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My thanksgiving was....Meh.

Dinner was meh. Nothing bad happened, and nothing good happened, but we ate turkey and watched Lilo and Stich, and generally avoided too much awkward with it being dad, mom, me, and dad's girlfriend.


My two girlfriends. My handful of best friends. My bigger handful of good friends, both on and offline. My family. My pets. My art. My finical aid. I'm not dead. I got to travel to beautiful places this year, and the last few years and meet wonderful people. My brain is generally in the right place.

I love life. So that is what I'm thankful for.
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So something that just struck me as weird about people who say Cattle Mutilation are wild wild animal carefully eats the organs, and avoids the muscle?

That's just weird.

Anyway, the thanksgiving party was awesome, but I ended up spilling a not Colorado Bulldog all over my keyboard. My mom though we had put away like...7 bottles of hard liquor (We went and grabbed alcohol from Bev's house so the big kids could have a few drinks, and so got a lot of "We have this bottle with half an inch at the bottom, here." and my mom though we had gone and bought new bottles.)

It's an...amusing? Sad? Statement that my mom thought we were super drunk, and I'd say barely any of us were even tipsy. We're just that ridiculous.

And we played Apples to Apples for like...2 hours IC. IC board games are possibly the greatest things ever.

And I cried when we were doing our "Thanks" a few times.

AND Sarah enjoyed her birthday present, we made her a Supernatural Bath set (So it had salt, and "holy water", and "Holy oil", and a Charm bag thing, and an upside Cas FBI Badge. And everything was Musk scented. Which gives me a valid excuse to use this icon.)

And Toni was not able to come, but I got to see her Friday which made me super happy cause I miss her.

...and now I need to go get my ass working on Homework.
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Soooo all my extended family lives in California (Or Illnois, or Australia) so I was a very sad little girl at Thanksgiving cause it was usually me and my dad at Country Buffet. (It is still ususally me and my dad, but now it's at his friends, or girlfriends, and it has created a lot of good...or at least interesting thanksgivings. Like the Mamopuff Incident.

Anyway, because of this, my mom suggested that we hold a Thanksgiving of our own, with all my friends. I am very much a person who believes family is what you make it And really have never seen the opposite work too well :/ My big, related family is all full of step siblings and half siblings that are as much related as the people I share blood with, and I can guarantee I'm way closer to my girls then any of my cousins. So family is...what your family is, not who you're related to.

So arund Thanksgiving (This time it's Saturday) I have my big family dinner, and it's always something that's made me so ridiculously happy, and reminds me of what really matters, and is everything Thanksgiving should be (Except Thursday)
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"So were you ever molested as a child?"

At Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of strangers (+dad, who is not a stranger)


Because pretending to be a male with a connection to pastries means you were molested as a child.

I'm not even kidding. I was explain that DA account (it was part rp exercise, and part art exercise) to this nutter "So avante guarde~!" woman at this poet turkey dinner, and she says that. And goes on for about 5 minutes about how I will free my self when I come to grips with it.

Everyone was pretty slack jawed.

Does pretending to be a male with a connection to pastries even come up? Ever? Like....who sat there and tried to figure out the root cause of that?
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Post what you're thankful for here! (And it does not in any way, shape of form, have to be related to me)

I am thankful for the fact that, although I may not be rolling in the doe, and life is kinda touch and go sometimes, I have an amazing security net of friend of every shape and size, from people on here that, even if we don't chat for hours every day I know if I showed up at your house you'd give me a warm meal and a few buck for a bus ticket and a bunch of hugs, to people like Alex and Ju who'd help me bury bodies.

I'm thankful for my successes, I'm thankful for knowing where I'm going, I'm thankful for the puppies making it, I'm thankful for ALL the great new friends I've meet this year (Hot DAMN there's a lot of them) and the people I've gotten closer to. I'm even thankful for the trials I've been through, so I can see where thing stand.


I've gonna wibble now.
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What I forgot from my Chirstmas letter post:

A) This is my address

B) If you have a post already with your address, please link me in this post. I had marked off [ profile] celesia and [ profile] firaga's Christmas wish lists BUT any card lists I hadn't saved because I didn't think I'd be able to do cards.

EVERYONE get one :D

Puppies are doing well. Bruce is better, and Duddits, after a hard night last night, seems to be doing well. :D

And ANYONE IN THE DENVER METRO AREA who'd be interested in attending a Thanksgiving dinner full of geeky teenagers, tell me the dates around Thanksgiving you're avalible.


And I just learned a pit fall of rping in GDOC. I had left a short tag to Ju, with nothing but pronouns, and since Ju tags me back like...immediately, when I saw the post 3 days later I just though "Huh, that's a bit OOC." and replied.

To my own post.


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