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[Error: unknown template qotd]Clearly a relevant question to me.

But also...IDK D:

There is Eddie. And Bert. And Roland. And Jake. (Dark Tower)

And Jack Shepard. (the Talisman/Black House)

And Beaver. OMFG I love Beaver. (Dreamcatcher)

And I really love Barbie (Under the Dome) but also fuck that book.

Also, does Haven count? Because I love Audrey, Nathan and Duke.
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"The great gray beast February had eaten Harvey Swick alive."

Thief of Always by Clive Barker.

It may not be th ebest I've ever read, but surely the one that has stuck with me.
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Ok so I don't usually answers these but how could I resist?

Across the Universe is my favorite. But I have also got burned out on it. But I still have the idea of getting it's lyrics tattooed one me.

I also loveA day in the life, Fixing a hole, Hey bulldog, Norwegian Woods, and All together now just makes me fluffy and happy and bouncy.
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Well, let's see. A RANDOM SAMPLING:

All of the Dark Tower+Duplicates and comic+about 10 other King books
Survival of the Prettiest: The science of beauty
I was a Teenage Fairy
The art of Alphonso Mucha
Manga: Naruto, X, Tsubasa, Paradise Kiss, Card Captor Sakura
Everything You Know is Wrong
Alien Agenda
Art since 1900 Ihatethatfuckingbook
Reinventing Comics
The Oz books (The first run ones are in plastic bags)
Alchemy and Mysticism
American Gods
A Ghost Named Fred It is about a boy named George who gets a BFF of a Ghost named Fred. It makes me happy and wibbles simultaneously.
Harry Potter 1-7
Hunt for the Skinwalker
Dangerous Angels
The Secret Garden
About 30 art books and how to art books.

Plus: A LOT OF DVDS, art supplies, printed out rps and fanfics, costume bits, and a baby turtle.

Named Sheldon.

Is anything there surprising?
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Jean-Luc Picard.
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I don't think I'd make an issue about it with a friend, but I think it's pretty disgusting to kill things for fun, and who can't find a way to have fun that doesn't involve killing shit? Really?

It does get better when they at least EAT what they kill, but as you can go get any variety of meat and food substance from the store (And I know that food doesn't always come from animals that were treated well...but I also doubt many hunters only buy free range meat at Whole Foods to respect those cows) that just means they're not wasteful.

I use to have this hippy idea that they bonded and respected the animals they killed, and although their may be a FEW who do....I have yet to meet them. There isn't much skill involved (Perhaps if one was hunting with bow and arrows) and really any bonding (with nature or each other) can be done in about a billion other, non lethal ways.

It's just a brutal things that it absolutely unnecessary no matter how you slice it (And any "over population" is likely an issue because of us being assholes anyway). If someone would like to speak up who is a hunter who does buy free range food when they're not hunting and does use it as an opportunity to commune with nature and thank Earth/God/The animals for giving us their life for ours (And I don't mean cast a thought that way, but that's why you hunt, not to go out with your buddies and have some fun), then I think you're pretty awesome. And I'm willing to bet those are not the kind of hunters who are loud about being hunters and that may be why I don't know of any of them But I have yet to meet any hunters like that. Killing for fun is...not cool.

Unless they're zombies.
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Very. It is probably the biggest issue we face.

I don't think it's possible to reverse the trend, however. We might be able to adapt, and slow it, and keep the world in something akin to normal, but can tell things have changed already. How a typical the weather patterns have been.

And I don't just mean huge hurricanes and BIG things. In Colorado we had no "big" issues (Probably a blizzard or two, but no storm of the century) but things are just wrong. Weather is too mild when it shouldn't be, too cold when it shouldn't be.

And I think part of the issue is, right NOW, at least makes the weather nicer. And it's not always "warming", it feels wrong to call it global warming when I have to pull on a sweater in June. (not the last couple of days, damn) So if you aren't facing horrible, awful things, it's easier to ignore.

But, some statistic (And I'm linking to wiki, not because it's the only place these statistic exist, but because it rounds them up nicely. if you have an issue with wiki, kindly scroll down a few inches to click on the sources they credit3 scientist say global warming doesn't exist. 4 say they don't think the data is conclusive, 24 say it's natural, and 7 say it's source is unknown. And in the last two cases that still means we should be figuring out what to do (Just that it may not be our fault)

Now here's the list of scientist who agree. It's big. And I think it's worth noting that this page is listed by organization, not single scientists. There's that many more of them.

