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I stole this from [ profile] opticalnerve. I wanna watch Mean Girls now.

This is what I should always wake up to.

Kitty is doing well. We figured out the right combination of formula and cat food for him, and he has suuuuuuper mellowed out.

And I may or may not have accidentally called him Jimmy about 5 times now.
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Monthly meme~!

The list )

Day 24 | Whatever tickles your fancy

So I found this in [ profile] drive_mah_car, my art/writing journal which everyone should friend, so I'm posting it here:

Crowley: Azriphale.
Azriphale: Yes?
Crowley: Is it working?
Azriphale: I, uh, I believe so?
Azriphale: Is it supposed to be doing this?
Crowley: Yes
Azriphale: Then I'd think it's safe to assume it's working.
Crowley: good.
Azriphale: That should be capitalized, really.
Crowley: should it
Azriphale: ...Yes.
Azriphale: It should.
Crowley: thats nice
Azriphale: Crowley, I know you can write. Type. Correctly.
Crowley: but doin it this way is easier rite
Azriphale: No, it isn't! You use this godforsaken machine exponentially more than I do, you have to be able to type better than I can!
Crowley: y
Azriphale: Excuse me?
Crowley: y
Azriphale: Crowley, I haven't the faintest idea why you're typing the letter 'y' at me.
Crowley: ....say it
Azriphale: ...All right? I've said it? I know how to pronounce it!
Crowley: why
Azriphale: ...Oh.
Azriphale: I see, now.
Azriphale: ...That is appalling laziness, you know that, right?
Crowley: Sloth?
Azriphale: Oh. Yes.
Crowley: ^^
Azriphale: What does that one mean?
Crowley: it's like...a face...sort of
Azriphale: What do you mean, it's a face?
Crowley: like the eyes
Crowley: A sort of smile.
Azriphale: I...will take your word for it.
Crowley: Like
Crowley: ^_^
Azriphale: a space between them now?
Crowley: it's a mouth
Azriphale: I still don't think I understand. But alright.
Crowley: You lack creativity
Azriphale: You lack punctuation.
Crowley: touche
Azriphale: So, what did you want to talk about? That required these methods?
Crowley: IDK
Crowley: just wanted to talk
Azriphale: IDK?
Crowley: I don't know
Azriphale: You don't know what?
Azriphale: This is the least conducive to communicating form of communication...ever.
Crowley: We could be texting
Azriphale: What is texting?
Crowley: sending messages on cell phones
Azriphale: Aren't cell phones for speaking to one another? What kind of messages?
Crowley: like...I'll show you nect time we meet up
Azriphale: I...alright.
Azriphale: You know I don't have a cell phone, right?
Crowley: ...really?
Crowley: I shouldn't be surprised
Azriphale: Why would I need one?
Crowley: You need one to survive
Azriphale: I..actually seem to be doing reasonably well without one?
Crowley: You're not
Azriphale: How am I not?!
Crowley: You're not
Azriphale: ...
Crowley: ur not

Crowley is me, Azriphale is [ profile] blushingdolphin, and I'm pretty sure we just did this utterly unplanned and spontaneously.
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My Panel, Yaoi, Yuri, and Het! Oh my! is going to be Friday night at 11 PM in Humbolt (no I don't know which room it is)

Come seeeee meee~! We had tons of fun last time, and will hopefully have the same this time around :D


Screch just advertised a local porn store.

My mind can't handle this.

Also, bev's hair bleaching turns out...interesting. And by interesting I mean "Being re bleached tomorrow."
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So it's rare for song to stick out to me on my mom's Broadway station unless they're one I know or REALLY bad (The rest ten to fall into this general noise of mediocrity)

It's kinda surreal to look over and see the song that piqued my intrest is sung by Captain Jack Harkness.

I knew he was a singer, but this is yet another reason why Dr. Who is bad for my sanity as it bring fandom and my mom too close for comfort XD
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So i check my e-mail this morning, and I have these two texts from Ju:

12:43 PM: I believe in cock.
12:50 PM: Amanda and Cody had my phone. Ignore that.

Started my day well XD

I won't be around this weekend like at all I don't think. Tonight is cleaning and finishing up Cosplays, getting sticker and buttons printed and generally gathering shit up. Tomorrow is epic Chibwee and book making.

My goal is to get all 90 something Chibwee's done tomorrow.

We'll uh...see how that goes.
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We're rping Irukashi, and she was like "...there's no i in awkward dear."

And I was like "There's no Kakashi in Iruka so he's about as pleased as you."

I don't think I've ever heard shocked sputtering quiet so lovely~♥
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Me: No we are watching this mother fucking episode of X-files, it's about the chupacabra!
Bev: it's about VAMPIRES!
Me: The chupacrabra IS a vampire asshole!

*And then we discussed the realationship between Chupacabras and grays, as this episode is like people are having thier blood sucked and it's connected to UFOs. And I dunno why we were arguing, but...*


Which is how you win argument about the paranormal I guess.

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