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I really think the Supernatural Wiki over explains things.

Yes, we all probably know what Crowley meant when he told Cas he was the bottom And probably aren't checking the Wiki if we don't.

And I don't think the actual smurks had anything to do with Dean's comment.
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Genderbent Dean/Michael | SPN. Still not sold on the BG.
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Happy Birthday to all the various Sam's of either gender I play with, from my De(an).

Except your Samcifer [ profile] mortar. Fuck him.

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Me: It's this game called angry birds. See, those pigs ate your babies, so you are trying to kill them.
Mom: But what kinda bird are they?
Me:...angry ones.

Bev: Crowley just wants a younger man after Bobby.
Me: I don't think Cas is younger then Bobby.
Sheldon (Via Sarah's text message notif): Bazinga!

We also...forgot Supernatural tonight, until we went on a 8:40 Church's chicken and DQ ice cream cake run (Bev and Sarah are very susceptible to advertisement)n and were listening to E.T. by Katy Perry and like "OH SNAP."
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Amy from The Big bang Theory is Femme!Castiel.

This is my favorite show right now, btw.

Also, that last episode of Supernatural. That is my favorite show right now.
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Weird ass Supernatural dream time(And it's a weird one):

We were at a Supernatural convention, dressed as ALL the Supernatural character in traditional German attire. So I was like...Fraulein Blond Ruby (Are the girl outfit ALSO called Lederhosen? IDK) And we had everyone, in outfit appropriate Leder Hosen (Like Cas's was being, with blue tie thing, you get the idea) except Sam. Fuck that guy appernetly.

Then at the convention we ended up watching Supernatural in German, with both German and English subtitled, except the subtitles didn't match, and all the character had ridiculous German voices. So I wandered away...into an actual Supernatural rehearsal.

Where Bruno Mars was scoring the episode.

It should be pointed out right now that I barely know who he is. Except in my dream he was Luis from my art class.

Anyway, he needed to improve some stuff. So clearly, being the great concerto pianist I am, I took over playing what was written for him, so he could improve on top of it.

And he loved me so much I became his apprentice.

The end.
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At dinner tonight, I was sitting there, talking with my dad about conspiracy theories, and shit.

And he informed me.

That they found a robot head on the moon.

Also, fuck The CW.
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For better or for worse.

Shit is going down. Last finals are Thursday.

I currently have like...10% of my art done. Which is 10 fully inked, colored, and lettered 10x15 coming book pages (The lettering'll be easy though I just got cut up papers in the right size, Bev is printing the script out for me probably as we speak, and then I just got Xylene tranfer it to the pieces, which takes like 2 seconds)

And none of my Yoga papers.

But I have from now till 11 tonight, and from 4:45 till finish tomorrow, and maybe a little time Thursday morning, but I have to be there at noon to put up all my art.

Also, good job amazon:

I want to take that class.

.../gets off plurk and does homework.

I wrote the first line of this post, and reread it, and forgot wtf I was talking about...


Dec. 7th, 2010 11:52 pm
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So I decided for my print-a-thon this semester,I'm going to print a bunch of those fandom Academic essays, mainly from Supernatural issues, but not just. I just...want to read them a lot and never will, well it's online. And I'd subscribe to this journal in a heart beat, buuuut they don't actually have paper copies.

Really, how could I say no to things like "The epic love story of Sam and Dean": "Supernatural," queer readings, and the romance of incestuous fan fiction and Annihilating love and heterosexuality without women: Romance, generic difference, and queer politics in "Supernatural" fan fiction and Becky is my hero: The power of laughter and disruption in "Supernatural" And also, wut: Let's get those Winchesters pregnant": Male pregnancy in "Supernatural" fan fiction should be awesome. Or...something. Probably more on the something end of things.

And "May the journey continue": "Earth 2" fan fiction, or Filling in gaps to revive a canceled series proves I didn't invent that series in my head.
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Oh also.

Pengwinfeary: Look. Ok. Sample one and two are from like...1998
Pengwinfeary: that shit was fine in 1998
Pengwinfeary: so was face glitter
Pengwinfeary: and many other things we don't think about
Pengwinfeary: and if he starts listening to the spice girls and wearing lace up platform sandals, we are done
Pengwinfeary: because that fucker doesn't need to be any taller
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A Femme!Dean Winchester fan-mix for anyone interested We had a fan mix meme in BN, and I got really into it.