But at this point? I'm not worrying about it. Not cause it's something to be worried about but because the people who are high enough to care....don't care. Instead, their cutting corners on oil refineries and lobbying to get the laws thrown out that will cut down on emissions.

We want and we take, and we're not willing to give up even a little bit of comfort. And even worse, we justify it, and mock those who try to make a difference. So, as far as I'm concerned, we're fucked, and we deserve every moment of it. But human adaption is mind boggling, so we'll make it threw some how I'm sure, as long as the death of this planet comes slow enough for us to adapt.

There's a quote on the wall by my school that's along the lines of "Treat the earth well, for it is not a gift from your parents, but borrowed from your children."

Apparently were the kind of person who borrows something, and returns it's stain, ripped, stretched out, and utterly useless.
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Everyone, meet [ profile] blushingdolphin

No, I kid. We will always be twin stars but she likes bell pepers so clearly it is not a perfect match.

Honestly, I'd probably hate myself. It wouldn't be fun to watch.

This icon is so weirdly fitting.
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Like...there were a lot I knew about, eventually. I wasn't unaware, I just....don't have vivid memories of finding things out... But the first one I remember distinctly hearing about on my own was Columbine.

It's really vivid wasn't a news story about Columbine. I got sick at school (which I did a lot), and my mom was picking me up. On the way home 93.3 had a traffic report, and was like "Avoid this area in Lakewood, there's something going on at Columbine High School, and they have the roads all blocked up."


I have super enjoyed Kiona being here. We have no really been "doing" things, but just...chilling and enjoying being around each other. Working our way through Supernatural.

I am sooo tired though wtf.

Also, saw Shutter Island. Holy Shit it was depressing D:
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So. Like a billion.

I enjoy Mothman, just because it's SO wtf and also the explanation available might not be the right one, but their are facts involved that just don't make sense else wise.

But the be all end all of OMG WTF IS THAT FUCKING SHIT has t be Skinwalker Ranch. That wiki is about a forth of the length it use to be, and still at 4 times longer didn't give this place the credit ti deserved. If you can get the book about it it is...mindblowing freaky shit. And I enjoy the book because it's not like "Clearly this is aliens", they never settle on what it is, and rule out everything they can think of.
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It would dub them forever as an absolute nutter.

And, a meme about the year.

My charade is the event of the season )
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Soooo all my extended family lives in California (Or Illnois, or Australia) so I was a very sad little girl at Thanksgiving cause it was usually me and my dad at Country Buffet. (It is still ususally me and my dad, but now it's at his friends, or girlfriends, and it has created a lot of good...or at least interesting thanksgivings. Like the Mamopuff Incident.

Anyway, because of this, my mom suggested that we hold a Thanksgiving of our own, with all my friends. I am very much a person who believes family is what you make it And really have never seen the opposite work too well :/ My big, related family is all full of step siblings and half siblings that are as much related as the people I share blood with, and I can guarantee I'm way closer to my girls then any of my cousins. So family is...what your family is, not who you're related to.

So arund Thanksgiving (This time it's Saturday) I have my big family dinner, and it's always something that's made me so ridiculously happy, and reminds me of what really matters, and is everything Thanksgiving should be (Except Thursday)
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Ms. Wasinger.

Ms. Wasinger was my art teacher from Sophmore to Senior year (And Senior year I had two period with her for AP. We studied with the art 3 and 4s and had independent study we work on our portfolio

Ms. Wasinger is still possibly one of the best art teacher I have ever had. And now I've had (literally) roughly 30. So that's saying something.

She was stern, Which...15 year old me rebelled against GREATLY. Don't get in the way of MY artistic vision thank you very much....I would have arguments with her...near screaming matches in class. And I wasn't quiet Hermoine, but it wasn't for lack of being a know it all goody two shoes. It was for lack of caring that much. But anyway, me getting into a screaming match with a teacher was....a pretty BFD. Let me tell you, NO ONE got under my skin like Ms. Wasinger. I hated her.

