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At dinner tonight, I was sitting there, talking with my dad about conspiracy theories, and shit.

And he informed me.

That they found a robot head on the moon.

Also, fuck The CW.
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For better or for worse.

Shit is going down. Last finals are Thursday.

I currently have like...10% of my art done. Which is 10 fully inked, colored, and lettered 10x15 coming book pages (The lettering'll be easy though I just got cut up papers in the right size, Bev is printing the script out for me probably as we speak, and then I just got Xylene tranfer it to the pieces, which takes like 2 seconds)

And none of my Yoga papers.

But I have from now till 11 tonight, and from 4:45 till finish tomorrow, and maybe a little time Thursday morning, but I have to be there at noon to put up all my art.

Also, good job amazon:

I want to take that class.

.../gets off plurk and does homework.

I wrote the first line of this post, and reread it, and forgot wtf I was talking about...
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What I did today:

Played velociraptor.


Sarah and Ju are trying to figure out how to pick a bottle cap with no thumbs.
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Oh also.

Pengwinfeary: Look. Ok. Sample one and two are from like...1998
Pengwinfeary: that shit was fine in 1998
Pengwinfeary: so was face glitter
Pengwinfeary: and many other things we don't think about
Pengwinfeary: and if he starts listening to the spice girls and wearing lace up platform sandals, we are done
Pengwinfeary: because that fucker doesn't need to be any taller
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My best friend and my girlfriend are on the bed across from me RPing John Winchester and child!Lucifer.

Playing the quiet game. of life's little surreal moments.
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You know why I don't own this yet?



My life will not be complete until I own this.


Oh lord.

Sep. 2nd, 2010 11:22 pm
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So once upon a time, when Naruto had the closing credits that was like...a chibi Naruto knocking himself out to be awesome, and Sasuke just kept easily breezing past him, and the end was Sasuke giving him a towel, I found an icon that was a screen shot of Sasuke...I believe holding the towel, but some bit from that ending.

That was all the icon was. It wasn't animated, filtered, texted, nothing. Just a cropped and resized screen shot. I snagged it for some conversation where it was relevant, and then left it cause that ending cute enough, even if the icon was plain.

Some time later, I got a PM saying something along the line of "Hey, if you care about credit, that icon was made by ____" This was when I had 15 icons (So...over two years at least, come October), so it stuck out as to not having credit. I read the e-mail at school or something, so made a mental note to credit, and then forgot it. Because I credit icons when I can, but it in not an all consuming thought in my head.

A few weeks/months later I received a REALLY nasty PM from a different person then the first, and then another, about how dare I not credit that icon.

I sorta rolled my eyes, and ignored it because...if you're seriously going to be a bitch about, icons are primarily derivative works, especially crop/resizes. They are someone elses media. I credit to say thanks for doing something cool, or to give some free advertising, not because I think icons are great pieces of art that need recognition. (And before anyone gets upset...I generally feel the same way about my fanart, and I sure as HELL feel that way about the icons I have made. As long as someone doesn't say THEY made it, or make a profit off it...I wanna know cause it feels good. Makes me smile. And if I snag someone elses icons, I hope they'll smile)

I even considered taking the 30 second to remake it but figured that was unreasonably childish (And I was already being...reasonable levels of childish at that point), and seriously...who would keep pushing it after being ignored?

The icon got circled out not too long later, and I didn't think much of it.

Like clock work, every few months I get a nasty anonymous comments about "How dare you say _______ because you steal icons and don't credit even when PMed about it!"

For two years. About one icon. That I do not have anymore, and have not had for some time.

And I'm not kidding that it is like clock work to this day. That one at least happens to be icon related, but they haven't all been. I know I tl;dr there, but it's getting irritating. There was one anon meme where they were like "You are an awful bitch because you didn't credit that icon!"

Who really has so little of a life that they care so much about pixels that aren't even really theirs, in this case.

I have legit wronged people, and they have cared less then this chick. I can't even comprehended what kinda of life this person lives to care so incredibly and unproportionally about one uncredited icon two years ago.

If you are ever in the middle of anon wank, and feeling down, just remember....these are the kind of people posting anon.

Disclaimer: I think anons can say brilliant shit, and should not be dismissed out of hand. I also hope against hope that this person is hiding behind anon because they realize how stupid they are and are ashamed to own up to it.
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So, in the Oz books (As in, Wizard of Oz) there ids a magical princess who get turned into a little boy to be hidden away.

So it's this 10 year old boy who finds out he's actually a magical fairy princess.

And the various movies have dealt with it differently. One swapped out the boy for a girl at the end. One made her trapped in mirror, not as a boy.

Then there's this:


That little boy HATES YOU ALL.
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I had this dream Disney made a Supernatural made for TV movie. Except the only Supernatural character were Eddie Dean and Susannah Dean* who were both hip, young teenagers. Susannah of course had legs, as well, no wheel chair.

*It didn't occur to me till I woke up that these are not, in fact, Supernatural characters.

And it involved Power ranger like costumes/armor suits that may or may not have combined into a giant mecha. And then they killed off Susannah, and I was SO pissed they killed off the best female character on Supernatural (The Disney, made for TV movie version, at least)

I was so mad I spent the rest of the dream angrily blogging about it.



Anyhow, art was awesome. Yoga was awesome Even if Svetlana sounds like Misha Collins character from CSI.</s< I'm pleased with this semester so far.
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No seriously, wtf is wrong with people.

