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I'm sitting here going "If only I had some place to write about and digest what I am thinking about....oh hey."

Let's start the party. The pity party. Sorry. There isn't cake. )

a ufo rant

Jan. 13th, 2017 09:08 pm
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Ok so a few times the "IF UFOS are real why aren't their more videos of them with smart phones everywhere!?!?"

Which is frustrating because

a) even knocking out the like 80% of crap videos, because of smart phones there are a lot of really good, really solid videos.

b) I can't take a picture of the moon with my iphone for shit and it's huge, bright, and holds still.
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BTW for the people who I have followed NOT from it, this is the friending meme I mentioned:
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well i stole this from [personal profile] savethelilin and! am trying to ignore work so here you go get to know me some more with a cute meme

Here comes the salty armadillo y'all )
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I really need to get a new set of icons going on here. These ones are random and painful like...2006.

I'm not sure what best to post, so I'm gonna just...start with a basic intro post. And feel free to ask questions! I love talking about my self!

So first I was born... )
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So after a few plurk discussions, the want to start journaling again a la Livejounal came up a few different places, and this idea was born!

We ask if you participate, that you attempt to post 1-3 time a week, and comment as much as possible to help jump start personal journaling here on dreamwidth. And if you use your journal already (or if you start from here) we'd love a link back to this meme! The more the merrier!

You can also follow this community for both daily writing prompts and a monthly friending meme!

To participate, copy and paste this in a comment, fill it out, and go make some friends!


questions in text box:
Other platforms| [ profile] NAMEHERE See here for all websites you can make a tag to.
Interest| Any non-fandom subjects you are into.
Speed Bio| Sum the whole of your life into a few sentences for us! No biggie.

What do you post| A snap shot of what your journal is made of.
Posting habits| Lots of long personal posts? A commentor who doesn't post a lot themselves? Also, be aware a lot of us haven't journaled in a long time and may not be sure/may have different habits than we expect.
Warnings| Any general content warning for you/your blog.
Looking for| What kind of friends do you want?
Deal breakers| What kind of friends don't you want?

Tell us any interesting thing about you! It's like the first day of class roll call!
Anything else?

Thank you!

Feb. 5th, 2014 09:28 pm
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So the rp community has helped me out a lot this last year. Not just my rp buddies, but people across the whole community. It has meant the world to me, and literally kept me from being homeless. Not just the commissions (though those are also wonderful) but replurks, sharing of my art, kind words, and of course people playing with me.

And I wanna pay them back some how.

So comment here, with a picture of a character you would like an icon of (Or just point me towards their current icons). One icon per person (not character), but if I have not done yours, and you want to swap out, feel free to comment to your original post to swap out. You can also request emotion, etc and I will do my best.

My art can be found at the Atomic Pixies tumblr. You can also check out our website Studio Fae X.

These are going to be done in my free time, at a slow pace, between commissions and real life, so it might take forever and a day to get it. I might also end up like one of those "Comment here and get a personalized whatever in your inbox!" that travel around tumblr but I'm gonna try really, really hard not to be. 

Also, I do not have comment notifications turned on for this post, since I'm assuming it's gonna get some replies, so if you have a question of anything (or would like to commission me for more art), PM or plurk me at [ profile] penguinfaery 
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(more info coming soon)
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 Next month is Starfest.

I'm cosplaying Fionna (Adventure Time), Urusla (the Little Mermaid), and Burlesque Hulk (For the Dance, it just happened). I'm also getting to meet a good online friend of mine for the first time. And we are going to sit down and hash out working with Generations of Art.

Which is another thing I am super excited for. Because there is a strong possibility we will be making a living making costumes and selling them at cons which is incredibly exciting. GoA is where we got the gorgeous corsets for our wedding, as well as various costumes corsets we have worn.

So that is very exciting.

And then is Denver Comic Con which I have been making tons of Mucha style geek prints for. And is also very exciting. 

Annnnd last but way not least, my aunt from Australia is coming to So Cal this summer. And since that doesn't happen often I rearranged plans to go out there. At first I was sorta bummed because I have been to So Cal dozens of times. Then I talked to Be and Sarah (And eventually my mom and Molly and maybe Ki) and we decided to all go. And go to Disneyland. And camp. At least one night on this stretch of beach right here.

So yeah. Excited.

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So I keep wanting to keep up my journal, and I keep thinking about it, so here it goes!

A brief over view of the year since my last post...six months ago. Uh.

I have started a tattoo apprenticeship, and I am loving it. It is the first thing in a long time that is like YES THIS. I mean comics are like that, but I can't survive off of them. And I'm good at it, I have all my gear and a really awesome, laid back teacher (my friend Amanda's cousin), and everything is just going really well with it. Amanda is also learning to pierce, and we are talking about, with some of the other girls, opening up a pin-up themes tattoo parlor, where all the employees have pin-up personas (Bunny the Atomic Girl here) that is just very open and friendly to everyone. 

And we can sell comics and art prints in the front and it'll be amazing. But it's also some years off. Still, the idea of working at a job I really love, doing art, and being able to live off it...yeah I'm pretty excited.

