a ufo rant

Jan. 13th, 2017 09:08 pm
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Ok so a few times the "IF UFOS are real why aren't their more videos of them with smart phones everywhere!?!?"

Which is frustrating because

a) even knocking out the like 80% of crap videos, because of smart phones there are a lot of really good, really solid videos.

b) I can't take a picture of the moon with my iphone for shit and it's huge, bright, and holds still.
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Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 14 | A non-fictional book

Alien Agenda by Jim Marrs: http://www.amazon.com/Alien-Agenda-Investigating-Extraterrestrial-Presence/dp/0060955368/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1266268336&sr=8-1

Some of the stuff is really out there. But if you throw out the stuff that's really out there, you're still left with a whole lot of shit that will make BLOW. YOUR. MIND. /powerthirst

It talks about crop circles, UFO sighting, government far seeing experiments, ancient astronauts. I think sometimes he puts x+y and decided it MUST equal 33, but just reading what x+y is alone is enough. You can ignore a lot of his conclusions, but his evidence is well researched (And fully annotated) and the evidence is what matters more.

It also made me feel so much better about an alien invasion possibility, because by the end he's like "They've been here for awhile, and if they were going to attack, they wouldn't have waited till we had WMD and could blow ourselves up if they tried."
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So yesterday was the first day of Fall.

And Colorado weather did NOT want you to forget. It literally went from mild summer weather to cold and miserable from when I went to bed on the 20th till when I woke up the 21st. It might snow tomorrow.

Also, yesterday was HG Wells birthday, and completely unrelated, my Journalism and Mass Communications teacher was having us listen to the original War of the Worlds Broadcast. I wanna find my tape of it and finish listening. To wrap it up, I watched the new movie with Tom Cruise. I forgot how effing intense that movie was.

For better or for worse I have my feet under me again in school. Test is done, and considering I had no book I was able to get down quite a bit from my extensive not book studying and just common sense (AKA "This piece sucks, must be Matisse") Both major assignments are done, and I don't have another one done for sometime. Just some reading to catch up on, and I'm good. I'll have time to work on commissions, rp, and Syd's writing challenge which I am excited for.

Also, I Re-uploaded a better version of this pic.

Also, watching Constantine makes me really excited for Keanu Reeves in the Cowboy Bebop movie.
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So I walk out of Ju and there's this huge, lit up...thing hanging over her house. Low over her house. Like. Not an airplane.Or at least not a commercial one. It had the wrong lights in the wrong places and was SUPER low, even for planes over Brighton.

M<e and Ju just kinda...clung to each other as it moved over her house and the houses across the street and then we couldn't see it. And Kinda freak cause we were outside so I could leave, and...didn't wanna leave. So finally we un-cling, and I head out and while I'm going through these undeveloped fields, I can see this light of the same strange gold just...hanging way low, and way close (And the path of the planes were clear cause there were like...10 of them, and this look liked NONE of them) So...I didn't get home the fucking terrifying no lights. no other cars, no houses way. I added 10 minutes to my trips but...fuck that.
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I was looking up clan history and found this :3

Think I should hit up mom to head back to our roots for a bit.

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