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[Error: unknown template qotd]Clearly a relevant question to me.

But also...IDK D:

There is Eddie. And Bert. And Roland. And Jake. (Dark Tower)

And Jack Shepard. (the Talisman/Black House)

And Beaver. OMFG I love Beaver. (Dreamcatcher)

And I really love Barbie (Under the Dome) but also fuck that book.

Also, does Haven count? Because I love Audrey, Nathan and Duke.
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third tattoo achieved.


I wanna add more, but roses and guns makes the most sense and...I am not a rose and gun tattoo kinda girl.

Done by AJ @ Electric Crayon in Denver
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I have so much to do.

But I was sick Thursday/Friday. And it through my whole weekend out of whack.

And now I am sitting here watching The Stand and rping Stephen King character, and trying to convince a friend to read the Dark Tower and a super Stephen King mood.

Oh. Speaking of which. Eddie was accepted at BN. [ profile] lightupthedevil

I may try picking someone up at The Stand game, but they only accept non-AU and I can't think of anyone. /fails.
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My thoughts on Under The Dome, by Stephen King. SpoilerTASTIC.

He ran away to San Francisco. I always knew he was gay. )
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...some guy just turned around and ask me how I type so loud on the mac keyboards.


I am so tired. Work started at 7 today, so up at 6:15. And class ends at 7:45 today. Plus another 30 minutes home, clock in my Mondays and Wednesday at 14 hours.


And as it's the first day it's all 30 minutes of intro, and then we are let free. So I have nothing to od till 3:30 and am afraid I might, legit, fall asleep if I don't stay active.

I think I will be making more comic in Watermedia though. Possibly one on travel. MAYBE one on paranormal, too.

And I am THIS close to being done with "The Black House" by King and Straub, the sequel to the Talisman. I still can't decide how I feel about it. It is like...a really good cross over fanfic. Like HOMG WHAT IF JACK SAWYER WENT TO ROLAND'S WORLDandneveractuallyranintoRoland.

I feel it'd be very frustrating to read if you had not read the Dark Tower. But it also cracked me up when Jack was like "I WILL DO IT! I WILL SAVE THE TOWER!" and Parkus being like "...actually, someone else is doing that. Calm down."


And holy SHIT Judy/Sophie and Fred remind me of De and Jimmy.

Also, I made a tumblr
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So rp is making me really, really happy right now :D

I have like...not just cast mates but like...a cast. My De now has a John, a Jo, two Castiels, two man!Deans, and two Sams. And a Jimmy on hold And we were talking about Jmmy/De/Cas and wtf how did I find my kin?! (A set of Sam and Dean's are on hold, too) It makes me really happy.

And I have just gotten good feedback and am kjsdkjsdskgdf happy. And there is discussion of plot that is going to happen that also makes me kjsdgfkdsjghf Happy.

And Sarah and Bev are both joined/joining.

And me and Ju have an awesome PSL going, and we're considering making a musebox with Bev, Sarah, others(?) and posting them but IDK if anyone would care. And some part...are not awesome because sometimes we are just like "...tag to get from point a to b...."

But Bev found me a Stephen King dressing room and I was like ":D!!!!!" and has a taken character list. WTF DR? And of course 2 of the 3 characters I was interested in were taken. Ah well.

I may pick up Eddie at BN. But someone also asked for Max from Across The Universe. And I really feel like...I could do Max just as easily as Eddie.

But...Eddie can shoot things. Although he might also end up in the "Too similar to De" area in that the same plots. post, etc would attract them.

Also, I knew this icon would be painfully fitting /not doing homework.
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So it's Stephen King Thursday :D

Today was Desperation Which had Matt Fruer being a good guy. I don't know what to do with that. Next week is The Langoliers!

We are now watching "High Plains Invasion"!

It's about Spike being a lawless criminal in the old west. On the day of his execution ALIENS ATTACK! I'm pretty sure they just ate Lisa. Ju, you should rejoice. Oh, snap, she's fine right now.

And we've also got like 98236983465 commercial for Stone Henge Apocolypse. Which is gonna be awesome.

Oh, Sci-fi Original movies, how I love you.

My Dark Tower review, while I'm on the subject of Stephen King. This is not spoiler free, but I'll try to keep them down as much as possible. )

Me and Tex were just having a conversation about mixing Japan and Misha Collins. It was a lot of Godzilla and ridiculous.
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So, if Stephen King is correct, me and Ju are both mildly (likely VERY mildly, since neither of us lose sleep over it) OCD and never realized it.

Because this character was discussing being OCD and getting to the "Goal number" and how if they didn't they felt all these things. And I was like "That's so silly, that only happens if you don't keep the patterns right on the floor when you walk....oh. huh."

