Feb. 28th, 2012

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So we went from kicking around ideas for a Hunger Games rp to having a massive plurk favorite and replurked many times (Last I check, 321 comments, 22 likes and 48 replurks, which if you don't know plurk is...fairly a lot) full of strangers wanting to play, and waiting for any updates. Like bursting with excitement wanting to play. Like a mod accidentally posted the reserves page before we were ready, it was up for like...30 seconds, and we got reserves.

The game mechanics are complicated at first, but I have a lot of hope that they will work very well, and make steps for getting rid of a lot of things (like too much cliquey-ness)

I'm really nervous but really excited. Me and my good friend Hats doves in first, and now we have a handful of very awesome mods and helper mods.

I'll link it here when were ready. We wanna open up reserves next weekend, capped at 50 for tributes.

I can't wait to see what happens.

Holy shit I haven't modded in so long.

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