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Kabuto uses the "Bee Avoiding for Weight Loss" DVDs

Cross posting this from my weight loss community 

So, I dunno how you guys feel about them but I like at home work out DVDs. If I'm going to flop around like a fish I'd rather do it at home where no one can see. And I tend towards the dancing ones. 

I love using Just Dance on the Wii (We have 1, 2 and 3). About 3-4 songs is a good work out, and it doesn't feel like work. The moves are a little rough sometimes the first song, but the nice thing about just dance is you do one song and a pause, so you can perfect that one, or choose something very different. It is, of the dance things I have done, the one that is the most varied in moves.

The Gold Gym's dancing game is also pretty cool, however about 80% of the music is "Salsa song", they only have like 5 "real" songs. I haven't played with it as much, but it seems a lot more work out oriented (At least I don't usually do 10 leg lifts in a row while groovin' out to Ke$ha usually) which is a plus or minus depending on your mood.

I have found Netflix (Both instant watch and mail) have a lot of work out routines. Much easier to find if you go online an add to your que. Also, if you have a cable system with on demand, they have a fitness section that is good to pick through. The nice thing, if you don't like any of these...didn't cost you anything extra. 

Here's a couple specific ones I've used and/or bought:

Richard Simmon's Tone up on Broadway-

Don't judge. He's is sorta an awesome encouragement, and his videos included people with many different body shapes getting fit, which is the only one I've seen so far that does. Having a row of pretty blown skinny girls doing the moves can be encouraging for some, discouraging for others, and I'm in the second part there. This one is pretty fun, it had 5 songs, which includes a warm up and slow down. All the Jazz, Dream girls, and Don't cry for me Argentina is included. Does require a tension band. Very easy to follow.

Kama Sutra dance (Dance of the Kama Sutra)- 

Both names were listed, I got this one off On Demand but may buy it if they remove it.

This one is very spiritual and sexuality/sensuality based. But to me, at least is was very mellow, sex positive "Get in touch with you sensuality" type thing. It isn't a stripper themed dancing video. It does have meditation included, and although the woman leading it seems to be pretty serious, sometimes the filmography feels like the person saw "Kama Sutra" and decided to film something else entirely. I did very much appreciate that although the work out is geared that you are dancing for "someone" it is very supportive of that someone being just somebody you care about, not necessarily a love/boy friend/man in your life.

This is much more of a stretching, grounding, get yourself moving type of work out. I felt very silly at first meditating and such (I am a terrible hippy child) and this was actually my second attempt at doing it but once I got into it, it made me feel pretty sexy, and good in my body, all in touch with it. It was a combination of belly dancing and yoga type moves. She very much encouraged you to move and stretch in ways that felt good, so if you often find yourself tripping over very specific moves, this one would be good. 

Dancing with the stars: Fat-burning Cardio Dance-

And if you find yourself tripping over moves, don't get this guy.

I think who ever was in charge of this forgot that this video was not aimed at dancer. Yeah I can probably figure out a kick-ball-change-reverse-kick-spin than repeat backwards. But at least as far as I got before giving up she would only go over it once or twice slow, and then through you into a choreographer dance. A pretty cool one.

So if your looking for something with more advanced dance move, this one is great. If you want working out thinly veiled as dancing, not so much. 

Luscious: The Belly Dancing work out

I like this video a lot, however to me it is a much better "How to Belly Dance" video than "Work out using Bellydancing" But is it easy enough to follow, and they take plenty of time, and repeat the move enough so that you can get the feel for it. I would say this one is a great add in to give you a break when you have been doing a lot of cardio work, and want to just enjoy the way your body moves for a bit. 

Don't think it is easy from what I said. You just aren't going to panting at the end.

A technical note- The DVD I ordered only works on certain DVD players, and I heard other have had this issues.

Belly Dancing: Fitnees for Beginners (Slim Down)-

This one is a belly dancing themed work out.

This one is actually one of my favorites. They make sure you have plenty of time to get the moves, but the DVD is also fast paced enough to keep you working out. They are also very sure to make it a full body work out, where as some belly dancing DVDs sorta just leave your arms doing their own thing. 

Plus the twins in it are really cute.