning, but I have to be there at noon to put up all my art.

Also, good job amazon:

I want to take that class.

.../gets off plurk and does homework.

I wrote the first line of this post, and reread it, and forgot wtf I was talking about...
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Ok, so I know like...X-files being like...Supernatural is like "oooh~...duh."

But also.

"Don't you ever want to just....get out of this car? Have a real life? A normal life?"

Just sayin'.

I have not gotten near enough of my homework done. And there have been some awesome amazing parts of this weekend's been a downer, overall.

A good friend who I wanted to be a better friend is leaving, and several things came up brain keeps dwelling on. And they weren' they're stupid things to get hung up on, old things that are done, mind just keeps twisting them around.

Oh lord. Ah well.
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I know I should be studying for my surprise German test.


I really don't want to.

...maybe German wasn't the best idea this semester. Like...I wanna learn it, but through Osmosis (Which...this is the one subject I feel you can learn through osmosis) but...I have no place to truly osmosis.

Ah, if only I could just go chill in Berlin for a few months.

OH HELL YES EDIT: I just found out you can have form spring make you questions. I will never be bored again. And there goes my German studying. And if anyone wants to ask me things, there you go.
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Unrelated, but:

I figured out my thematic series for art. It is going to be based around the idea of how...people don't see beautiful things around them. Like, for example, how people are always like "Kansas is ugly, it's flat and ugly and boring."

And when we go through Kansas we are like "Beautiful skies! Super cool wind farms! Beautiful gold fields! Awesome decaying farm houses!"

So it's sorta to get people...seeing what's interesting instead of dismissing it for what's not.

It's going to be called "That sense of something smaller then awe but bigger then me."


And also, the Supernatural season 5 outtakes are overwhelmingly gay. Like. Wut.

Like gay for Supernatural.

And that's a lot of gay.
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Ok, so I'm blowing up your flist, I know.

But like...last semester there was SUCH an emphasis on our thematic series being DEEP and PERSONAL and MEANINGFUL in really blantly obvious ways. And now I caught up in that I'm afraid my thematic series is...super cliched.

I'm doing it on emotion. And I'm sure I can make the pieces interesting, but...they seem cliched to me. And I don't know what else to make them on. One girl did everything on teeth, and another on "Things that people see as negative." on antique windows (So it'd be like...spider and jellyfish and looks really cool) and...idk. I feel so...obvious.

I need 6 pieces, all tied together, and big ones, and I DON'T wanna do it on people in my life. I did it on body image last semester and hate those pieces. I want nothing to do with that.

I dunno. My head hurts.

/whines more.
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Holy gay Crowl-Wait, that doesn't fit at all.

jgdsfkjdksjgsjgakj-Not Spoiler free Supernatural post. )

When you see this message, post in your journal with your favorite Season 5 SPN quote.

Buenos dias, bitches.


I'm not sure if that would be my all time favorite if I sat there and went through episode by episode, but it popped into mind and I panicked.

We're watching Kingdom Hospital. Otto has a new context now, what with him being Death and all last week. I'm still assdfaadsa over all the 19 and Nozz-o-la references.

AND my finals went well, and my teacher was like "Don't worry about it." about my paper being two week late (CASUEHE'SAWESOME) . And then Stephen King hashed my groove by having an angsty as shit death in the Dark Tower.

And I went to talk to UCD. Pretty much what it comes down to is I need to talk to CU and see if a BA in drawing from UCD (better school, also sorta their sister school) is worth more then a BFA in drawing from Metro (better degree).

AND TONI BROUGHT ME BACK THE RISING SON COMIC FROM GERMANY IN GERMAN. I still only have issues one AKA John Winchester gets English atm, but I'm going to work at translating it.

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Colin Ford crying comes up in my life one too many times (Which is any because he's adorable and should not cry. But apparently he can only play character's who grow up to have suck lives involving awful powers)

We're breaking from arting. We got a chunk done, but I decided whatever I get done by tomorrow night, is what I'm taking to critique. Sunday and Monday are for German and art theory and crit.

And then, for better or for worse, I'm done. Ugh.

Also, Iron Man rocked. I'd say I like it better then the first, but it's shiny and new atm. But still, worth while.

And now back to other homework.
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Today has generally sucked...but I'm with my girls.

And I had given up on hearing back from A-fest in Texas....only to find out we got a table there!

So it hasn't entirely sucked :3

But yeah. Forgot everything when going to school. Got a unfairly shitty grade on my art paper. (not just shitty, but unfairly shitty. Deserving shitty is one thing, but...if 8 out of 10 people fail the's not the 8 people's fault), AND I found out my 10 page paper that I thought was due NEXT Thursday...was due LAST Thursday.

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So I talked to my art teacher in class today. And by talk, IO mean cried for about an hour straight.

