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I had a wonderful Holiday!

Christmas Eve me, Be, Mom and Ki went to see The Muppets again (that movie makes me so very happy) and than went to Village Inn for dinner cause it was the only place open at 9 pm on Christmas Eve XD Me and Be figured out how to Cosplay Miss Piggy and Kermit, which will be awesome (And Sarah is going to go for the entire Manamana skit),

We all cried and felt like better humans afterwards, which I think is what The Muppet movie is for.

Then Christmas, the above plus Sarah and my dad had my special Christmas breakfast, and then opened presents. I got some awesome and unexpected things, and all my presents seemed to go over well, so it was pretty awesome, low drama and just good times and family. I was with or talked to most of my loved ones, and Be was so cute with her new Captain America hoodie. Then we went over to her parents which was...better than expected. In part cause I curled up on Ki and slept.

It was a good mellow holiday. Made me happy.

Some more serious stuff. )

Also, I am at dreamwidth as penguinfaery, and am going to make effort to use both.
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Pictures of:

1) Bev and my pen Chupacabra like...right now, in her Chirstmas footie PJs. They're still cuddled up like this.

2) Milo bein confused

3) Milo bein awesome and showin why he's my cat

4) The pictures that left Milo confused (Bev sat up to leave)
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What I forgot from my Chirstmas letter post:

A) This is my address

B) If you have a post already with your address, please link me in this post. I had marked off [ profile] celesia and [ profile] firaga's Christmas wish lists BUT any card lists I hadn't saved because I didn't think I'd be able to do cards.

EVERYONE get one :D

Puppies are doing well. Bruce is better, and Duddits, after a hard night last night, seems to be doing well. :D

And ANYONE IN THE DENVER METRO AREA who'd be interested in attending a Thanksgiving dinner full of geeky teenagers, tell me the dates around Thanksgiving you're avalible.


And I just learned a pit fall of rping in GDOC. I had left a short tag to Ju, with nothing but pronouns, and since Ju tags me back like...immediately, when I saw the post 3 days later I just though "Huh, that's a bit OOC." and replied.

To my own post.


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