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So I Hate Kate was awesome.

We were feet away from them. And it was just pretty awesome.

I got their new CD. They are also now "Darling Thieves" cause Kate sued. Which I'm sure made everyone so much more fond of her.

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If anyone wants to go, it's 7:30 at the Marquis on Saturday, and ticket through KTCL are only $12 :3
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So the concert was pretty sweet. He didn't play my favorite song off Cradlesong, but he DID play Smooth and Bent, neither of which I expected and both of which I adored.

Carolina Liar was meh. I was surprised. One Republic was really good. I was also surprised. It was also amusing hearing the lead singer talk about how he use to live here and could breath fine and now could not. At all. And how Matchbox's 20 3 AM was written about him.

It was really cool but also...I don't think I'm gonna hit up another concert where I'm so far away.

Also, [ profile] sammywhatammy linked me to ED's creepy Pasta page. Most are awesome. Some I'm like "...whut." (Like the Moonlight videos. Really. What does one gain by that?)

I was sad, Cracked's page on Supernatural was almost really funny, but whom ever wrote it was too bitter to carry through with amusing the whole way. I really feel like if you watch a show for 4 seasons you loose the right to be so scathingly bitter about it. It's like...IDK, reading all the way through Breaking Dawn. If you get that far you need to step back and acknowledge you like SOMETHING going on (And I actually think watching 4 seasons of an hour TV show eats a LOT more of your life then reading 4 YA novels)
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Dear Self:

Don't sing while riding the scooter.

A) Bugs.

B) You look crazy.

C) You can't sing and they'll know. Better to leave them all in suspense.


P.S. The sarcastic comment about random people? Yeah, they can hear you know smart ass.


Dear fan-fic author:

You have brought me many happy moments lately.

But a tall, blond English boy named Draco is NOT an OC. I'm pretty sure that counts as cross over.

Also, wut.



So I spent the day listening to Cradlesong cause...uhh...the Rob Thomas concert is tonight. Now I'm busy not doing the remaining bits of Homework I have, and trying to figure out what to eat.
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So you wanna know the BEST CONSOLATION to losing a fight?

Getting a private Snow Patrol concert.

KBCO's Sound Check Party didn't have all the winners show up, so they took the first 10 or so people in line, and let us in \o/ private concert, plus a meet and greet.

Me, Bev, and Ju just have sweet ass concert luck.

AND the bassist was grinning at us most of the show, and at the end tossed us his pick. Like...he did not chuck it into the audience, he crouched down and carefully tossed it to us. It was the only thing thrown out during the concert.

They didn't play a lot of new things, which was actually good for me. And everything was just alkhfldsfkh SWEET.

The Plain White T's, the only thing I could think they whole time they were playing was what I said when someone was bitching about "Hey there Delilah" which was "And they still get way more then you ever will." Which is probably true, but I think that they would benefit a lot from being in a different genre. Folksy-indie would fit his voice so much better.

Also, you know what sucks at concerts? Having the screaming bimbo who's drunk before the concert even starts behind you. Seriously, who thinks they're awesome while drunk, as oppose to the person everyone is scooting away from and sniggering at?
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Oh my GOD.

Oh my god.

Ok. So. Front row, DEAD CENTER. RIGHT in front of Alex Kapranos. So he sang to us like...half the concert. And managed to somehow know all my favorite lines because every line I love in a Franz Ferdinand song sans one was sang directly to me. Including the whole chores of "Do you wanna" with sexy smirk, head jerk, and eyebrow arching. And Dark of the Matinees, and Dart of Pleasure and No you girls and KJUFGOYHGCXSLOIDXF(O%^DW*^%DEW)*^CW%EZATOY And they played EVERY song I wanted to hear sans one, and like...even ones I was kinda "Meh" about (Like the techno-y instrumental on Tonight) were fucking awesome.


And they were walking back and forth pre-concert, so Ju went and begged the guy at the music store for the (one) poster they had up for the concert, and we started getting that signed. And then me and Ju caught a drum stick. And then we waited for the band afterwords and hung out with them and got all our stuff signed by everyone but Nick (Who had a broken/sprained/injured foot situation) They were all very sweet, and Scottish and I'm pretty much in love with Alex Kapranos and want to bear his children.

Although I've found, despite HIM being like...150% chill with Slash fan-fic of them, I myself can't deal with it without blushing a lot. At least not right now)

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