BUT I told her I hadn't done anything since midterm, and felt no inspiration, and we talked through things and I feel less...hopeless about the whole situation. I don't think the projects going to be PERFECT,'ll be.

AND WE HAVE TV AGAIN. This is the first time in like...9 months.


And a meme, taken from Ko:

I died:
I kissed you:
I fell:
I lived next door to you:
I showed up at your house unexpectedly:
I stole something:
I was murdered:
I cried:
I asked you to marry me:
I was hospitalized:

Trust me enough to sleep in the same bed as me?
Keep a secret if I told you one?
Hold my hand?
Study with me?
Cook for me?
Love me?
Date me?

When and how did we meet?
Describe me in three words.
What was your first impression of me?
What do you think of me now?
What reminds you of me?
Could you see us together forever?
When's the last time you saw me?
Are you gonna re-post this to see what I say about you?
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So I got a $20 parking ticket at CU. But being as how I parked in that lot about a dozen times not knowing you needed to pay, I think it evened out.

And then the lady was like "First time? You can just pay the $3 it would have cost to park there. And if you park at this lot that's only a little bit farther away after 5, it's free!"

Fuck yes.

It pretty much makes up for spending $30 on two piece of fucking paper today. I hate being an art student some days. Nice paper though. The guy almost cut it hamburger style instead of hotdog.

And it was cute, someone left a Kingdom Hearts note under our windshield (We have a heartless sticker on the back) although the first bit was the note about "There are many world under one sky." and being in the middle of the Dark Tower atm I was like "OH GOD WHAT IS THIS?!" And then saw it was Kingdom Hearts-y, and it was about 80 times less surreal.

My girlfriend is almost playing living back brace. It's pretty sweet
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That test I went into with absolutely no studying and not caught up on the readings?


Fuck yes I'm awesome \o/
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I think every essay I need to write should start with the prompt:

"Suspend your archaic beliefs about time and space."

I, however, think they should NEVER include me having to pick apart the sentence:

"And only the Abstract Principal-Calculation-as the consquence of the active aspiration to build the world, can build a Picture."

WTF. Also, capitalization?
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How is it that there are no real coffee shops on the whole Auraria campus?

And that, now that I have a means to update my twitter, it never can connect to the internet despite my whole campus being wi-fi wired. And it always connects long enough to bring the app up, lemme type up the tweet...and then drop the connection.

I had no idea the Handmaiden's tale was like...futuristic dystopian novel. I have significant more interest in it now (As I'm...interested period) Which has nothing to do with her being fro Gilead.


Jan. 19th, 2010 10:49 pm
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Women's Studies: Is going to be easy. It's pretty much like " up if you want. Do some work, if you want."

Also, I need to write a paper on a book, movie, or TV episode.

I think I'm gonna pounce on Sex and Violence, the siren episode of Supernatural. Heh.

And the head of the Women's studies department invited me to display there again, and was trying to talk me into a gender or women's studies major.

Art and theory: My teacher used the term truthiness and called Thomas Kinkade a hack. As it should be.

He is every liberal, opinionated college professor stereotype.

I like him all ready.

Drawing 4: For some reason Sandy super intimidated me. IDK why. She's pretty cool. And all my project are all ready laid out. I'm doing an animation based on "Teeth" by Lady Gaga and then a short sequential piece on body image.

Also my class is 9 people, and 8 of us are from Drawing 3. It's awesome.

German: Sure is German. The Julia in my high school German class is in the class, ironically. AND BEV. Oh man I love going to school with Bev.

And so know how you rarely run into people you know in college? I ran into like...20 people I knew today.

RPing meme...that I am doing instead of rping. )

What life?

Jan. 13th, 2010 11:18 pm
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My classes this semester are (All on Tues/Thur):

Intro to Women's studies*: 10-11:15
Art Theory and Criticism: 11:30-12:45
Drawing 4: 1-3:30


German 1: 5:30-7:45 WHICH HAS A $200 BOOK WTF

BUT German is with Bevvy~! ♥

I'm really worried about Intro to Women's studies could be awesome...or not. I really wanted to take GENDER studies...but that's upper level.


I generally enjoy it. It's been...not terribly exciting. But everyone is super nice. And it's money, and money makes the world go round.


I can't watch video. Between no speakers, and funky visuals...just don't expect any video watching from me. Which....darling, we need to discuss the Supernatural marathon this weekend. I can put the episode on my flash drive, and I really wanted to host it here speakers=no fun.


I have been REALLY missing the desert. IDK why. But like...desert pictures have been comforting me a lot, and memories and stuff. I'm thinking I might bug my dad about camping on his property as it's....desert like.

Anyone game? ...anyone having camping shit? It probably would not be till the weather warms up...significantly.

I just...IDK. Joshua trees, and the huge sky, and everything has been...home lately.

I also think bare trees are one of my favorite visuals. Specially with beautifully colored skies behind them.

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