My plan today is to apply at Micheals (1) and read and obscene amount of comics (2). I've got American Vampire and Supernatural: Rising Son done, and am reading N right now. next is the first issue of Y: The last man, and something called Chew, and Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud which I have been meaning to read for years.


I am going to put in an order for physical copies of my comic "But only if you let it", all 16 pages, full color, full comic book size.

If you're on my flist, it'll be $3, plus S+H if you're out of state and can't just grab if from me. IDK how much it'll be at cons, but probably a bit more (Probably $5). If you had read the bits I have on DA, I'm not gonna not finish putting it up there, I just know *I* like having physical copies of things better.

But lemme know soon so I can order that many more then the ones I'm ordering for the con/family.
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The Last Ever Lone Gunman-Snow Patrol
Fire on the Mountain- Rob Thomas (I honestly think this song might have been written about this series)
Break on Through-The Doors
Somebody to Love-Jefferson Airplane
Hey Jude-Beatles
Careless Love- (I ttly found a version on youtube, completely unrelated, by Odetta XD)
Violet Hill-Coldplay
Paint it Black-The Rolling Stones
Knight of Cydonia-Muse
Someone Saved My Life Tonigh-Elton John
Somewhere over the rainbow-Judy Garland (I'd prefer a slower, eerier version)
Paint it black-rolling stones
Behind blue eyes-The who

And it should probably have the ZZTop song from Lud Which is sorta fucked up, but you know. I wanna find more that fit Susannah, Eddie, Jake, etc, but as I just read Wizard and glass I am like "Roland! Bert! Susan!"

And I feel like "I'll make a man out of you." would be weirdly appropriate. And Susannah would win.

I'm sad. Cause there is Linkin park that fits. but Linkin Park=/=Roland. Ever.

Oy! Ake!

Dec. 7th, 2009 03:46 pm
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My ears hurt weirdly. Like...not like "OH GOD I MESSED THEM UP." but also apperently they are made of tissue paper and not like...manly. Like Sarah's ears.

Also, Sarah makes me a sheep. She says "Put this in your face." and I do. I hope she never tries to kill me. :3

Also this thing about the Dark Tower and Lost has me wanting to absorb both right now so I can read it. And also go off hiatus at [ profile] a_trialbyfire but neeeh finals. But it makes me so happy that they said Walt and his dog are like Jake and Oy cause I love Oy a lot. And Jake a lot.

Heh. Speaking of which. It's a good thing I have done well thus far in Art History cause...let me tell you of about 15 piece we had to recognize, I knew maybe...3 artist? And stabbed in the dark at titles, dates, and styles. BUT her tests are very knowledge centric ( matters a lot more that you can talk about the cultural context of Chicago's Dinner Party then that you can remember the year it was made) so I should be ok. I have a high C, and high B, and a mid B as my other grades in that class so everything will be AWESOME.

And this song is hot as shit. And I'm trying to draw art to it. And failing.

I REALLY like the Bravery. I blame the Killers for being late to this train.
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a) I have gauged my ears. I have no idea if/when I'll ever go bigger, but they are gauged at 14.

b) Lost. I am trying hard not to spoil myself and NOT doing well. I didn't do anything but look up an actress on IMBD...and notice the episode count she was in. Opps. But also, yes Cherie, WTF polar bear.

Also, we were discussing how redonkulously similar Charlie's scene on the plane was to Eddie's in the Dark Tower. Like "This is this scene filmed." similar. An then I remember JJ Abrams was suppose to make the Dark Tower and loves those books.

So I'm gonna go out on a limb and say MAYBE that was a nod to the Dark tower.


But as I don't wanna spoil myself on either, I can't really...poke around.

Also, I'm wary of the ARG of this because Cloverfield is STILL DOA. But oh god I love ARGs D: I am trying to figure out like everything. Right now.

AND I'm being very dumb and not taking Ju back till late, even though it's snowing like a mo-fo.
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The crab and egg quiche I ate is not sitting well. And given those ingredients, I'm a bit worried.

I'm on book 3 of the Dark Tower, and I officially love Eddie. And also, Jake. I wanna like...take care of him. I am, in general, super enjoying it. The first book was...blah, but now I'm past it I am like \o/

SOMEONE IN THIS LAB HAS A COW KEYCHAIN IT JUST WENT OFF. It's super not mine cause it's at home.

I often wonder about computer labs. Who in here is writing/reading fan fiction? Posting to their LJ? Doing something that we should be bonding (or bitch fighting) over. I'd love to see two people wanking all over each other in some comm turn around and realize the person they'd just posts a string on insults sitting right behind them.

I started doing new sheets of Chibi's for buttons/sticker at fae X and I'm pretty much in love with all of them thus far. Except the two Chii's. Fluffy lolita does not fit my chibi blob style.