And we made delicious foods, but I still feel icky. And made it to season 6 of Lost :D (We were like...on a roll...and then hit a Lost road block.) And I am amused that, apparently in the contract making part of his career, Fred Lehne (Azazel, Kate's babysitter), is like "Ok, but if this shit makes it to season 6, I get to be in the season premier. I don't care what strings you have to pull, it's happening."

And I feel I have nothing to talk about lately.

So I will rant about Supernatural misuse of skinwalkers. )
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Me: I hate grammar, it's stupid.

And...if you have not met Ju, she's...kinda loud. Like...a train wreck is kinda loud. And we were outside, coming in from the car.


She is also breathing down my neck so she can continue to explain all this.

What she doesn't know is that I generally know all this, I just like making her explain with awkward examples.
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Julia was flashing me with soft!Dean.

Who looks weirdly naked without his jacket. It's like Donald Duck without his shirt. You don't notice that the whole thing is naked till that jacket is gone...

Her halloween costume is cute. She is cute.


Our Halloween plans for the night sorta....weren't.
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So rp is making me really, really happy right now :D

I have like...not just cast mates but like...a cast. My De now has a John, a Jo, two Castiels, two man!Deans, and two Sams. And a Jimmy on hold And we were talking about Jmmy/De/Cas and wtf how did I find my kin?! (A set of Sam and Dean's are on hold, too) It makes me really happy.

And I have just gotten good feedback and am kjsdkjsdskgdf happy. And there is discussion of plot that is going to happen that also makes me kjsdgfkdsjghf Happy.

And Sarah and Bev are both joined/joining.

And me and Ju have an awesome PSL going, and we're considering making a musebox with Bev, Sarah, others(?) and posting them but IDK if anyone would care. And some part...are not awesome because sometimes we are just like "...tag to get from point a to b...."

But Bev found me a Stephen King dressing room and I was like ":D!!!!!" and has a taken character list. WTF DR? And of course 2 of the 3 characters I was interested in were taken. Ah well.

I may pick up Eddie at BN. But someone also asked for Max from Across The Universe. And I really feel like...I could do Max just as easily as Eddie.

But...Eddie can shoot things. Although he might also end up in the "Too similar to De" area in that the same plots. post, etc would attract them.

Also, I knew this icon would be painfully fitting /not doing homework.
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So we were discussing Supernatural tattoos, because I really want one but really do not want their tattoos. And I'm also really picky about geek tattoos, and really picky about...liking the image apart from the fandom (So if I don't like the fandom I'm not like "FUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!" about having that symbol on my body). And I originally was like "Castiel's hand print~!" but now I'm sorta like "Hm." Although Sarah brought up the idea of doing it in white...

ANYWAY we were discussing other options.

Not entirely serious ones.

Me: I could just get their faces tattooed on me, and beat out the creeper level of the girl with the Jensen Tramp Stamp...
Sarah: Oh! Oh! And make their lips pucker and get it on your ass so when you clench your cheeks they kiss. And then you can awkwardly show it off to them at conventions!

...It worries me that posting this may give someone an idea.

Ju also wants it noted she thinks I should get them on my cleavage, not my bum.

WTF brain

Oct. 22nd, 2010 03:59 pm
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So this morning I had dreams that:

a) I was Rob Thomas giving a concert. But also a chick. Not myself, though. Like...Genderbent Rob Thomas.

b) This one is a bit longer, but also has like...the most awesome thing I ever said in a dream:

So my dad was going on a date, and the lady had a kid, and so I was dragged along because kid loved me. And so I went and made my dad buy me expensive cocktails to make up for being a babysitter on an awkward date.

And then the whole date things was gone, and it was me and the kid, who was now my niece Kyra, and we were going backwards on the road to find baby sheep to cuddle with. And the first farm whatwe thought were sheep were actually sheep shaped rocks. And the next place was sheep shaped piles of paper. (IDK wtf was wrong with these farms that set up decoy sheep.)

The we found a farm that was awesome and had a million types of animals we could buy and pet, including a giant round blue chick, AND PENGUINS. For $1.28. Which I talked myself out of buying, but they were cute, and fit in the palm of my hand, and if you blew in their faces they made a face like this -_- all angry like. They also looked like...tiny, fat adult penguins, not penguin chicks.

And Toni was there, because apparently small, cute bird means Toni must be there. And Toni, if I ever have a chance to buy a baby penguin and don' correct me.

ANYWAY we pet baby farm animals to our hearts content, and then went home and watch Supernatural.

And Kyra was like "Why is this show so cool."

And I was like "Cause cool guys don't look at explosions."

And then I woke up.


IDK dude.

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