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So with dreamwidth I am trying to post more. So have some wedding spam/talk.

Our dresses are being made by amazing seamstress friends, so will cost Our cake will be made by a friend's friend. Our officiate, [profile] bitchgoddessdm is free and I still need to figure out something to get her. Our location is a bar/grill, so there is no location fee (Most places you start at $1000 at least and THEN add food). Like I know it is harder because we are sorta having two weddings since we have to get married in New York, but we are doing everything as cheap as possible.

And it's still costing us a couple thousand. $2000 for the reception (Though luckily the place I found is awesome and that includes EVERYTHING-music, food, decorations, drinks, tables, video feed etc. And it's a haunted historical bordello down town~)

And it just blows my mind like...we are spending a LOT. And on the scale of "cost for weddings" we are...down low. Like we could double our costs just by buying different dresses. Multiple changes of one things could double or triple or more our budget. And people pay that?

It blows my mind, man.

BUT I am really happy with everything we are doing. The whole process actually makes me really happy.
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[personal profile] swagmancer 2011-12-29 10:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Hah - if my and John's parents weren't paying for our wedding, we'd be shit out of luck. Because we are poor, but still want to have a medium-sized wedding (John's mother called the guest list "small" at 100-150... their huge Catholic family looooves weddings lemme tell you). And the location fee alone is $3800. For the location.

Just - yeah. You are definitely on the low side of cost.