I also have sucked balls at writing, but have been enjoying doing it anyway (In RPs and my little notebook of fanfiction that no one will ever read) I was rereading a bit from a writing prompt from Stephen King and think I might finish it, but it has no way not to end sad.

AND I get to watch my first new episode of Supernatural tomorrow in....5 years I guess. (Two episodes shy of 5 years exactly. actually.)
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I really wanna marathon Kingdom Hospital like....right now.

I'm sad the video quality kills the awesome jerkiness of the camera. Kingdom Hospital might be my favorite Stephen King TV show/movie thing. It's weird to me how INTENSELY Stephen King it is, to, considering it's actually based on a Danish Mini Series.

All the snow is almost melted. Colorado remembered it was Halloween, not Christmas.

And we're almost to season 4 of Supernatural. \o/

I feel like I have a lot of things to say. But I can't think of any, so ♥
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Those reading/having read It will understand why this picture rather terrified me, instead of amusing me:

I don't know when/if I'll be on today, I'm rather horridly pissed off.
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So I'm reading It. I got one chapter in, and cried. BUT the fact that Pennywise calls himself Mr. Gray pretty much cemented that he's a Byrum* as far as I'm concerned. *The aliens in Dreamcatcher. I was told between the two it's heavily implied, but as I read the second first I failed at judging HOW heavily.

And The XXXholic novel is REALLY good. Like...REALLY. I think I enjoy it MORE then XXXHolic. And I enjoyed the not sosubtle Fai and Kurogane bit.

In more seriouse news, Mom went to court for the dogs. The DA thought it was all over the top, and got us down tp $350 in fines, and we have no limits on getting animals again. So pretty much...we can go get new dogs. They just...took ours.

I don't even know.


I'll be gone to starfest all weekend \o/ and then NO CONS till July,
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So, I started reading the Shining. And stopped because I liked Jack too much. But it created this thing that every time I look up towards Boulder, and see the snow clouds, I feel really bad (If you don't know the Shining, they are taking care of a hotel, based on the Stanley in Estes Park, and get snowed in...and freaky shit goes down)

Anyway, yesterday I was looking up, saw the snowy cloud, felt that pang...and rember that THE STANLEY IS IN FACT WHERE I WILL BE TOMORROW NIGHT.


It's super haunted. But I wasn't scared till then.

Also, every time I listen to Downfall by Matchbox 20 (kindly provided by youtube and a Supernatural music video) I wonder why there's not a Good Omen's music video to it.

And then remember there's nothing to make a music video WITH. XD

Maybe I should make on of those cheesy fan art ones.

Also, watching that I uh...see what you guys mean about Wincest.
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So it always seems weird to me that like....movies are picked apart for their mistakes from canon, and then they hit some level of "good" that no longer becomes an issue.

For example, I'm watching the old The Shining...and's nothing like the book. Same basic plot, yeah, but the character are TOTALLY different in looks, personality...(Well, sans Danny, not much you can do with "Psychic 6 year old"), and all of the little details have been off thus far.

I haven't seen enough yet to decided if I like it as a MOVIE (Tho I'm having the issue I can you become emotionally involved in Jack's descent into madness if he's a nutty asshole the whole time? The whole heartbreak in the book is that you LIKE Jack, and you feel like Jack and Wendy are trying SO hard and just got caught in a situation WAY over their heads. Jack Nicholson is just an asshole...)
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Me: I'm so glad I'm not the only one who found Jason Lee attractive in that. (Dreamcatcher)
Bev: I think they all were. Except maybe Jonesy.
Me: He was like a teddy bear. Except when he like...killed people.
Bev: Then he was like one of those teddy bears who kills people.

So I got a nice check today, and should be ok for a bit. Good times :3 I feel much better about things.

I also rocked my performance today AND am quiet pleased with my piece of art.

BUT I was the definition of "I can't brain today I have the dumb."

Also, my dog Sasuke will rip open my mom's bag to get at tomatoes.

I'm so not even kidding.
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I really frigging HATE when books have ambiguous endings. GRAH.

I just finished Cell by Stephen King. I enjoyed it a lot, and have already decided MY ending but GAH.

Also, I really am meaning to write up a big long post but brain's been fried. Like...literally. I sit and stare at the computer screen when I get time on. Words are not coming easily to me (See: "Hey guys I'm gonna run down to the uh...the uhm...alcohol store to get a soda."), and I just feel like I have the 3 am punch drunks in like minor degree all the time lately.

The same thing has been my issue with rping. Which is why I've only sorta been pushing for it, cause I WANT to, but I don't want to make any one suffer through my dumb, or cause a line to crash and burn cause I'm like "Dur dur dur." (If you rp with me, and don't mind suffering through the dumbs, poke me, and maybe we can put our normal story lines on hold to do something that it won't be a great tragedy if I ruin it)

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