To clarify, I have no issue with fandom names. If you have not heard how AWESOME I think my male Star Trek/LotR hybrid name would have been, you have not been around me long.

However, you know what I would have had to answer to at roll?


Not Legolas, Spock, or Han Solo. You also should not give your child a name that will be torture to them for the rest of their lives.

Though my mom legitimately had to talk my dad down from Luke Skywalker.

And I hope no one is trying to pass that off as a religious name. No, I really don't think you gave a shit about the Angel of Thursday 4 years ago.
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Bev: Have you ever noticed you ability to look like Stich?
Me: .....what?
Bev: ....sound. Not...look. 

I don't, for the record, think I ever sound like Stich. Unfortunately. D:

I feel like the website is a terrifying typo waiting to happen
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So it's Stephen King Thursday :D

Today was Desperation Which had Matt Fruer being a good guy. I don't know what to do with that. Next week is The Langoliers!

We are now watching "High Plains Invasion"!

It's about Spike being a lawless criminal in the old west. On the day of his execution ALIENS ATTACK! I'm pretty sure they just ate Lisa. Ju, you should rejoice. Oh, snap, she's fine right now.

And we've also got like 98236983465 commercial for Stone Henge Apocolypse. Which is gonna be awesome.

Oh, Sci-fi Original movies, how I love you.

My Dark Tower review, while I'm on the subject of Stephen King. This is not spoiler free, but I'll try to keep them down as much as possible. )

Me and Tex were just having a conversation about mixing Japan and Misha Collins. It was a lot of Godzilla and ridiculous.
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Mom: The new karate that Will Smith's little girl?
Me: Boy.
Mom: Well, her last name's Smith, and her mom's Jade...
Bev and me: It's a BOY.
Mom:...oh no D:

I don't think I have ever seen a D: face so perfectly IRL. She thought the twist was that the Karate Kid was a girl. We didn't break it to her that twist was already done, too.
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inkyumbrella: ...what is
pengwinfaery: not something you ever wanna look at
pengwinfaery: like I don't know what EXACTLY it is
pengwinfaery: but it's like 2 girls 1 cup somehow
inkyumbrella:'s an old man orgy.
inkyumbrella: Actually.
pengwinfaery: I am crying I am laughing so hard right now
inkyumbrella: Shut up.
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Holy cow

I wanted to say something witty about feminism, and Disney, and Disney princesses, but really, the anti-feminist statement in that are just...mind blowing. I hear the term slutshaming thrown around a lot, but I don't think I have ever seen such a clear example of what exactly it is.

All this make me want to do is my Lottie costume. So I can adjust my giant, sparkling pink tits all the time.

You know, like she does canonly. In the Disney movie. Which is clearly only for innocent children.

Maybe I will get one of these people to faint from the ~scandal~!

Some more seriouse thought on it. )

And, while I'm at Fandom Wank instead of German homework:

A really cool blog about why Fanfiction is good! It's mainly focused on "Offical" Fanfic such as West Side Story (And AU of Romeo and Juliet), retellings of the Jesus story, Wicked, both of the new Version of Alice and Wonderland, etc.

ALSO SARAH: The Star Trek Strange New Worlds anthologies, which are explicitly fanfic contests restricted to amateur authors. I feel that's a relevant one for you too look up.

Mago de Oz

Apr. 28th, 2010 02:21 am
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WTF is Folk Metal?

Like....I feel those are pretty mutually exclusive music styles.

/rhetorical question. I'd rather have my ridiculous mental constructions then find out it's just some really hard core Bob Dylan covers.
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I feel like.

I feel like if that was suppose to be "Erratically" that Kurt Fuller should REALLY work on pronunciation.

And if not.


There's really nothing more to say.


Because the fact that watching this, and saying "Did Jensen Ackles just get tea bagged by those giant midget testicals?" NOT being the weirdest thing said during this....well.

Just watch it.

The Plight of Clownana

The Movie Clownana | MySpace Video

It's 15 minutes you....won't...regret?
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Listen: We give artists a lot of shit here (mostly because we miss all of the girlfriends we have lost to them) but honestly? You can't discount the importance of the artist; they are the single greatest resource we have for shining a light back on the problems of society. They are as important to the advancement of human culture as any technology and, though we joke about it now, a life spent making art is truly a life well spent. Our creative visionaries should be honored and valued above all else.

And then there are performance artists.

ILU cracked.


What is this I don't even...

Might I point out that post is from September 21st.

And says nothing about Supernatural. Which I feel like you need to WORK to find a journal post of mine that's SPN free.

Then again, maybe in SEPTEMBER....
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Me: Frank just died. I think in the Mall of America.
Mom: Since that's in Minnesota, and they're not, probably not.
Me: Well it's a big damn mall.
Mom: * Indescribable mumbling* big damn mall.
Me: Did you just say "YOUR a big damn mall."
Mom: Your moms a big damn mall.

I love my mom.

We spent too much money this week. But we also now have all of Supernatural, the first two seasons of Lost, and season 2 of the Boondocks. Yay Target.

I'm really drained and tired. I have not finished my homework. And I have missed most of the Day after Tomorrow.
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I looked up "my Daddy shot your daddy in the head" on photobucket.

And it was like "Photobucket DOES NOT host sexually explicit content."

What kind of porn are the photobucket staff looking at?!

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