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Live from New York:

One new car battery, 98234 times getting lost in DC, and 18 pairs of crab lungs later we are in Queens, all safe and sound and about to light this city up.

And by light this city up I mean wander around Central park and hit up a museum or two. Rock on.

The road so far... )
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Paul was pretty much awesome and made for me. Personally. I loved it a lot. Alot alot.

And there is an actor in it who is also NDK staff and wearing his NDK t-shirt (The sword dealer at comic con), which was pretty awesome.

Afterwards Cold as Ice started as soon as we got in the car, and neither me nor Bev knew whether to laugh of cry. Oy. It is just starting to sink in and upset Bev, now, too. And thank you guys for all the kind comments, I replying generally from my cell phone so...not generally replying much.

Also we ARE going to Otakon, and will be spending time in the New York area. Less so in DC given current events. So if anyone wants to see us, lemme know.
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...I just made a journal and uploaded icons for a Randal Flagg/Walter O'Dim RP journal. And I'd really love to play him. But IDK if I have the time/energy....

(But my journal name is [ profile] between18and20 which makes me a lot of happy.)

And while we're on things that make me happy, picture of me being a PINK SPARKLY PRINCESS.

AKA My Lottie Costume )
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So this is my report of the trip. Mainly in picture. However, this is a small sampling of the 529 picture available, and Ju is a wonderful photographer of places, so if you're interested in more pics, lemme know.

Image heavy but awesome. In this post is us traveling the US, me facing my greats fear, and my leet pigeon catching skills.

Road tripping with my 2 favorite allies, fully load we've got snack and supplies... )
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This is me and my friend [ profile] lefthooktohead who I meet this weekend~! And I meet [ profile] sammywhatammy who is super sweet and has the most infectious laugh.

I'm exhausted and sore (I have kankles atm. That's how swollen my ankles are.) and it was awesome and there was a fire drill involving a mass exodus of geeks and Russian tourist wanted picks in my Lottie costume, annnnnd it was a lot of fun.

Little Karibo was pretty effing awesome. He called Toni, and signed the billion things we asked him to sign to get Autographs for everyone (Kiona, Toni, Bev, my cousin Sammy, and every piece of clothing Sarah owns XD)

And I wanna sleep for the next 3 days straight.
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Our Table is G10 here:

I am doing the panel "Yaoi, Yuri, and Het! Oh my!" which is about relationships in anime, and anime fandom (Fanfics, rp, etc) and goes into things like femenism, GLBT themes, etc. at 12:30 Saturday night.

AND I just signed up for the Iron Artist Friday night.


I do not HAVE a cell phone, but if you feel you need a number to reach me out, PM me and I'll give you my GF's. But...for obvious reasons I don't want to throw hers up here (And also, can't text me at it or anything)

I will be cosplaying Lottie (See above), annnd myself.
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a) FUCK YES. For every hours Fred Phelps is at SDCC, these people are going to a) Ignore him, and b) Donate money to a GLBT charity of choice"

b) Everything (but the overnight prints) is ordered for Otakon. We still have a lot of work to do, but at this point it's all under our power.

c) We got our banner today and it looks AWESOME~!

d) Another preview. Horror movie pinupsAlso Julia's carpet:


e) I still dunno when my panel is D:
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I AM SORTA TERRIFIED. I'm sure I can rock it, but....I am more nervous then I have been about a con panel for awhile.

I have never done a panel for a con so big. Has anyone been to panels at Otakon? What are they like?

It's called "Yaoi, yuri, and het! Oh my!" I have no idea when yet....

Also, t-rex cowgirl is colored, needs some computer stuff. Weaboo pin-up is done. Comic is thumbnailed, panels are laid out on the paper, and rough sketches are done. 

And badges are all sketched out~!

Excitement has just set in :D
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So I just realized a lot of my issues with my Mac.

It only has 1GB of memory. Which is pathetic.

So I'm gonna call around and see how much it'd cost to get another GB or 3 added in, so that running Firefox and Itunes doesn't cause it to have a nervous break down.

We are getting shit moving for Otakon. \o/

I have a lot of drawing to do but I am pumped~!

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