Nov. 8th, 2010 01:50 am
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So I'm driving home and I'm like "It's 11:30 sooooo late wanna be hoooome!"

And then I'm like "Huh 2-70 is bumpy...but it's always bumpy. No, wait this is really fucking bumpy."

And the front tire is flat. Right by the FOUL SMELLING oil refinery. And it is the second flat this month and roghly the 80th in the last year. And I wish that was more hyperbole then it is.

And my cell phone had been almost dead earlier int he day when I turned it off.

I called mom, let her know, and we decided to call AAA since it is...not the kinda place I wanna be changing a tire at 11:30. And I call AAA, get in the call, and they are like "We'll call you back when we have someone sent!" And then my phone died.

It was a nerve racking 45 minutes to find out if they DID call someone, and I finally started to change it myself, fuck death.

And then the girl showed up, and changed it for me, and all was well in the world.

No sketch cause I'm going to bed.
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We get to roughly butt fuck no where...and the car starts overheating.

So we do the whole...turn off the AC, pour water in radiator, and when we get to Colby we ended up at this little Kansas car repair shop, which my fan girl heart would have squeed over if we were standing there in 90 degree weather with a hissing car.

I dunno tons about cars, but they should NOT, in fact, hiss. Cats hiss. Not cars.

That guy told us to just make sure we kept coolant in, so we did as such. About a hundred miles down the road, the girls were sleeping and I needed to pull over to use a rest stop, and I stop the car...and it's steaming. So I lossen the coolant top, go hit up the bathroom, come back...

And this filthy, stinking water is leaking everywhere. The guy next to us got out of his car, and is poking at the car with me, and I reached out to loosen the top all the way to pour in the coolant...

And suddenly my radiator is a 3 foot exploding geyser of filthy, stinking...junk. For like...a minute. I don't know how that HELD so much shit.

I don't think I have ever jumped back faster in my freaking life.

Anyway....turns out the guy is a mechanic. Out thermostat was broken. He jimmied it, and it's....ruined (stuck open), but we'll get through the trip if we're careful. The plan is to get through Otakon, and then take it to a good mechanic there.

AND....our packages were all sent to the wrong address. Prints, comics, posters....BUT instead of returning it, the guy CALLED us. He lived next door to Ju's aunt, and just walked them over.

So yeah. this is why I talk to strangers.
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So, my car's transmission is going out. Plus 5-6 other smaller things (Serpentine belt about to pop, something loose that needs sanded down and screwed back down, a lose leaking cord, that sorta thing)

The guys who are pretty awesome, and going to fix it, said $850-$1100. They're going to spend the next few days checking junk yards for parts, then come get it Sunday and bring it back Midweek.

As we are leaving not this Tuesday, but the Tuesday after, I am a SMIDGE nervous about this, but...giving the extra time also saved us a few hundred.

AND my mom is leaving to go to California the same time were leaving. Which is generally not a problem buuuut our dog? Is neurotic.

Deserving so. He was really badly abused before we got him, and when he warms up to someone he is...amazingly sweet. But he also takes for ever to warm up to people, dog, etc...and doesn't like traveling. (And my Grandmother, who my mom is going to take care of, lives in assisted living where no pets are allowed)

And hates being left alone.

We're going to see if he can stay with my dad, and if not Kiona is going to come visit him, because he likes her.

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My car just quit on me.


The guy Sarah recommended to me is coming, possibly, but BrIghton is not really in his territory and I'm NEVER at home when my car won't start....

Like....I knew I had to fix it, so this isn't unexpected, I just was hoping it'd hold out till next week.
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So, our car quit yesterday. So I've been stuck in Boulder.

Including for a German test.

Awesome teacher said we could do makeup, however.

So I assess the damages tomorrow. Buuut I sorta knew this was coming, so it was not out of left field. Or like...I knew my car needed some serious TLC. So had the money whittled away.

Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 16 | A song that makes you cry (or nearly)

I will follow you into the Dark by Deathcab for Cutie

Hands down. Always. Usually in a good way.

(2nd, 3rd, and probably throughly like 80tyh would be snow patrol songs, including Run, Chasing Cars, and Make this go on forever.)
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So today pretty much, you know, kicked ass.

I got my new car! It's this one, but in candy apple red. Pretty sexy for you know, a mom mobile.

So far it's been called the Madara Mobile, and the Fae X taxi. I wanna name it Madara, but I know my mom will forever call it Madonna and IDK how I feel about that. However I did find out that trailers are not super affordable to rent ($389 for four days), and it's not in fae X budget to buy one yet (maybethisone. Tho I think I will keep an eye on it.

AND I paid off one of my credit cards. Intend to keep it paid till AX, and use it for that.

AND, so...my aunt called me. And was VERY sorry for making me feel so shitty, and offered not only that we could HAVE her house for the two weeks (Saying she'd find another place to vacation for a week if they didn't stay at the beach) AND that if we stayed in LA those 3 nights, she'd find someone to check in for those days with the dogs, plants, etc.

So today rocked.

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