Speaking of art, Fae X has been quiet. Quietly planning. Because of the wedding, and Sarah's health, we sorta put it on the back burner, because we didn't really wanna half ass shit. But we are getting back into the swing of things. We are reformatting Forteanaville, just into a different publishing style (Because buying a chapter for $5 just didn't seem to be working) We are going to release it in novellas, and possibly but the chapters up for free/cheap on Amazon for digital download. And Helion is kicking back into steam as well,

In addition, we are slowly developing a new series about post apocalyptic liquidators (for those not feeling linky, people who went in and cleaned up nuclear radiation, particularly after Chernobyl) in the future, after a war with an alien race. It's cool, trust me. But won't see the light of day for a few years.

Just in general, I have become like a walking encyclopedia on radiation. It's...sorta weird. But awesome? IDK.

I'm almost done with school. Hopefully next semester. Knock on wood. It's I got nothin. 

Still into hunger games. Now also into Adventure time. Probably also into a few other things again. Also Supernatural got good again, so into that. I was really worried there.

The trend of toxic people being gone in wonderful ways continued. Got rid of one nasty thorn in my side, that I hadn't realized I had gotten use to the toxic nature of. I really, see those motivational things all the time that are let...don't let people be around you who don't deserve it and man, I cannot expound that wisdom enough. I use to cling to people no matter how bad the relationship was because I was so scared of being alone and the grief it caused....blows my mind.

And I am almost at 2 years of living with Sarah and my wife, and everything is wonderful.


Oh yeah.



We got married on 10/19 in Central Park, and it was gorgeous. And then we had an awesome reception. And I love being married to Be, she is the love of my life. Here are some pictures:

(my favorite)

All of the above are from my bridesmaid (and oldest friend) Holli G.

And us at our reception!
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Ugh IDK how I feel about rp right now, and I wanna get it off my chest in a format that is not plurk. This is in chunk why i dropped BN, and I really, really, really don't wanna drop ToS cause I love it there.

I don't really care about being anyone's first priority. Or even second or third. I'm slow, and I long ago accepted being slow is going to impact things. But, especially considering the group I run with , I feel like...idk, like my slowness doesn't adequately explain my issues. But I don't know what else it is.

The Games is going amazingly. I can always find rp there, I have plenty of long term and short term CR. But I just don't feel like I click anywhere else right now. I know some of it is being iffy about rp things makes me do circular logic behavior that doesn't help (like the last 2 weeks or so). I just feel like, outside of The Games I have like...4 people who rp with me on any kind of a consistent basis.

I am so grateful to those people, but I dunno what I'm doing wrong when I see my whole plurk list in a flurry of excitment, and my threads are untagged. or, ever worse, people saying they have nothing to do while those threads chill. I follow up on things, try to make interesting open posts, to tag out, and I feel like I can't break past surface level, if I break in at all. PSLs are planned, and then dropped, or never started, game CR doesn't seem to get past how do you do. I know getting people to tags your own plurk cr memes is hard as hell, but I'll poke into other peoples...and get no results. And I don't mind putting in more work, but I am sort of at a loss to how/where. I am the same in The Games as I am elsewhere, and have enough CR to fill a boat, but my last thread before dropping Bete Noire was only tagged by my two rp bffs.

And, I don't think it's anyone fault. Like I think every single thing has a really valid reason behind it, and no single person has snubbed me or anything (and if any of the above seems sorta wishy washy, it's because I don't wanna call anyone out or make anyone feel guilty because they shouldn't, so I avoided specific examples.) And on top of that no one owes me anything, it's a game. I'm not upset with anyone. I just know, when something happens to you over and over again, it's not them. It's just a trend and I'm sorta lost. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong, and it's frustrating. And then it makes me less active because I'm so unsure, which only perpetuates me seeming slow. I know some of it is the season, but I'm also comparing to other players playing in the same games at the same time.

So yeah.
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How are the kids?

No I haven't been updating much and I'm sorry. Lately I have been:

-finishing this semester of school.
-rereading the Hunger Games, playing at [community profile] thegames, nursing a giant crush on Josh Hutcherson, generally being a big Hunger Games fan. I never reread books. Like...ever. I consider it general a waste in a world with so many books I want to read. Sometimes I'll reread parts, rarely I'll reread whole books if it's been years. I totally turned around and reread these suckers as soon as I was done with them.
-loving the avengers, like everyone else.
-doing SHIT TONS of fae x stuff. Denver Comic Con is in a few weeks, and we have #1 of helion and forteanaville done and a sketch book. Plus chibwees soon.
-also helping with 2 of my BFFs Paul and Amanda's wedding, which I am a bridesmaid for.
-reading the new dark tower book, Wind Through the Keyhole. Very good and a good place to start if you wanna try out the Dark Tower but aren't sure about committing to 7 books.
-watching be and sarah plays a lot of mass effect
-being social again and seeing all my lovelies.

So there's that.
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Me and be and Sarah have been living together for a year.

It has been awesome. We have not had one serious fight. Our apartment is super cool. We always get along. It is amazingly as awesome as living with your best friend should be but never seems to be. But this is. We are magic, idk. I think really awesome people can live together and it can not work, so it is really impressive that we do work together.

It is just super happy making.

It has also almost been a year since we broke up with stupid face. also super happy making. I dunno how I was so brain washed in that relationship, but man is it awesome to not be made unhappy all the time by such a thoughtless, negative person.

So he is to the last awesome year and to more awesome to come!

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