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So there was this tumblr post about how "It's just as hard to be Ken as it is to be Barbie." and as I was sitting there today, watching Immortals and objectifying the shit out of the hot shirtless men in that movies, I was also turning that thought over in my head.

Because it's true. It is no more realistic to expected men to all look like Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans then it is to expected woman to all look like Angelina Jolie and Scarlette Johansson. That is an entirely unrealistic, objectifying and unfair streotype.

However, that's not the stereotype that is the issue.

Because the regular joe guy who thinks he's gonna walk into a bar downtown with his pot belly, acne scars, cowlick, whatever flaws a normal guy has and think he is gonna get Angelina Jolie is regarded just as out of it as I would be if I thought I'd go cruising downtown and picking up Brad Pitt. It is understood that those people are...unobtainable idols.

This issue is, in Hollywood, this is considering a social awkward loser male:


Pretty fair. A little polished up, but it is a TV show. I meet guys like Howard at most conventions.

In Hollywood this is considered a socially awkward loser female:


Nope. As we were discussing last night Sarah is the the closest thing to a Manic Pixie Dream girl that probably exists, and even she crushes the streotype by...having a personality and not holding up the loser males till ~all their dreams come true~ And Sarah is not a loser. Sure, she likes geeky things. She also takes us out and charms her way into free stuff, and can have the hottest guy around eating out of the cup of her hand.

Not loser material. Sorry.I rambled on a bit. )

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