And if she hadn't been so harsh with me, I'd suck so much now. I'd not even be an artist. And it took 3 years of yelling and fighting and trying my best to undermined her and creating the nickname the art nazi (Which....Godwin's law and all but some days she really did deserve it) to realize how much she cared, and how worthwhile she had been as a teacher. She fought to get us good supplies in an improvirish school (I always worked with Prisma brand in that class. Always) and kept good care of them so we could keep using them. She fought to get the AP program, and kept it to such high standards that they didn't challenge it (Most of us got 3-4-5's. I doubt she'd let you send it in if it wasn't that high of quality) She taught me so mubh about content, quality,'s why my first few years of college art classes were a bore. She DID hold us to that high a standard.

And she said, before I graduated something that I've never forgot. "You have to be harsh to weed out the ones who are really devoted, and sometimes you lose some, but I'm glad I never lost you"

I am ignoring the negative effect Mr. J had on me, and keeping this positive~!

(Gigi gets a bit of props for being the teacher there who, when I was deciding between college and high school art teacher was like fuuuuuck that go for college. Possibly verbatim) And Mr. Bullock for keeping me Science minded (he's probably be happy to know that stopping me in the hallway and telling me that I was all wrong in life and should be presuing college 5 years after he'd last had a class with me STILL makes me doubt my whole life. Until I remember science=math. Or talk to Olera about his work. Far too lazy for that.), and my Astronomy teacher who's name I can never remember for being that one person that I first realized I had effected not just because I had to effect them because I was their friend/kid/relative but because I just HAD. (She, among other things, had a bouquet of roses delivered to my class after I won scholastic. Which was the sweetest thing I can remember a teacher doing once I got over the 11th grade disappointment of a dozen red roses being from my middle aged astronomy teacher and not a hot, sexy romantic interest)

In other news:

Me and my mom BOTH failed at opening her child proof pill bottle. Then again I have the arm strength of a 3 year old and she's cripple.

Also, WTF at wearing OTHER school paraphernalia at Auraria campus. Metro, CU, CCD sure....but UNC? CSU? YOU DON'T GO THERE and it just makes you looks DOUBLE sad. are wearing something you probably paid for that, in actuality the school should be paying YOU to wear and generally being a branded advertisement whore* and're advertising that you want to go someplace you can't and are unhappy where you are. Now I'm sure THEY don't think of it this way but really.

*In class today we were discussing Advertisement branding. branding is when you shove a piece of hot metal onto a cow to sear a logo into them. Think about that next time you put on a logo t-shirt.
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"So were you ever molested as a child?"

At Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of strangers (+dad, who is not a stranger)


Because pretending to be a male with a connection to pastries means you were molested as a child.

I'm not even kidding. I was explain that DA account (it was part rp exercise, and part art exercise) to this nutter "So avante guarde~!" woman at this poet turkey dinner, and she says that. And goes on for about 5 minutes about how I will free my self when I come to grips with it.

Everyone was pretty slack jawed.

Does pretending to be a male with a connection to pastries even come up? Ever? Like....who sat there and tried to figure out the root cause of that?
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Danke, bitte. Was instead of what (does not work online). So sweet in german which I cannot type.

I also like Nani a lot better then What, but avoid it due to mis use of fan girl japanese.

I am in SUCH an across the universe mood. Like whoa. We watched it, and I'v3e been listening to it, and my max muse is like "Hey, pay some fucking attention to me why don't you?"
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Yes. I don't think it has to be done 100% for everyone, and some people can be devoted and not monogamous, but in my life, I think I need monogamy. Even though we're poly. So maybe were polygamouse. But yeah.

Also. New Naruto. Wut.

ALSO [ profile] submit_yourself is visting till next Thursday so that's why I haven't/won't be around.

ALSO [ profile] table_chan Go tag nao. Right nao. RIGHT NAO. ILU.
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I hate that phrase SO much.

Seriously if you have to talk to me about something and it's not like "I'm about to crush all your hopes and dreams" you should like...not use that term. Or immediately follow it with "It's not big, it's about X"

If you are about to crush all my hopes and dreams well...

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Fuck you Australia.

It is not like peanut butter.

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